Catelynn Lowell is prepared to adopt her 6-year-old brother

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra with her brother Nicholas

Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are two very responsible young people. Even when Cate became pregnant at a young age, the two knew what was best for the child, and put her up for adoption. Now, they may be part of another adoption — the adoption of Catelynn’s brother, Nicholas.

According to In Touch Weekly, Catelynn has considered adopting her brother after questioning her mother’s ability to be a decent parent to him. “If my mom derails again, I will step in and adopt my brother,” she told the mag.

Catelynn and Tyler don’t necessarily want children right now, as they are focusing on their careers, but if it felt as though Cate’s 6-year-old brother was in some sort of danger, they’d take him in immediately. Unfortunately, Cate’s mom, April Baltierra, has battled with drug and alcohol use for years, and it’s a problem she can’t seem to kick.

Catelynn Lowell and April Baltierra

“I know that my mom loves her children,” says Catelynn. “But when it comes to addict parents, sometimes they love their drug or their alcohol more than they love their children.” In fact, Catelynn’s mom recently sold a story to In Touch about Catelynn being pregnant, even though she wasn’t. She even called the mag and pretended to be Cate!

Catelynn had also commented on the possible adoption of Nicholas a few months back during a taping of one of this season’s Teen Mom After Shows. “If I ever felt like he was in trouble or going to be harmed by anything, I would totally step in,” she had said. “I would take him. I’d get custody of him for sure.”

Good for Cate for being willing to take on such a huge responsibility in order to make sure her brother is safe. Hopefully she won’t have to, but if she does, Nicholas can count on her to do the right thing for him.

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  • Diane

    April’s lived a hard life, she looks about 25 years older than she really is.

  • Paula

    I wonder if Catelynn has talked to her mom since that whole pregnancy incident? Honestly, I don’t know how I could ever forgive someone for doing that to me, especially if it was my own mother! How could she betray Catelynn like that? After all that she endured growing up, she still loved and supported her mom, and strived to keep a good relationship with her. It’s amazing that someone as good as Catelynn came from THAT.

  • Debbie

    Sad to say but Nick will be better off with Catelynn and Tyler than with his mother. April is unstable she’s abusive to Catelynn, she drinks and smokes in front off Nick, Catelynn had to leave school before she had Carly to take care off Nick as April was to drunk to care for him. Catelynn may have chosen adoption for Carly but now her and Tyler are probably in a better position to give Nick at least some Stability and normality that a young child needs.

  • OhMyGeez

    Nicholas would most definitely be better off with Catelynn. April and Butch are toxic.

  • Kasady

    Catelynn having custody would be the best thing that ever happened to that child.

  • Gwyn

    I doubt this is true

    • Joei

      Ditto. Though, I can believe that she would do that if it came to it. She WAS kind of his mom already

  • Brianna

    Wonder what April has to say abou this? Oh, that’s right, NOTHING.

  • Brianna

    Wonder what April has to say about this? Oh, that’s right, NOTHING.

  • steph

    Who is the father of that little boy?

  • tab

    he should have been taken away from april when he was born.
    that poor kid. it’s nothing short of a miracle that cate and tyler ended up so mature and responsible, no thanks to butch or april.

  • Nikk

    In order for Catelynn to adopt him first April would have to terminate her parental rights or the state would have to do so and that doesn’t happen overnight. Catelynn might get temporary custody of him through the courts and serve as a familial foster parent but she couldn’t just walk in and say “my mom fell off the wagon again I want to adopt my brother” and it happen. As someone who has gone through the adoption process she knows that too.

    I think once the cameras stop rolling Tyler is going to go his seperate way because it is becoming evident watching them that he is very much over the relationship and was last season. Cate is dead weight on him and the drag one another down. Also Catelynn while seen as responsible on the show has made comments in the past about smoking dope with her mom and isn’t as squeaky clean as she appears either. Just read these girls’ twitters and you’ll see a different side than what MTV wants you to see.

    • Jessica

      OMG I completely agree. The few times I have posted anything thing negative about these two pothead losers, people jump all over me. I always figured Tyler would find another girl, better looking and more confident than Catelyn, but now I feel like he kinda likes guys. Either way, I do not think their relationship is healthy. Hes more like a dad to her than a boyfriend. And I do believe that they both smoke weed often.

      • Lola

        hah you said Tyler will find another girl… you do mean person right? I have watched this show from the beginning.. Tyler is clearly gay. Watch the scenes where she tries to kiss him or sit on his lap he is clearly uncomfortable. Not uncomfortable in a ‘I don’t want to be with you’ way, but a ‘I’m not into girls’ way.

  • Jayla

    Lol, speculate much? You just assume because they come from addict parents they MUST do drugs, shame on you for being so ignorant. Cait and Ty have done nothing but positive things with their time on reality tv, which is more then can be said for a lot of the girls. They have a healthy and respectful relatiOnship and are a great example to younger teens, you have no reason to think otherwise. Stop hating for the sake of it..

    • Nikk

      I’m not speculating. I have read Catelynn’s numerous myspace posts, then tweets about smoking pot with her mom. It wasn’t any fanpage, etc. It was Catelynn herself. I hope she can be successful but she still has a lot of growing up to do, she needs to stop clinging to Tyler and making him her lifesaver. She needs to stand on her own and live her own life. MTV has characters for these girls and they want Cate to be the “triumph story” so that is what they show.

      • sammi

        I never thought he was gay but I do see that he is getting tired of her bs. He is going places in life and wants to make a life for himself out of his parents shadow and clearly he is not going for Cate working in a costume jewelrey shop for $8 an hr while he busts his *** in college. I give them another few yrs and he’s gonna be gone. She doesnt even take care of herself as far as looks go. She has that ugly unflattering hairstyle, those grandma clothes and s****y eyebrows. No guy wants to wake up to that the rest of his life. She better see a councelor, get help with her self-esteem, go clothes shopping, and get her behind in school. She looks for any reason she can to not go to college. Just because she didnt declare a major just yet, that does not stop her from taking her basic classes that every major requires like math and english.

  • britt

    would you rather have alcoholic abusive crack head parents or would you rather have parents who smoke mary-jane and bake cookies? People are haters, we all make mistakes and such.. Why does everyone want to drag people down and hope for the worst? I hope they get custody of him…

  • Debbie

    Catelynn have said in the past she smoked weed with her mom doesn’t mean she still does. Yes they have had problems with there relationship what couple hasn’t those problems aside they are still the better option for Nick while I don’t think they will adopt him. I do see them getting custody of him. April won’t say anything on the matter because she is to busy Trying to sell storys about it. And you can’t just make assumptions about peoples sexuality I know camp straight guys and gay guys who you would think are straight. Tyler and Catelynn are the first to admit there flaws and people are entitled to there own opinion on them.

  • Kaylie

    I don’t think Cate and Ty would be a great home for Nick, either. They’d be better than April, but still posess extremely immature personalities. Neither of them are in college at all, and the only fields of interest they’ve extended past teen mom seem to be to want to travel for Tyler’s “acting” dreams and to give speeches about adoption. Neither is in college now, which means they probably won’t go back. And constant traveling isn’t something they could just bring Nick along with them. He’d have school and friends and stuff. If she went and got a desk job then it’d be a lot more stable and a better home for Nick.

    • sammi

      I know that the episodes we’re watching now are from a year ago but he was in college then. He isnt now? I think they’re gonna ride the teen mom gravy train until the wheels fall off, they’re kids, why wouldnt theny? I do see Tyler furthering his education. Cate on the other hand needs a fire lit under her and its probably gonna take her longer it seems like. I could be wrong but seeing how she procrastinates in choosing classes it just seems that she isnt serious about college like Tyler is.

  • Sara

    It really looks like April wants to get her life together in the episodes we are all seeing now.

  • Krystaleine

    Tyler and Catelyn seem more like brother and sister oh that’s right they are ( step)… Also they seem more like bestfriends more then anything I never see them do anything like hold hands,kiss,or anything weird for a couple that is engaged.

    • emjay83

      ummm…have you ever been in a long term relationship? you find out after the first year that you don’t have to have your tongues down each other’s throats to still love each other romantically. oh, and part of being in a relationship is being good friends, especially if you’ve had a kid together or plan to in the future.

  • fig

    But you couldnt keep your own child?! wtf.. You got all that money now, house, ect. You could have raised your child!!! You should have grown up and taken care of carly!

  • sammi

    @ fig They wouldnt have been able to give her the life they wanted her to have. Dont forget they got kicked out of their first apt after a few weeks for not making rent. They would have been living pay check to pay check to take care of her and their needs as a family. Personally, I wouldnt be able to give my child up, not someone I carried for 9 months and bonded with, but they did what they thought was best for her and that is the most unselfish thing someone can do. They didint give her up so they couuld party, or drug, or do what they wanted to do, they did it cause they knew she deserved better than what they could have offered at the time. Trust me, this TM money will not last forever and befor u know it they all will be working stiffs like the rest of us normal folks

  • Macy Garrison

    I think it is ridiculous how judgemental alot of you are being right now. The way i see it is, “pick the spec out of your own eye before you try to pick the one out of theirs” I give Cait and Ty ALOT of credit for having made the choice’s they have and still do. As a parent I could not imagine allowing someone to take my child. Im too selfish. But these two CHILDREN (at the time) made the RIGHT choice. They are aware there parents are fucked up and to be honest I think it is a privilage to be able to see there life. They are 2 very smart and responsible young adults. Who cares if Cait smokes a little pot. Who the hell doesnt these days? GET REAL. She never claimed to be perfect. EVER. And so what if she works at a clothing store, at least she works. she could be like half of these white trash, mexicans and blacks that DONT work and live off of Government asst programs like amber, but she doesnt! they live in a trailor, and though it may not be much to alot of us, it is for them! Its they best THEY can do right now. And also stop commenting on how ugly she is. Im sure u have ur faults. Do you want someone pointing them out for the world to see? Who cares. Its so retarded how people sit here and judge this couple when they have dont nothing wrong. Everything they do is right. they admit there mistakes and aknowledge there problems. And they do what they need to do, to have them fixed. Give the kids some credit and stop acting like they chose to have drug addict parents. They are doing the best they know how!

  • tator

    Caytelynn and Tyler chose a better life for Carly. Thats what Carly diserves. all of yall need to stop being mean and c how they feel. I cant but Cate and Ty r sad and upset about giving Carly for adoption and trust me they kno thats a better life.