REPORT Robert Pattinson won’t allow Kristen Stewart questions during GMA interview

Robert Pattinson GMA interview not talking about Kristen Stewart like an elephant in the room

Originally scheduled to promote his new film Cosmopolis, Robert Pattinson is scheduled to appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on August 12 followed by Good Morning America on August 15, his first interviews since news broke of his girlfriend, and Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart’s alleged affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders on July 25. Although there were initial reports stating “everything’s on the table” for the interviews, it now appears that “everything” may just mean everything except anything having to do with Kristen Stewart.

“Robert was booked a long time ago to talk about Cosmopolis, and working with David Cronenberg — he’s doesn’t talk about his personal life,” an insider tells Gossip Cop. The site goes on to point out that even before the news about Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders made headlines, Pattinson rarely allowed questions about his personal life. “TV shows were informed that (per his history) he only does interviews to discuss his projects, not his intimate personal relationships,” the site points out.

It should be interesting to see what GMA does with this MONSTROUS elephant in the room. (Anyone remember what happened when they asked Chris Brown about Rihanna?) I just don’t see how they could completely skirt the issue. (I’m sure there is a great “Water for Elephats joke here somewhere)

Perhaps they will arrange some delicate way to avoid it with Robert ahead of time like “Your personal life has made a lot of headlines over the last couple weeks, is that soemthing you are wiling to talk about?” At which point he could simply respond, “No. I don;t like to talk about my private life. I’m here to talk about my new movie, Cosmopolis, which I am really excited about.”

Jon Stewart may do like Banksy and avoid the elephant in the room by painting it in humorously bright colors and then obviously (and funnily) avoiding it altogether, with a few little barbed references thrown into his Cosmopolis questions. (Unless, of course, Robert Pattinson is a Republican — in which case Stewart won’t be cutting him any slack or avoiding any questions!)

Original, unTwilightified elephant in the room illustration: Kevan J. Atteberry

  • Rally

    Ok then he isn’t allowed to make public appearances or do interviews. Simple.

    Why let him ride the hype of this situation without addressing it?

    • Mickey

      He isn’t “riding the hype”. He hasn’t made ANY comments about what’s been going on. Everything has been said through Kristen and “sources”. He has never made any kind of public statement about the affair. And if he made these interviews to discuss his new movie, then that’s what the interviews should be about. Not embarrassing him AGAIN about his whore girlfriend cheating with a married man.

      • lol

        of course he hasn’t made a comment because his PR team won’t let him. not until he can get a cover.

    • Kait

      “Originally scheduled to promote his new film Cosmopolis…”
      Clearly, the interviews were scheduled a long time ago. Advertising and promotion for movies is carefully orchestrated months in advance.

      Also, just because you think that a celebrity’s personal life is public knowledge, it is in fact NOT. Everyone should be entitled to privacy, especially in a terribly embarrassing situation like his.

    • Kelly

      Why should he have to address anything?! She is the one who cheated on him! I think its very classy of him to avoid talking about it. He is taking the high road by keeping their business private. He shouldn’t have to cancel appearances meant to promote his movie just because people such as yourself feel like prying into his personal life.

  • Jayla

    He’s the victim here, k-stew shOuld be thanking her lucky tart stars he isnt blasting her every chance he gets. It’s no less then she deserves.

    • mi

      he’s a victim? a victim is someone who has suffered thru abuse and war, not an actor who was in a fake relationship.

      • Kait

        Merriam Webster says:

        Victim; one that is injured, destroyed, or sacrificed under any of various conditions. One that is subjected to oppression, hardship, or mistreatment. One that is tricked or duped.

        Yep, sounds like Rob is a victim to me.

        • mi

          because you’re an idiot