PHOTOS Honey Boo Boo’s Anna welcomes baby girl Kaitlyn

Alana Thompson's older sister Anna

Many prognosticators have stated that there is a great possibility that tonight will signal the end of the world. Why would they make such a gregarious claim you ask? Well it’s because Toddler & Tiara’s breakout star Alana Thompson, Honey Boo Boo Child, has her own show that will premiere this evening!

TLC has put out a few teaser clips for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and one of them involves Alana’s older and pregnant sister Anna Shannon (17) getting an ultrasound. Here’s the video that includes the explanation of a biscuit cooked right being similar in appearance to a certain part of a woman’s anatomy. During the sneak-peek Boo Boo gets an ultrasound too to look for chicken nuggets:

Well I’m happy to report that Anna, nicknamed “Chickadee,” had a successful delivery which makes Alana a Go-Go Juice chuggin’ aunt! The baby’s name is Kaitlyn Shannon and she was born on July 26th at 7:11 PM. She weighed in at just over 6lbs.

The fine folks that run Honey Boo Boo’s Official Fan Page posted a couple of adorable photos of Alana’s niece and I thought I’d share.

Honey Boo Boo Child's niece Kaitlyn
Honey Boo Boo Child’s niece

And one more in which TLC provided a special care package* for the sweet new baby girl.

Alana Thompson's niece Kaitlyn
Alana Thompson’s niece

*There is some confusion over the spelling of her name from my intel but if TLC got it wrong too then there it is.

  • Amanda

    how old is her sister? im sorry but this family reminds me of trailer trash

  • ER

    I hate feeling this way about an infant, but that poor baby does not stand a chance. Unless her mother is the most resourceful teenager alive, she’ll be obese and need speech therapy by the age of 6 like Alanna.
    Sad, sad, sad.

    • Kaylie

      Anna actually didn’t look overweight at all. I mean, she was obviously pregnant so it was hard to confirm what her natural body looked like pre-baby, but her arms and legs didn’t look like they were large. I was surprised when I saw her because she wasn’t bad looking like the rest of the family. She was a healthy weight and had average features.

  • Joei

    …dafauq did I just see?

  • Pearl

    Is she a single mother?

  • Thelma

    Why do you let people post such mean things about Alana when mean comments on celebrities you like are screened?

    • Janet

      I agree with Thelma. I think Alana is adorable and I think that someone in the entertainment industry should bring her on board to do “real” television/movies. She’s very animated 🙂 I have to admit…I like her family….I wish Mama would swear LESS….but really, you think 17 year old girls in a middle or upper class family don’t have sex or get pregnant. Just watch the show and have a chuckle….if you can judge them then you better be pretty perfect yourself 😉

  • helloisitme

    They are white trashy, but the family seems to love each other a lot and are supportive, and none of the kids come across as druggies or anything like that. So whatever. As long as they are nice people, can take care of themselves, are happy and aren’t harming themselves or others, then good for them.

  • Ashley

    That mother has to be one of the most repulsive people both inside and out.

  • Sandi

    I love the show. They have a southern accent and I can understand them just find. My English is excellent. I have a Bachelor Degree. So POW!!!I just find it repulsive that people tend to call what they do like disgusting. If you don’t like it don’t look at it. But I really love the Show.


      REALLY?? yhu mmuss be scared of theyy familyy ??

  • Kaja

    Her mother is only 32…that means she got pregnant at what- 14?
    They should not show something like this on television, this has white trash written all over it.Or hey, they should label it white trash tthan it would be honest at least.

    • ER

      Worst part is, that Alana’s dad is 10 years older than her mom… which means he knocked up a 14 year old at the age of 23. Not at all weird or illegal….

      • Nattie

        He is only the father of Alana, who is 6.

      • Bailynn

        Sugar bear is only honey boo-boo’s biological father, however not chickadee or pumpkin. So no.

  • Diana

    Omg. Biscuit?!

    I’m just…oh…lord…

    No words.


  • Shari

    I am embarassed that I know this, but Alana’s dad is not Anna’s dad, so he didn’t knock up a 14 year old girl when he was 23. Yeah, I watched the show. It was cringe worthy at times, but unlike most commenters today, I think they are a fine family. They clearly love and support each other and, although one of the girls and the mom are attempting a diet together, they don’t seem to have unhealthy body image issues. Even though the mom recognizes that she is over weight, she still thinks she is attractive. Her husband must make her feel very secure and good for them.
    I don’t know about you guys, but I am sick to death of the way we tear regular people apart because they don’t look like gorgeous movie stars. These people are just fine the way they are and good for them for getting a television show to help them make some money. They are clearly living on a meager income. Let’s leave them alone.

    • Janet

      Well said Shari 🙂 People need to stop with the judging… They seem like a happy family. Only judge if you’re perfect 🙂

    • Flibsey

      Very well said. people need to stop pooping all over this family. they love and respect each other, they have a roof over their heads, and they can feed all their kids.
      ok they’re not the most attractive people in the world, and yeah they’re self confessed rednecks, but they have a good time together.
      And I want to get in on the mud belly flopping action ‘cos that looks fun.

      I love this family. and my daughter REALLY wants to meet Alana lol. they’re the same age and my daughter likes Alana’s sense of humour. and pet pig.

      • hooola

        wel if uve watched on youtube her older sier got raped by her moms ex boyfriend and alana may be in troble cause anna got raped at the age 8

  • Aly

    Sigh, ok. I am not going to hate on them. Alana has her perks, but I don’t think she is THAT talented. And yes, the family very clearly loves each other. I’m not a big supporter of teen moms, but a loving, accepting family is nice to see. I don’t however agree with the way the family is being publicized. It’s a shame to put children through this. Also, the show last night was honestly a bit sickening. The way they behaved during etiquette lessons as well rude and appalling. Manners matter. Yes, children should speak their mind. But having them use the language they do is upsetting. Also the weight issue the family brings it up is disturbing. I fear those daughters may face bullying and develop a disorder. I’m completely on the line with this show. I think it just brings out the negatives of a good-hearted family.

  • Pearl

    So does anybody know if she is a single mother, or why the baby daddy is not shown?

    • Aly

      Not sure, I was wondering that myself. She’s either single or he didn’t sign on to the show.

  • Paula

    I hope the dad of the baby is involved, it’s sad when they’re not, especially concerning a 17-year-old mom. Honey Boo Boo’s mom (I forgot her name!) had Anna when she was 15, so I guess that explains why Anna got pregnant at such a young age. Statistics show that the children of teen parents are likely to become teen parents themselves.

    • Shanna

      another thing that explains why shes pregnant at 17 has to be her mothers way of explaining where babies come from!

      I mean please… lol “it looks like a biscuit…if it’s cooked right”

      REALLY ?!

  • coco

    Are these people for real? Like I thought trash like this only existed on Maury. That poor little girl acts and talks like she maybe special needs and to think a baby was born into this.

  • Mel

    Okay I just have to put this out there….Yes I did like the show, it made me laugh but it also made me cringe at times too. The family really does love and support each other. The ONLY thing or should I say “person” I have a problem with is “punkin?” or whatever her name is. That girl just completely repulsed me. During Alana’s class for manners she wasn’t a supportive big sister at all, and just was completely disgusting the entire time. She asked obvious stupid questions that even a dog would know is wrong to do at the table, and she had the WORST attitude the whole show. Poor Alana, her mom paid money for those classes and you could tell Alana was wanting to take it seriously because she wants to win a big crown. If I was one of the older sisters and seen my little sister acting like that and messing up something important for my baby sister I would’ve yelled at her!? The one part where she was standing there telling the camera that she did’t care what people thought of her and all that crap, and at the end she started chewing like a cow with her mouth open was so disgusting! I couldn’t believe a young teenage girl in America would act like that?! Then she blew her nose in that ladies nice white table cloths that she KNEW wasn’t hers, and that, that lady has to take home and wash it was just..ugh. I’m sorry but that young girl just made me want to smack her and say “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW YOU ARE ACTING IS REPULSING AND IS GOING TO BE ON TV?! Seriously girl good luck trying to find a man after that show airs…and you know everyone in their town is going to watch it. Sorry, God bless that family and I hope little Alana wins her crown!

    • Lois

      I know that Pumpkin came over a bit harsh, but I have seen numerous girls that are “middle children” behave this way, that is her way of getting attention, LOTS of kids do that.

  • Ihatestich

    I actually enjoyed the show. I think it was hilarious. its for entertainment, if you dont like it dont watch it. Plain and simple.

  • Laurie

    It seems to me that, given all the typos, incorrectly spelled words and bad grammar in many of the above messages you all have no right to judge this family- particularly regarding their speech or grammar. Try using a dictionary or spellcheck (how hard can that be) before typing

    • Laurie how can you be so judgmental and call this family white trash when you dont know them,I am sorry but this seems like a normal family these days, I am a long way from white trash and yet I see my family acting like this family, We do the same things that this family do.We go to mud pits, we fart we cuss we burp hell I even had a child at 16 and I was supported by my family just like June is supporting Anna !!!!!!!!!!

  • Krystaleine

    Wow!!!! all I can say for this pig chasing white trash family.

    1. Lose weight.
    2. Stop giving your child go-go yum juice whatever it is called. ( who gives their child Red Bull and Moutian Dew).
    3. Poor Hunny Boo-Boo will be 500 pounds by the time she is 40 with rotted out teeth.
    4. You are all nasty stop acting like you live in the zoo.

  • 1999

    Some tabloid magazine reported that Anna’s newborn baby Kaitlyn was born with two right thumbs. Does anyone know if that is actually true?

    • kittycat246810


  • sammi

    Not a big deal, I was an aunt at 6. My oldest brother was 18 when he had his first child. Ive even seen aunts and uncles as young as 3-4 yrs old



  • niyahhhh

    ummm whyy put piccss of yo self onn diss do better whiteyy

    • kaekaee

      i knoww rightt !

  • jesica


  • lisa

    Honey boo boo,I dont like ppl make fun of you.They wrong fo that .You are funny little girl.You have a heart,what you do.


    taahaahaa ! she need to findd her REAL baby DADDY !

  • kaeekaee123

    YHUU MUHH , cant find yoo babyy daddy??(=

  • kaekaee

    doo yoo babyy got 2 THUMBS ?? OMGG

  • Mika

    teen moms need to die

    • BnbBmb

      U shouldn’t say stuff like thy I was a teen mom and my kids are perfectly healthy how would u like it if someone said u need to die rude ass mother f*****

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