Why isn’t Kate Middleton a princess?

Why is Kate MIddleton not a princes, but a duchess

Kate Middleton (who’s currently involved in a topless scandal) married a prince (I know, no one ever talks about it, you’ve probably forgotten,) so why is she not a princess? Williams mother Diana Frances Spencer was a princess, but Kate is officially called Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, (she also gets the titles Countess of Strathearn and Baroness Carrickfergus.)

Apparently she is the Duchess of Cambridge because Princes Edward and Charles went to Cambridge, and Prince Philip is the Chancellor. According to The Hollywood Reporter she won’t be a princess until William becomes King (sooo, does that mean she wont’ be a queen? This is SO confusing.)

The Queen updated the Order of Precedence when Prince Charles married his second wife Camille. She rearranged it based “on blood principles” so Kate is required to curtsy to “blood princesses” Princess Royal, Princess Alexandra, and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, who are daughters of the Duke of York, when William is not by her side.

Apparently she can still be called a princess without officially having that title, but it still seems that not being given that official title is somewhat of a snub from the Queen. Being a Royal can be quite dicey.

The world is on fire with news that Kate Middleton is pregnant! CLICK HERE to find out when she’ll be expecting the new addition to the royal family. A rep for Kensington Palace confirmed that the new baby will be titled “His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge.”

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  • Jim

    She can’t be Queen because she was born into royalty. She won’t be a Princess until William becomes King.

    Queen Elizabeth was born into royalty, her husband is a Prince because she married him.

    • http://en-gb.facebook.com/will.bower Will Bower

      Philip was a prince *before* he married Elizabeth, as he was the patrilineal grandson of the King of Greece.

    • Viningsgal

      She is and never will be a Princess. To be a true princess, you would have to be born to male heir of the sovereign.

  • Jim


  • CiCi

    Starcasm, this royal title business confuses me, too! :) Except if I were Kate, I’d insist on being called ‘Baroness Carrickfergus’ at all times, because that is seriously awesome!

  • pat

    so what happens when the queen dies? is there no queen? and when williams dad dies and he is now king, wouldnt kate then be queen? omg this is all so confusing and i have confused my self even more lol. someones gotta take their tittles when they die!

    • Karen

      When the Queen dies, then Prince Charles will become King. He is the first born. When Prince Charles dies, then Prince William will become King and Kate will likely become Princess Catherine.

      • http://en-gb.facebook.com/will.bower Will Bower

        When the Queen dies, there will be no one using the title of “Queen” until Charles dies. Camilla will be going by the title “Princess Consort” when Charles is king.

    • http://en-gb.facebook.com/will.bower Will Bower

      When the Queen dies, there will be no one using the title of “Queen” until Charles dies. Camilla will be going by the title “Princess Consort” when Charles is king.

  • Murphy

    Jim means she can’t be Queen Regnant, she will be Queen Consort.

    She’s not a princess because she’s not blood. She’s married to a prince which entitles her to be a Duchess. The title princess is just too royal for someone who is not born in. Diana wasn’t formally a princess either-but confused people called her that and it stuck. She was the Princess of Wales not Princess Diana. Its the difference between THE and A. Its hard to understand-true but why did you write an item about this if you DON’T know the answer to the very question this article is about?

    Charles’ wife is named CamillA. She’s not a princess either which is why we don’t call her one (and also not to piss off Diana fans)

  • anon

    She isn’t officially Princess Kate because the queen declined to give her that title (which apparently pissed William off). If you want to call her a princess, then her official title would be Princess William of Wales.

    • Cope_katherine

      Her official title is not Princess of Whales because her husband is not Prince of Whales.

  • pat

    Murphy you are totally wrong, Diana was a princess, not just because people called her that. Kate is not a princess because William is not first in line, simple as that. When Diana was married to Charles, he was first in line to the throne. After Charles married the pitbull, the Queen, changed the whole thing around so Camilla couldn’t be called princess. It’s all kind of antiquated and stupid anyway, they are just people that are really lucky, that’s it!

  • http://en-gb.facebook.com/will.bower Will Bower

    So far, each commenter has gotten at least one thing or another wrong.

    Camilla *is* a princess. In fact, she’s the Princess of Wales. However, given the circumstances, it was decided that it would be a poor choice for her to go by that title.

    Likewise, Diana was “Duchess of Cornwall” when she was married to Charles — since Charles’s 2nd highest office is that of “Duke of Cornwall” — but Diana naturally went by the higher ranking title of Princess of Wales.

    Katherine will become a Katherine, Princess of Wales (aka Princess Katherine) of the day that Queen Elizabeth dies, Charles becomes king, and Prince William becomes the Prince of Wales.

    At present, William is *not* a sovereign prince, as Charles is of Wales. William is only a “prince” because he’s the patrilineal grandchild of a sovereign.

    William *is* now, however, a sovereign *duke* (of Cambridge), which is what makes Katherine a duchess.

    The fact that Katherine is not yet a princess has *nothing* to do with her being born a commoner. Had William married an aristocratic lady, the same rules would have applied to her (unless she was already a European-styled princess, as Philip was a Prince of Greece when he married Elizabeth).

    Just as in the military, there are ranks in royalty to be observed. Princess ranks higher than Duchess, so — until that day Katherine is a Princess — Camilla, Beatrice, Eugenie, and Alexandra will outrank her.

    That said, on the day Katherine *does* become Princess, only Camilla will outrank her. And, on the day Charles dies, *no* woman will outrank her.

    • http://en-gb.facebook.com/will.bower Will Bower

      I’m not sure who voted my comment down, but I’d love for you to point out anything I’ve written that is incorrect.

    • Royalist

      Prince Philip gave up his titles to become Duke of Edinburgh on his marriage to then Princess Elizabeth.

  • Tara The Terrible

    I don’t care what Kate is, she is still stunning.

  • Alix

    The Queen’s own mother became a Princess, having been previously only a “Lady” when she married Prince Albert/King George VI. So the changes the Queen has made may seem petty. She’s just gotten burned by divorces (her kids & her uncles) too many times.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1646503846 Joe Ovalle

    This is BS whoever wrote this needs to do their research. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge is not a Princes but she will be The Princess of Wales when Charles becomes King and William The Prince of Wales. When William becomes she will be Queen Consort

  • http://www.pochoblog.com James Reyes

    Catherine is a princess, insofar as her style is HRH Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge. Had the queen not created Prince William Duke of Cambridge and he were still simply HRH Prince William of Wales, Catherine would be known as HRH Princess William of Wales just like Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz, wife of HRH Prince Michael of Kent is known as HRH Princess Michael of Kent.

    Diana was never Princess Diana. That is technically incorrect despite popular usage. She was HRH The Princess Charles, Princess of Wales or Diana, Princess of Wales. Charles is both a prince by birth and the created Prince of Wales. William is a prince by birth and the created Duke of Cambridge.

  • Deidre Windsor

    So right, Camilla is indeed the Princess of Wales and I hope she becomes Queen in time. She has done a wonderful job in times may were so cruel to her. I admire her very much. Mr. Bower is completely correct in his posting.

  • Bethany Clark

    I am thinking that the next possible chance at a real Queen would be Princess Charlotte? Anyone want to confirm?