PHOTOS Jenelle Evans’ son Jace’s 3rd birthday party

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and son Jace on his third birthday

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ son Jace turned 3 on Friday, but the big birthday bash wasn’t until earlier today as Jenelle, Jace, her boyfriend Kieffer Delp, and mom Barbara Evans got together at what appears to be Jace’s preschool for a cupcake-laden, foam pit fiesta!

Barbara Evans and Kieffer Delp laughing together at Jace Evans' 3rd birthday party

Wait, is that Kieffer Delp and Barbara Evans together — laughing and having a good time?!? And is that Barbara’s old beau Mike in the back? We were under the impression he ran off with a Hooters waitress! It is sooooo hard keeping up with all this stuff!

And speaking of hard to keep up with, Jace and his friend were just that as they took a dive in the foam pit at three-year-old velocity, which is waaaaaay too fast for a standard camera to capture:

Jace Evans jumps in the foam pit at his third birthday party

UPDATE – Here are a couple more great photos from Jace-a-palooza including the birthday boy and his buddy checking out a turtle (with Jace toting his brand spanking new nerf gun!) and his birthday cake, which Jenelle describes as “Badass cupcakes put together to make this spiderman cake!”

Jace Evans third birthday party with his friend Jace Evans' Spider-Man birthday cake made out of cupcakes

If this collection of photos (shared by Jenelle on Twitter) isn’t enough for you, it appears as though the MTV cameras were there to capture the entire event for Teen Mom 2, so perhaps we will get to see more in Season 3. Maybe we’ll even find out what Jenelle said to Jace to make him giggle so much!

Jace Evans laughing with mom Jenelle Evans at his third birthday party

Happy birthday Jace!

To wrap things up, let’s take a trip down memory lane – back to August 2, 2009! We’ll kick things off with the 16 and Pregnant pen-and-ink drawing on notebook paper birth announcement (with Jace’s incorrect birthday), followed by Jenelle with Jace soon after he was born:

Jenelle Evans 16 and Pregnant notebook paper drawing announcing Jace's birth Jenelle Evans and son Jace Evans in the hospital just after he was bornJenelle Evans and son Jace Evans when he was an infant
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  • Kelly

    Happy birthday Jace!

  • Phillygal

    Are we in some alternate universe? Keiffer sans hoodie? Mike sans hooters hottie? Jenelle sans handcuffs? Last but not least a smiling Babs seated in the same room as her former arch nemesis! No wonder Jace is so happy, best birthday ever!

  • emily.

    happy birthday, jace.

  • Ashley

    Looks like he fun!

  • Alyssa

    Tha fu- is Queiffer doing there?

  • Amanda

    Wait.. in that photo it says he was born on the 6th. Today’s date is the 5th. Hmmmm…

    • BBT

      Birthday PARTY… his birthday is tomorrow, but he had a party on the weekend. Like every other kid does, so the parents can bring them.

      Nobody said it was his ACTUAL birthday.

    • Kayla

      It says up there his actual birthday is August 2nd. Just MTV got it wrong. Just like they do everything else.

  • OhMyGeez

    What, no Barbara caption?!?! C’mon now!

    “I seen you eating cake with Keiffah!”





  • Yesshedid

    Actually Jenelle said it was his birthday a few days ago on twitter…AND the article said it was his birthday on Friday so… Someone has the dates mixed up.

  • tab

    BABS!! i seen you wiff keiffah at tha pahty!

  • amelia

    Please will Janelle stop acting normal. She is drugged out street skank.

  • Mimi

    He finally looks happy! And so does Barbarra!

  • Rebecca Rodriguez

    That is a pretty cupcake cake what she got him