James Holmes photo emerges

Dark Knight Rises massacre James Holmes

Like most Americans, I woke up this morning shocked and deeply saddened by the news coming out of Colorado about the massacre that occurred during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Police have confirmed a dozen deaths and many additional injuries.

The story has been extremely fluid with new details coming at an alarming rate. The first confirmed image of the alleged gunman, James Holmes, has surfaced.

Photo of James Holmes who is under custody for Colorado massacre

The University of Colorado has confirmed that Holmes, 24, was enrolled at the CU School of Medicine. He was studying to get his PHD in neuroscience but withdrew last month.

ABC 7 out of Denver originally tweeted the photo stating, “This is a picture of James Holmes, suspected gunman in Aurora theater shooting.” The image was sent to them via CU.

Top Photo: University of CO/ Splash News

  • Sara

    Scary…he looks so normal 🙁

  • anonymous

    Happy motherfu**in’ clown. f**k him. so sad..

  • kim

    that fact that he is smiling in his mug shot makes me want to throw up

    • amanda

      it said provided by CU, so this was probably a ID picture

  • ashley

    I dont think this is a mug shot. Its very likely his ID picture for school seeing how the photo came from CU

  • tab

    it’s his student id picture from the university.
    this whole situation is so very sad. what went wrong inside his head?? 🙁

  • Ajax

    death penalty better be served.

    • tab

      not going to happen here in colorado. this state is full of a bunch of tree hugging, crazy liberals. life in prison? for sure. but not death.

      • Really?

        Yeah because killing in response to killing is the answer. *Eye roll.* This has nothing to do with crazy liberals. If he is killed, he doesn’t suffer for his actions. If he is forced to stay alive his whole life, he gets tortured in prison for years. That’s much better than being killed and not having to really face the consequences. Not to mention how much more expensive death penalty is! And that’s what you “crazy” right-wingers hate the most! Spending money! If you’re going to talk hatefully about liberals, at least don’t be a f*cking hypocrite. And if you are by chance a Christian right-winger, definitely don’t be a hypocrite by advocating the death penalty. DUH.

  • MD2586

    this is just awful! sickening!!! praying for everyone involved

  • Hfhfhfh

    Why in the hell would you want to screw your life up like this?! He had a secure future ahead of him..

  • Anon

    Kill him. Eye for an eye.