EXCLUSIVE Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp make their relationship official – New details!

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp

Jenelle Evans and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, are back on again! The couple, who were often seen together on Teen Mom 2, have been spending time together ever since Jenelle’s relationship with Gary Head ended (for good) last month. They took things slow at first, but have now decided to give their relationship another try (despite the fact that Kieffer did sell nude photos of her just a few months ago.)

Earlier this afternoon, Jenelle tweeted a special message to her fans regarding their reconciliation.  She wrote, “If you have heard or not, me and kieffer are OFFICIALLY dating again. 🙂 we are both very happy about this decision and are both in a better place in our lives where trouble isn’t going to follow us anymore. A new leaf has turned. 😀 <3”

Jace and Kieffer play t-ball

Jenelle also told a fan that Kieffer treats her two-year-old son, Jace, like his own. The three of them spent this past weekend together, as a family, and even played some t-ball together.

In addition to rekindling their romance, the two are now living together. Jenelle tells Starcasm exclusively, “He is living with me and paying half of all my bills 🙂 and Gary never paid s**t or didn’t help me with anything.”

Jenelle went on to assure fans that Kieffer is a totally new man and her mom, Barbara Evans, has come around and is totally supportive of their relationship. If Babs’ endorsement isn’t a selling point for critics, we don’t know what is! Hopefully, Kieffer won’t disappoint. (“KIEEFFUH!!!!”)

UPDATE – Oh boy. Perhaps Barbara’s approval was in part because she’s going to be able to keep a very close eye on Kieffer — because they’re going to be living together! From Jenelle’s Twitter:

Me, my mom, and kieffer all under the same roof ?! Yeah that’s about to happen, lol. Hope this turns out good !

Roll those MTV cameras!

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp

As far as what keeps her coming  back to Kieffer, she explains, “He makes me so happy. Never argues. Sticks up for me. Loves me.” Plus, he now has a job AND a car! That may not seem like much, but fans aren’t used to seeing the responsible side of Kieffer Delp.

Kieffer had been trying to win Jenelle back for a while now, even retweeting messages from fans who thought they should get back together. Once he got word that Jenelle had gone public with their relationship, he tweeted, “Your man ?? I love you so f**king much it’s crazy!” Pure excitement.

Jenelle also let Starcasm in on a little secret; these two didn’t just get back together today — “We got back together a week ago!” (what many people suspected)

Jenelle and Kieffer were out on the town in North Carolina today with the MTV crew, so for all you Kieffer Delp fans out there, you can rest assured the Delper will be getting some more screen time in Season 3.

Sadly, he gave his famous green hoodie away, so those hoping for its return will only be disappointed.

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  • Kelly

    Seriously?! He sold nude photos of her and she just forgives him?!

    • Manda

      Actually one thing i HAVE noticed about Jenelle is that she is very forgiving. Whether someone else would or not… I think its a good quality she has (even if she has many others to build…)

      • Sara

        Thats so true. She is very forgiving.

  • amy

    I dont see why starcasm keeps printing stories on them or her. she is a joke and he is a joke. I am sure if cause people like us read the story but I just enjoy a good laugh every now and then and believe me these two are a good laugh. Sorry just saying dont you have anything better to right about.

    • not true

      not true i saw kieffer in the store and asked my cousin where the bathrooms were and she asked him if jenelle and him were together and he said hell no i glad the teen mom stuff is over

    • Manda

      I like the teen mom stuff more than anything else posted on this site… dont stop!

  • coco

    Nooooooooooooo! Lol seriously, are Kieffer and Gary the only two dudes in Oak Island?

  • Kaycee

    It’s her life, and she can live it as she pleases. But I hope this is a healthier relationship for her son’s sake.

  • Phillygal

    Whenever my 6 year-old twins do something they shouldn’t I calmly sit them down and ask them and ask them, “was that a good choice or a bad choice?”. Jennelle needs to be treated exactly the same way, “Is moving in with a man who sold nude photos of you to the press a good choice or a bad choice?”. Answer, “bad choice”. “Is dating somebody so soon after your ex tried to kill you with a bed sheet a good choice or a bad choice?”. Answer, “bad choice”. She needs a full time preschool teacher to help her make decisions!

    • Z

      Nah..preschoolers are smarter than Jenelle lol. She needs someone to make decisions FOR her.

  • Fina

    I really feel bad for Jenelle sometimes. It’s pretty obvious that she has major issues emotionally and doesn’t seem to be dealing with them. From following her story and reading her twitter she seems so much like a young teenager rather than a 20 year old woman. She said she and Kieffer took it “slow” but that he’s been staying with her for three weeks and she broke up with her “fiancee” not even a month ago…so basically they were back together a few days after she and Gary broke up. Her relationships are just so immature. She breaks up, blasts them on twitter and reveals incriminating information about them, and then days later they’re back together like nothing happened. She has drama with almost everyone in her life but she takes no accountability for anything, exaggerates, or just straight up lies even when it’s obvious she’s not being truthful. I just see her life completely imploding if she doesn’t stop the crazy tornado of drama and get help. I think she should move away and start fresh with new people and a new environment.

  • anonymous

    I like how this article leaves out the fact that he sold her nude photos for $$….this girl is a joke and doesn’t deserve any of the $ MTV pays her

    • Manda

      the article actually DID say that… lol.

  • Sara

    Poor Jace is going to be so messed up and the sadder part is Jenelle doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I feel like i’m watching my birth mother she is exactly like Jenelle, thank god for my temporary guardianship, Temporary turned into well past my 18th birthday.

  • Alyssa

    Can’t you all see that all of this is happening because Teen Mom 2 needs more ratings? Really guys, why would she leave a guy who puts his hands on her for another guy who also put his hands on her? It’s because Teem Mom started their new season and they haven’t been getting enough views so they got the one girl who everyone watches the show for and made something ridiculous happen to her. Why else would this be happening right when the new season started again?

    • Steph

      Unless I missed something, the only thing I ever saw Keifer do to her was in self defense. She kept going at him like a lunatic. A guy has the right to subdue a crazy female. Not to be an aggressor but to defend himself. Everything else was just what Jenelle said, and we all know how reliable that is. Not saying he is a winner, just not physically abusive.

  • jane

    Kieffer is perfect for Jenelle. She certainly doesn’t need to be messing up a decent guy’s life. (no I’m not referring to Gary) Jenelle loves drama and Kieffer can somewhat ignore her because he’s desperate for someone to live off of an Jenelle seems to like people who she feels are dependent on her. Just an opinion. Jace should never go back to Jenelle. I personally think she enjoys violence too much and her life is no where near stable.

  • OhMyGeez

    Starcasm and I are breaking up if it keeps running these idiotic stories.

    • Sazz

      Agreed. Why doesn’t Starcasm listen to its readers for a change?

    • Tom

      I agree, I’m so tired of hearing this Janelle drama, who’s she dating/breaking up with BS. It’s not fun to read, it’s annoying. If i wanted to keep hearing about this hick drama I’d go back to high school or move into a trailor park.

      • Manda

        Then don’t read it guys . LOL its up to YOU what you click on…

    • Z

      Me too. And they always seem to put a positive spin on it.. like when she was ‘engaged’..

      • Katie

        Not sticking up for Jenelle here at all (because I think she’s retarded too), but if you think these blogs about Jenelle are so stupid, then why do you take the time out of your day to click on it and comment? When I come on this site I click on like, 1 of 5 of the articles, because I don’t care about the others.

      • helloisitme

        I do find it refreshing that Starcasm is a positive and not snarky tabloid, but it is borderline disturbing that they write about certain things (such as Jenelle’s blatantly unhealthy and abusive choices in men) on SUCH a light note. Its very detached from the seriousness of the reality. Still like starcasm, still find it entertaining, but yeah i totally agree w you about the weirdness of writing about certain ppls life choices in a positive tone.

  • Ashley

    I don’t even give it a week before the next story..”Jenelle and Kieffer split…Twitter feud, AGAIN.” These articles are really getting old.

  • Areyouserious
    • ItsMe

      I constantly see you post this link, get over it. She isn’t on the show for being a great mother, she’s on there for entertainment. People constantly tune in to see wtf is wrong with her, MTV isn’t going to take her off because of your petition, with 10signatures.

      • omg

        It’s just sad this person can’t think of a REAL cause to support. Change.org should get some standards.

  • InWonderland

    She said this exact thing last time they got together. If you look back on the articles, she says her mother approves of them every time to try and somehow win people over. Dude, he sold nudes of her and was teaming up with the guy who supposedly drugged her.

    Starcasm, can we stop with the encouragement of unhealthy behavior. Don’t forget, she claims Keiffer hit her as well. Then said he didn’t. Then said he did again.

  • Ashley

    Took it slow? How long have she and Gary been broken up, a month at the most? She has no self respect, or brains for that matter. Sadly she’s never going to change.

  • noname

    She is such a joke, along with everyone involved with her. She will never get her life together or get custody of her son because she is way too busy trying to find a man and start drama. Kieffer admitted to being a heroin user on twitter not too long ago and that’s the kind of person she wants around her child? Oh, and didn’t she say he had an STD? I’m surprised there are still people rooting for this trainwreck.

  • Hanna

    Shes grown her life not yours..get over it and jace was only around gary and kieffer..so.yeah

  • ofcourse

    Of course she is back with him. Did anyone, after she broke up with Gary, expect anything else? I’m shocked it wasn’t the next day….but since it was a week ago, maybe it was. I wish she wouldn’t juggle dudes around Jace.

    Okay, yeah, just looked it up. It took her a week. Shock! :-O

  • ofcourse

    Oh, but kudos to her for finally using “anymore” instead of “no more”.

  • Jenna

    Jenelle is a f***ing idiot.



  • helloisitme

    hes also abusive, maybe not physically but certainly mentally and emotionally. Jenelle just be single for a while. Please learn to just do you. Men just seem to distract her from facing her life and focusing solely on improving herself. Uggghhhhh so annoying bc I actually want to see her do well.