Lindsay Lohan expecting a new sibling thanks to an unlawful conception

Only with the Lohans can I write a headline like that and everybody’s like, “Who cares?” Well I care dad gummit even it’s just because I got to write “unlawful conception” in muh header! Oh yeah, the deets…

Kate Major has a lil’ Lohan growing inside of her thanks to a seed planted by Mr. Michael Lohan. Kate’s in her first trimester according to sources with TMZ, otherwise known as Michael Lohan and Kate Major.

This is an interesting bit of timing because the restraining order that Kate had against Michael, because who doesn’t have one against him, was only recently lifted. This would mean that Kate and Michael’s quality baby-makin’ time was spent illegally!

“Unlawful Conception” sounds like a great name for some really, really bad action flick. Hey, maybe older sister Lindsay could play the lead one day?

Perhaps I could star in it too after calling an older sister an aunt! (D’oh)

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  • Allison

    That would make Lindsay a sister to the baby.. If her brother or sister had a baby that would make her an Aunt..

  • brittany

    This would actually make her a big sister, its her dads child, not a siblings.

  • smh

    This would be Lindsay’s half-sibling not niece/nephew.

    • Me

      Some of us don’t play the half sibling thing. My four year old stepson knows my children that are biologically mine and his father’s as his sisters and brother. My husband and I don’t say “oh give your half sister that toy back she had it first.” They are still siblings no matter who the mother is.

  • Erin

    Wouldn’t she be big sister?

  • Sho

    It actually wouldn’t be Aunt Lindsey…since they share the same father it would be Big Half-sister Lindsey…you guys are such dumbasses…

  • McKayla

    Uhhh this kid will be Lindsay’s little brother or sister. Where the heck are you getting aunt from? For Lindsay to be an aunt one of her siblings would have to be having the child.

  • Carissa

    Michael is her dad. Wouldn’t that mean this is a half sibling?

  • dev

    Lulz. I am so glad that I was right when I read this. At first I was like…huh aunt??

  • Starcasm Staff

    Man I needed more coffee – maybe I should star in “Unlawful BlogFailing!” Sheesh…

    • Kait

      Hey, its okay… I have an uncle (non blood related) who still asks me all the time “are we cousins?”

  • Kelly

    The writer wasn’t saying that Lindsey would be the aunt. They were being sarcastic. And as you can see from the title of the article, they clearly understand that Lindsey would be the baby’s sister.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Sadly Kelly – Those peeps were right for calling my a$$ out! I edited the post since they pointed out my BLOGFAIL and acknowledged my Monday morning screw-up above…

      • Sarah

        At least you acknowledged your blogfail, unlike Heather Clouse lol 🙂

  • Paula

    Ew. Isn’t Kate Major only a few years older than Lindsay Lohan? Her dad is making babies with girls his daughter’s age… gross.

  • V

    Is it just me or do they kind of look alike in their mugshots

  • FaithHillFANatic

    The moment of conception this baby did NOT stand a chance in hell. Personally, I think that if a woman drinks, pops pills, smokes or does drugs (etc) while pregant should be arrested for attempted murder once the baby is born. Women are aware of the dangers, yet they still do them. Its selfish and IMO should be against the law. An innocent fetus should have rights. What you consume while your are pregnant NOT only affects the baby in utero, but throughtout their entire life. I can NOT think of a more worthless individual than Kate Major. I hope she puts the baby up for adoption so at least the baby can have a good life without all the HORROR that is the Kate and Michael saga.

  • FaithHillFANatic

    Oops, let me correct my incorrect spelling error in my above post. I meant PREGNANT not pregant. lol!! Oh, well I am human afterall and yes, even I make mistakes.