Jo Rivera’s girlfriend Vee’s marijuana bong photo causes online feud with Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry and her ex Jonathan Rivera on the Reunion Special

Aside from the out-of-the-blue STD allegations on the Season 2 reunion special, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and her ex Jo Rivera seem to have worked through their differences and have each moved on with their lives while co-parenting their son Isaac with very little animosity, or at least with very little public animosity. That all changed in the early AM hours this morning when one of Kailyn’s fans on Twitter sent her a photo of Jo’s girlfriend Vee Torres (real name Vetzabe Torres – click for our profile on her) wearing a gas mask just before smoking what looks to be marijuana from a bong.

Along with the photo, the angry fan tweeted, “Your baby desrvs better 🙁 than this nasty trashy kid @Onlyyy1Vee [Vee] i hope @NerdIn_aCoolKid [Jo] sees that 1 day”

The message and photo were retweeted by Kailyn, who then responded with her own tweets:

Words cannot express how furious and disgusted I am right now.

My mind is blown.

I would miss some important things if it wasn’t for supporters tweeting them to me. Thank you so much for looking out for Isaac sometimes.

Jo then escalated things with his response, in which he alleges Kailyn smoked pot while pregnant with their son Isaac!

@KailLowry your mind is blown? You were the biggest pothead I ever knew. Even smoked during pregnancy. Dont act like she’s the devil. FOH!

And then these:

Jo Lowry responds to Kailyn Lowry tweets about his girlfrien smoking a bong photo

As of Sunday afternoon it seems Kailyn and Jo have both dropped the matter and have moved on – Kailyn to help a friend move and Jo was taking Isaac to the Sesame Place theme park.

So what do you think about the whole marijuana = bad parent thing? Legality aside, is it really worse than someone who drinks? And how much of this hoopla was sparked by the bizarre fact Vee was wearing a gas mask?

Whatever side of the debate you’re on, one thing seems clear to me – pot is ILLEGAL (in most states), so if you’re going to do it, why in the world would you post photos or videos of it on the internet?!?

On a side note, happy belated one year anniversary to Jo and Vee! The two celebrated their 12-month milestone on June 23. (You might remember the first time we all got to meet Vee as Jo’s love/lust interest in his music video for “Unthinkable”)

Here’s a different photo of Vee smoking… Smoking hot!

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry's ex Jonathan Rivera's girlfriend Vee bikini photo

Now, let’s all take a deep breath and relax. Take it away Mr. Bob Marley…

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  • notapothead

    She looks like jo’s mom O_o

  • Whitney

    If you want to smoke pot, then smoke it, but don’t put it on the internet bc then people will voice their opinions…Everyone has done at least one thing they wish they wouldn’t of… You can’t judge someone if you don’t give them a reason (or in this case) or a pic online to. Kailyn may of smoked when she was pregnant, but like they said, the past is the past. I really think Jo got upset with people d**ging his g/f and just said that about Kailyn so his g/f wouldnt’ get a lot of heat for her glamourous pic…. Just my thoughts.

    • Kelly

      I agree. As long as its nowhere near Isaac it’s not a big deal. To post it on the Internet was really stupid though.

  • Areyouserious

    That girl comes across as super trashy with all her garage tattoos. Gross.

    • siriusthecat

      But she’s a model don’t you know ! I’m starting to think “model” is the new code for stripper now that dancer is played out. Models don’t get jailhouse ink. strippers do. Even a nice tat can keep you from being hired.

  • Jessica

    I doubt that Jo would ever allow his girlfriend to do drug around isaac. Jo girlfriend was stupid for post that online knowing that kail fans will run with it. Jo and kail are Isaac parent not the twitter world all this did was cause trouble for Jo and kail and they were getting along. Her tattoos does not make her trashy Maci has huge tattoo and so does kail. What makes her trashy was post that on the internet.

  • adriana

    omg i cant believe this actually went viral lol. Thesweetestsin is my friend ashley. 🙂

  • whoa

    Do people not understand that posting a picture of doing something illegal can still result in getting in trouble??? Why must people be so stupid that they post things like smoking pot on the internet? It doesn’t make you look cool instead you look like a complete idiot.

  • tab

    kail and all her loser stalkers need to mind her own business. if she finds out that people are smoking around isaac, then she can say something. but i don’t see isaac or jo in that picture, so what’s the big deal?

  • Alyssa

    Rusty dumpster

  • Paula

    This is why I hate social media. Nothing but drama. No one can say anything to anybody’s face, but they sure can rant all about it online! I hate those sneaky, creepy stalkers just waiting for their oppurtunity to bounce, just like the “fan” that tweeted Kail those pics did.

    Death to social media!

  • Yeah yeah

    What are you serious is saying is her “garage” tattoos are trashy not all tattoos..they are badly done and the one on her shoulder looks like scribble I don’t understand why people choose to have their tattoos done by people who cannot even draw a straight line..

    • Klemmi

      The one on her shoulder is calculus, not scribble.

      • Klemmi

        I should’ve said – it’s nonsense calculus, but still calculus.

  • C

    Kail should show that in court if she really has a problem with it. Talking trash over the internet won’t get anything changed or done. That’s evidence, whereas if Jo is telling the truth about Kail smoking while pregnant, he has no proof now. I highly doubt they took pictures of that so it’s his word against hers. I don’t particularly care for either one of the parents, but if she has a huge problem with it then she needs to take care of it through her lawyer or the court system. 🙂

  • OMG

    1. This girl can do whatever she wants. She is not around Isaac. She is young, if she wants to smoke weed and party. Let her. She’s not different than any other young adult.

    2. She doesn’t smoke weed around Isaac. No issue.

    3. Whoever sent this to Kail literally needs a life.

    4. If Kail had an issue with the picture, she should have approached Jo and his girlfriend in private. Retweeting this stuff and tweeting about it makes her look really immature and pathetic. She caused more drama than needed by getting fans involved in something that has NOTHING to do with them.

    5. If Kail did in fact smoke weed in her early years (i’m sure she did), than why does she have a problem with this chick doing it? If she felt the need to do it when she wasn’t a mom, than so can she. And his girlfriend is no different than friends of Kail’s or Jo’s that smoke weed that they bring around Isaac. If they have friends that smoke weed not around Isaac but hang with Isaac, IT’S NO DIFFERENT THAN HIS GIRLFRIEND.

    6. If she did smoke weed while pregnant, it’s disappointing but if Jo had a problem he would have stopped her. But he didn’t and i bet he didn’t care. He probably smoked with her.

    I’m willing to bet almost the whole cast of moms/dads on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 has smoked weed at least once before. The only one who may possibly not have is Farrah, but the others for sure and probably plenty of times. I’m sure it took place before baby (besides Jenelle and Jo), but possibly after as well-ya never know.

  • Vee torres should know better than to smoke weed period! No one wants to see someone like her smoking weed and than put a photo on the internet that is disgusting.

  • Lee

    LOL- She’s dating someone who is in the spotlight who puts her in the spotlight. It’s not okay to just randomly pick on her, however she does look a little trashy. Those tattoos need to be hidden. They instantly take her from a 6 down to a 3. She looks gross and I’d take class from Kailyn any day. Just sayin 🙂 Jo, You come from a better family than that. I’m sure bringin’ her hom to mom wouldn’t have been the best experience. LOL. You want someone Isaac can look up to. This dirrrrty girl, not so much!

  • Tracie

    Hahaha yeah that girl is TRASH! And no one is perfect but when I drank when I was young I didn’t take pictures of it and put them on the internet!! (Actually, I still don’t!)

  • Sarah

    There’s nothing wrong with smoking weed. I just hate people who post pictures of themselves smoking. Yeah you smoke, you’re not cool so get over yourself. I’ve noticed girls always post pictures of themselves smoking, like what’s the point? It only makes you look trashy. Do it privately.

    • siriusthecat

      Exactly. I have smoked weed for way more years than I would even admit. There is not one photo or video anywhere doing it. My kid is legal now herself and I would still not pose with anything illegal. Let alone put it online. Half of these fools live in East Buttfuck where cops actually have time to deal with kids boasting criminal activities. Maybe when they get pulled over twice a week and searched evetytime they’ll get it. Don’t taunt the police. Having an MTV show is already putting them on the radar.

  • As long as they didn’t smoke while Isaac was in Jo’s care, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. If that happened, then I would understand her frustration. However, I don’t agree with people putting all of their business in public. Nor do I agree with people posting pictures of themselves all over the internet, especially since smoking pot is still illegal. Those pictures just look…ahem.





  • Yves

    lol that girl looks like trash. Smoking hot? Um just because she’s not obese doesn’t make her “hot,” her face is still ugly and she just looks dirty. She’s just trying to get her name out there by weaseling off of Jo.

    Regardless, smoking and partying like that just makes you look immature. I did that when I was 18,19, 20. But..I was in COLLEGE then and didn’t have kids and I sure wasn’t dating someone with a kid(s). She just looks like a stupid little girl.

  • Mrs.Berry

    Who cares, it’s just weed. Calm down Kailyn.

  • anon

    alcohol is way worse than weed…sure you shouldn’t smoke it around children, but she wasn’t around isaac at the time.

  • :))))))))

    almost everybody in Kailyn 16 and pregnant episode, except maybe kailyn and jo parents looked like they had smoke a blunt, just saying

  • lisaisa

    Ok as a mom she said on teen mom (vee) that she works at a day care center I sure as hell wouldn’t want my kid going there I would want her fired showing that shit online. Some people smoke all the time even before work and I wouldn’t trust it I don’t want my child around anyone like that.