Former Jenner / Kardashian nanny Pam Behan tells all in book “Malibu Nanny”

Kardashian nanny Pam Behan

The former nanny to the Kardashian and Jenner children is telling all in an upcoming book. Pam Behan worked for the Kardashian family from 1991-1996. Prior to that, Pam worked for Bruce Jenner’s wife, Linda, for three years and took care of their sons, Brody and Brandon Jenner.  If anyone knows the Kardashian/Jenner’s dirt, it’s Pam! She is releasing Malibu Nanny: The True Adventures soon — and she’s not holding back!

In the 148-page memoir, Pam describes her experience with the Kardashian children, saying Kim was “always very sweet and friendly” and reveals older sister Kourtney was “a serious child.” Robert, on the other hand, was a bit mischeivous at times but Pam says he was “mostly sweet and precious.” Pam describes Khloe as a “pistol” who was “full of energy.” As you can see, not much has changed!

Kourtney, Rob, Kim, and Khloe as kids

As far as matriarch Kris Jenner, Pam’s experience was not easy — especially when it came to grocery shopping. In an excerpt from her book, Pam recounts one of her not-so-favorite moments with Kris. It all went down after Pam committed the ultimate crime — forgetting the broccoli!

“When I got home, Kris, who was in the kitchen, looked at the groceries I had just purchased, and let out a torrent of expletives. ‘$#&%! $#&%! $#&%! I can’t believe you forgot the $#&%ing broccoli!”

Pam did say that Kris apologized to her the very next day, but still.. wow! If she was that hard to work with pre-Kardashian take-over, can you imagine what she’s like now?! Talk about the boss from hell. At least we can rest assured that her current staff is getting paid the big bucks to be in the presence of this broccoli-loving diva!

Kim Kardashian, 13, and Nicole Richie, 12

As for the Kardashians sky-rocketing to fame a few years ago, Pam isn’t surprised and says that mama Kris had been preparing her children to live their lives in the spotlight since the 90’s. These kids were built for fame!

“Kris always seemed to be rubbing elbows with people that were ‘somebody.’ Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert spent time with friends whose parents were celebrities or people in the limelight. I believe she was grooming her children for their current celebrity status their entire lives… I do believe that the success they enjoy now is what she always hoped for and wanted for them and for herself.”

An old picture of the Kardashian familyAnother dark moment in Pam’s career with the Kardashians came when Kris’ friend, Nicole Brown  Simpson, was murdered. The Kardashians and the Simpsons’ children often played together and the families even vacationed together.

When the news of the murder broke, the entire family was left devastated. “All of the kids, but especially Khloe and Robert, were in shock,” Pam remembers. She even recalls them waking up in the middle of night with bad dreams and questions about the incident.

Pam left her position with the Kardashian/Jenner family to pursue other things in 1996. At the time, Kris was pregnant with Kendall Jenner, her and Bruce’s first child together. Saying goodbye to the children was hard on Pam, who’d spent so much time with them. “I loved those kids, and it was truly hard to leave them. Yes, I was the hired help and I had done the job I had been paid to do. I poured my heart into my job, and I poured my heart into them. I nurtured them. I cared for them. Hopefully, I made a difference in their lives.”

Malibu Nanny - The True Adventures of the Kardashian Nanny

In an interview back in March, Pam insisted that her tell-all book was not to bash the Kardashians. She even said that she planned on letting everyone involved read the book before she published it, just to be sure that no one was offended by her words — no word on if that actually happened.. yet! To see Pam’s full interview with Entertainment Tonight, see below!

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  • Sarah

    After allegations that Khloe may be OJ Simpson’s child, it’s funny how the nanny says that Khloe and Robert were most affected by Nicole’s murder. Also, how is it that Khloe differs from the rest of her siblings so much? You can even tell by her hair texture. I know there was a DNA test done but the Kardashian’s surely have enough money to pay someone to keep the TRUE results hush hush.

    • Paula

      Actually, there was never a DNA test done because Khloe didn’t want to. The other kids swabbed their mouths, but ultimately, Khloe said no. I think that speaks volumes because who wouldn’t want to prove all of the neigh-sayers wrong? I think she knows that she’s not Robert Kardashian’s child, and if it were proven that she is not a Kardashian, everything would change for her.

    • Emily

      RadarOnline posted this book today, I was bored so I read it this afternoon. Pam wrote that OJ and Nicole’s kids were similar in age to Khloe and Rob so they often played together. Kourtney and Kim are a few years older and spent more time with their own friends than they did Nicole and her children. Given the young age of Khloe and Rob at the time of the murders, and their closeness with the victim’s children, it would make sense that they took the death of Nicole hard.

      The book also mentions a time when Pam dropped Khloe off at her dad’s house. His mother, Khloe’s grandma, was there and Robert pointed out to Khloe how her and his mother shared their light eyes and light curly hair. Genes are tricky and traits skip a generation or a child all the time.

      • kim

        i agree with you emily. i am the third of 3 children, my eldest sister looks just like me and its clear we are related, where as my 2nd eldest sister(the middle child) dosnt look like either of us at all, she also looks nothing like my father, whom me and my other sister do look like. but we are for sure 100% blood related sisters, same mom same dad lol. its really weird how genes work, i dont think people understand that theres alot to it and not every child that is born is gonna look like their silbings.

        • stef

          Agree with Emily on the genes skipping a generation! My mom, dad, and sister all have brown hair and brown eyes. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. One of my grandma’s had blonde hair and blue eyes and I definitely look like her! I look nothing like either of my parents though!

  • Allison

    Who are those other girls in the pic of Kim K. & Nicole Richie? One looks like (actress) Gaby Hoffmann, but who is the other one? The girl in the middle?

    • Leena Ellieea

      I am SURE that is Gaby Hoffman!

  • monica

    this sounds like the most boring book ever

  • V

    Kortney was an ugly child.
    Khloe clearly has another father. I believe if you go back and look at the 80s music video that kris did, you can see the man who looks JUST like her.
    Nicole and Kim may have been friends back in the day, but I have never seen them even pose for one picture since Kims been famous.

  • whoa

    A book that is less then 200 pages? she seriously couldn’t think of more things to write then that?