Kim Kardashian tweets bikini photo, weekly reminder she’s from another dimension

Kim Kardashian bikini photo with her large ass exposed

I suppose I could waste a lot of words talking about this photo and the fact that Kim Kardashian should be arrested for breaking the laws of anatomy, butt why bother? Up there is the photo and here’s Kim’s accompanying tweet:

Sunrise summertime shoot! ‪#nofilter‬ ‪#nophotoshop

Usually “no photoshop” is in reference to removing blemishes, creating a thinner waist, maybe taking a few pounds off — but I think we know exactly what it means in Kim’s case. That there is for real y’all!

Kanye West has lived such an amazing life, seen so many amazing things…

  • V

    That ass is still disgusting.

  • gkl

    But how old is the photo? I don’t think this is recent…look at the face…I think this was quite a while ago…

  • icky

    Her arms are in the air so she can suck in more…oldest trick in the book when you start to pack on the pounds in your mid section.

    Also, is it me, or does she look a little too much like a centaur?

  • tab

    she is so desperate!

  • ….

    this is how we all pose, no? ugh she makes me sick. Isn’t she in her thirties? it’s time to grow up and be in a real relationship. Not one thats based on a PR’s wet dream