Slade Smiley reveals details about Grayson’s child support, his current job, and the negative housewives impact

Slade Smiley at the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special

Real Housewives of Orange County star Slade Smiley has been the target of plenty accusations both on screen and off. Even with all of that, Gretchen Rossi’s partner has been a trooper. He’s kept his head held high and remained focused on his goals. What are they, you ask? Slade recently took time to answer some burning questions, including why he has had such a hard time paying child support and what his new job is!

As for the most frequently asked question of them all, aka the “What is going on with child support” question, Slade fills us in on what EXACTLY went down. When the economy took a wrong turn, Slade’s income decreased drastically leading him to request the payment amount be lowered. In a new interview with Wetpaint, Slade reveals, “My biggest issue with all of that is, all I did was file for reduction of support.”

Slade Smiley and son Grayson
^ Slade Smiley with his son Grayson

As for the specifics, Slade explains, “I was ordered to pay almost $4,000 a month, which means the first $8,000 I make, half goes to taxes, half goes to support. So I’d have to be making 20 to 30 grand a month to keep up with that type of order. And I just don’t have that type of job anymore.”

Slade has launched new company, Grayson Entertainment, and is taking a swing at brand integration. For example, when you see someone eating McDonald’s in a movie, that deal was worked out by someone in his field. He places brands in movies and television shows in order to drive business to that company. Although it sounds like a pretty sweet job, it has its ups and downs, just like any commission-based career.

Now, back to all the Slade bashing, courtesy of a few of the Housewives. As you’d imagine, it was rough for Slade to hear, and certainly affected his relationship with Gretchen, who took a lot of the heat as well. Even more damaging, was the impact it had on his career. “It affected my ability to earn for my son. A lot of my contracts, they got cancelled.”

Looking back on his experiences on the show and with the wives, Slade says, “The most disheartening was obviously the whole ‘deadbeat dad’ accusation. That was the hardest on me, because I had full-custody of my kids, and I fought for full custody of my son.”

Slade is now hosting his own radio show and hopes that he viewers will give him another chance. “I’m hoping that the radio show and as you go on and continue to watch, you’ll start to see more about who I really am, not just those 8 minutes that Bravo’s editing into [each episode of] their TV series.” Radio Slade airs from noon to 1pm weekdays on Playlist 92.7fm in LA, OC & Ventura or online at

As for him and Gretchen, they are still not ready to get married but they are ready for a commitment of another kind —  starting a family! Last month, Gretchen announced on Watch What Happens Live, “I’m ready to have babies now!”

The Real Housewives of Orange County two-part reunion begins tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

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  • If you need to pay $4000 a month in child support – why do you need to earn $30,000 a month??? Because his monthly “wants and needs” are $26,000 and after than he would have an extra $4000 to spend on the kid? WRONG! You pay for your child’s care first! If you earn $4000 a month – you hand it all over to him! I don’t get men like Slade and Brooks.

  • Gosh I want to dislike this guy, but I am starting to like him now, not just cuz of this story, well partly, didn’t know he had FULL custody of his kids? How many kids does he have?
    But he seems to be trying and they are right about him not lowering himself on the show to the mean housewives, he has always kept his head high, they are right about that! It is awful that the negativity from this show has interferred with him making money, I can see that for sure! Always only hope the good for everyone including this guy, sounds like he is doing pretty good.

    • polk8dot

      He is a total sleazeball, and it is clear in how he twists the truth in this interview.
      @ ‘didn’t know he had FULL custody of his kids? ‘ He has 2 sons, the younger one being Grayson, the boy fighting inoperable brain tumor for the last several years. When Slimey tries to make himself look good by stating the above, all he is doing is preying on the gullible readers who do not understand the basics of the law. Him having ‘full’ custody means NOTHING else but that he was not stripped of his parental rights by the ex’s request. So it actually speaks better about her than him. It means that he has full access to physically being around the kids, although he does not bother to exercise that priviledge (but you do not hear him say that, do you?! POS!). If he also has the legal custody, which I seriously doubt, all that means is that he is involved with the decisions on medical, educational, religious etc. issues regarding the kids. Again, he conveniently does not mention that he does not care to exercise these rights.
      He sees the kids, according to his ex, about once every 8-10 months!!! So ‘full’ custody,my a$$!

      @ ‘It is awful that the negativity from this show has interferred with him making money, I can see that for sure!’
      Well, guess what – there is a VERY EASY remedy to this problem, if it is sooooo hard and bothersome for Slimey. STOP shoving his nasty, narcissistic mug in front of the camera! He is not a housewive, he is not contractually obligated to be there at all the tapings, and participate in all events! He chooses to get in front of the camera as much as he can, because he is a fameho’ and dying to be a center of attention. If it really bothered him that the ‘negative fallout’ from the show was hurting his ability to earn money to support his kids – guess what? HE CAN WALK AWAY today, but he is all about himself, and self-promotion, and self-adoration, and he will keep forcing himself in front of the cameras until Wretched finally kicks him to the curb.

      Actually, your whole post is sooo off, so ludicrous – I have to wonder whether you are Slimey himself, or someone close to him, because it requires a staggering level of willful blindness and ignorance to write what you’ve just written, and it sounds like pretty much everything else that comes from team Slimey.

  • Slade Slimey spent his money like a drunken sailor on his women. That’s why he has nothing. His “job” was trying to get exposure on a cheesy tv show to become a Hollywood celeb. He achieved that goal. I don’t feel sorry for him. He’s just a huckster, loser who misspent his money and now doesn’t like being called out for it. The best remedy is to leave the show and go into anonymity. But, no. He wants to make more children that he can’t afford. What a genius!

  • oh dear

    where im from the amount of child support youre supposed to pay depends on your monthly income. if your earnings change for whatever reason, the amount is recalculated. you cant expect one parent to give away all of his earnings, they have to have enough for rent, food and gas you know. the same responsibility applies to the other parent. dont just sit on your arse and accept the money from your ex, go to work and support your child, too!