PHOTOS Farrah Abraham’s reign as Sauce Queen begins! “Mom & Me” is officially in production

Farrah Abraham with her mother, grandmother and daughter at Mom & Me sauce launch

Way back in January we reported that Teen Momtrepreneur Farrah Abraham was branching out into food products with the launch of her Mom & Me brand premium Italian hot pepper sauce, and today Farrah, daughter Sophia, mom Debra, and grandmother Carmella were all on hand to watch the first jars roll off the assembly line!

The event took place at the Original Juan Specialty Foods processing facility in Kansas City, Kansas and Farrah shared photos of mom and mom and her and Sophia (above) as well as the first jars off the line on Twitter:

Farrah Abraham Mom and Me sauce productionFarrah Abraham Mom & Me Italian hot pepper sauce labelingFarrah Abraham Mom and Me Italian hot sauce packaging

The above photos were accompanied by the following tweets (from left to right):

“From the processor to the label this is how it’s made”

“Label Time:) #foodie”

“Box to your local store #location

Want to know more about Farrah’s Mom & Me premium Italian hot pepper sauce? Check out these links:

Announcement including hi-res photos of the labels and a list of ingredients.

Promotional video for the sauce starring Farrah Abraham and Sophia!

And for those so inspired by Farrah’s endeavor that you want to sell your own specialty sauce, here’s a video tour of Original Juan Specialty Foods:

Once again, congrats to Farrah! It’s easy to come up with an idea, but to actually get it to the manufacturing stage is a long, hard process. Now we just need to figure out who to contact to get a jar so we can write a review for everybody!

  • Kait

    lol farrah… the point of a hair net is to put your hair INSIDE of it, to keep it out of the sauce.

  • Lol

    Oh gimme a break. Mom and me…… irony in that.

  • Ashley

    Farrah come up with this idea, I doubt it. Farrah and a hot pepper sauce…how random!

  • Nikk

    When you consider this is actually what Farrah went to school for,got an associate’s in, and the industry she has held jobs in it makes sense to think she could have come up with the idea. At least she is doing something besides sitting on her butt waiting for MTV checks like Maci, Jenelle, Leah, Catelynn, Amber, and Chelsea. She’s securing a future for herself and Sophia once MTV stops filming. That’s more than the rest have done.

    • Michelle

      While I don’t like Farrahs “me-me-me” attitude and her rudeness towards her parents who only try and help her, she is the only one to complete her associates or complete any after high school schooling of any kind! And she is making something of herself, although I think it is due to her parents pushing and finances. Without their help I doubt she would have accomplished any of it, and would be just like the others. Must be nice to be handed things in life, I just wish she was more appreciative.

      • lovelula

        well no-one HANDED farrah her associates degree. clearly she had to do something on her own to earn it.

  • BBT

    Obviously doesn’t understand the point of a hairnet.. is that actually Farrah? What’s wrong with her face? Bad angle, allergies or is she just so photoshopped and professionally made up all the rest of the time we see her that this is what she looks like with the 20 pounds of makeup off?

  • Y

    Like anyone is going to buy her nasty sauce…

  • lisa

    This so does not look like farrah. Her faace is swollen or something, allergic reaction or something. Looks terrible tho.. Or maybe this is what she looks like with out 100lbs of make up on her face. That is disgusting she should put a hairnet on all of her hair hope no one finds any hair in their sauce.

  • Hgthyhh

    Once again…if it wasn’t for MTV…no wonder girls are getting pregnant for this show..

  • Sherita

    I can totally imagine Farrah putting on the fake smile for cameras and crew and when no ones around she’s yelling at her mom in that nasaly voice cursing up a storm. Nobody will support this cause no one likes Farrah. For someone who is in culinary school everytime i saw her cook it looked like throw up lol. She made some cake for sophia that looked like someone ate it already and spit it back up, she made that nasty lookin pasta crap that she spread sauce all over. She needs to show me more.

    • Sweet Venom

      I agree. This whole “Mom and Me” brand is completely hypocritical. How can they all be smiling for the camera when they all clearly hate one another? Well anything to make a dollar and keep your fame I guess.

      • Kayla

        its called mom and me because of her and sophia….not farrah and debra

  • Epic

    She’s the only one I see doing anything with her life. Good job Farrah!

  • Didi

    Maybe the reason that pic doesn’t look like Farrah is because that muppet is SMILING and we all know Farrah doesn’t do that.