MUG SHOT Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust 2009 arrest for battery

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Mimi Faust mug shot for battery

Just three episodes into Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and the drama is already in full gear. Our girl Mimi Faust has been played by baby-daddy Stevie J as he admitted to hooking up with former exotic dancer and aspiring rapper Joseline Hernandez.

In an interview with Egypt Sherrod Mimi talked about how quick the show happened and Stevie hooking up with Joseline. She said:

“Yea it hasn’t been easy. I think when I first agreed to do this show, everything just happened so fast. I didn’t have time to think about it or make any type of plans or preparations. I was told about it from my girlfriend Hannah on a Monday and on Wednesday was chosen to do the show.”

“I would love to keep my family together. But at this point I don’t see that happening so I’m willing to just let this do what it do.”

One bit of advice I might want to pass along to Miss Joseline is that she best mind herself if the above mug shot of Mimi is any indication. The arrest was from 2009 in Fulton County and it was for battery according to records with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

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Mimi summed it up this way in a recent tweet:

  • Kiah

    did he beat her? why is there a bandage on her forehead???

    • tameka cottle harris

      @ kiah she got in a fight

    • ASVPxOO

      No she fell of the shower rod and hit her head that’s what there saying

  • sweeter1

    Who cares!!! Life moves on…. Mimi looks great… and she a women who carries herself with respect….

    • tameka cottle harris

      @wetter true and she a woman too like me who have to take care of her life with the respect

  • tameka cottle harris

    Yes she went t jail I don’t know why becuas, she even know me! If u think I’m fake then don’t add me or talk to mesh byeee you dismissed! My twitter@Tameka Harris my instagram: @tinymajormom follow my babbies twitter @star_omg @ beauty_omg @ babydoll _ omg_

  • Sonia Smith

    How the hell Mimi carry herself with respect when was willingly did a porn movie with a married man who she claims is her boyfriend the joke is on her dumb stupid ass.. Mimi is a dumb stupid ass idiot they can’t come no dumber she take the cake in the world dumbest woman.. She has no good luck when it comes to men she will pick the wrong every gad damn time.. She’s a good fool she need Jesus then be next time she will not make the same mistake twice.. Mimi I will pray for your ass meet the right guy next time because these muthfuckers your dealing with ain’t worth the time or effort of being with them peace out use your brain next time because girl your a hot ass mess.. Lol Smh!