Catelynn Lowell’s mom April Baltierra sold fake pregnancy story to In Touch?

A few weeks ago, Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell made headlines for being pregnant — even though she wasn’t. On June 13, the cover of In Touch Weekly read, “I’m Pregnant!” Inside was an interview with family friend, Jamie Pyrzewski, who spoke of Catelynn and Tyler’s excitement and claimed Catelynn had broke the news to her a few weeks prior. Catelynn quickly shot down the rumors, and said she didn’t even know who Jamie Pyrzewski was. Now she’s opening up about who is behind the whole mess.

“I want to set the record straight. I’m not pregnant,” Catelynn tells In Touch in a new interview. “My mom lied.” Earlier this month, in an elaborate hoax, Catelynn’s mom, April Baltierra, had arranged for Jamie to do the interview about Catelynn’s alleged pregnancy. April even sent documents of a pregnancy from a local doctor, claiming she had gotten it from Catelynn.

“I love my mom, but it’s frustrating,” Catelynn says. Catelynn’s fiancé, Tyler Baltierra, adds, “We feel violated. I’m shocked that she would go to this length. It just crosses the line.”

After Jamie’s initial interview, April called the magazine herself claiming to be Catelynn and confirming that she was pregnant. She even told the mag not to call Catelynn directly and speak to her a second time because the stress of the call could cause her to “lose the baby!” We’d have to agree with April’s ex husband, David Lowell, who says “I don’t know how she sleeps at night.”

As for her “family friend,” Jamie, Catelynn tells In Touch, “I used to see her once in a while when we were kids. I don’t even like her.”

What’s April saying now? She tells the magazine, “Catelynn was fully aware of the story. She knew all about this.” Yea, sure she did. The nerve..

Of course, if they got the first story wrong, how do we know that this one is right?

Still confused? Let Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck explain it all to you!

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  • Jon

    It seems that the MTV money is running out with all the boobie jobs, bling, vacations, cars and whatever the too young for it alls are blowing it all on. I can see where the teens may have been in on it. This being the last season they need to cash in on what they can asap.

    • tab

      you’ve got in wrong here. catelynn and tyler haven’t done any of that. they’re both in school and recently purchased a home, which tyler has been fixing up himself.
      some of the other teen moms have wasted their money, but not these two.
      and april has been paid handsomely for her part in the show as well, so why not ask where HER money is??

      • Nikk

        Yeah because cadillacs are such cheap cars LOL. These two blow the money just like the rest do. Catelynn is so violated yet she played a practical joke on her mother this past week by pretending to be someone April owed money to and going at her so that police were involved before Catelynn said “just kidding!”. Whatever, these two are no different than the others when it comes to blowing money. They just get a better edit and people think they are so noble. Yeah that was why Cate used to write about toking up with good ole’ moms. These girls know how to work the media and want to stay in the limelight hoping to get their own spinoffs since this is the last season. I could see her even getting pregnant so she can get a spinoff.

        • Jasmine F.

          Nikk, I don’t think that Cate and Ty would act in such a fashion. 🙂

          • Nikk

            Follow them on FB and Twittar as well as the various family members. They behave the same way. Cate is the one who tweeted about her practical joke.

      • Jon

        Hey Tab, Tyler blew a wad of $ on his sisters boobies. It’s true.

  • Christina

    What trash. I highly doubt that Catelynn knew about the story, she and Tyler do not seem like the kind of people to purposely sell a false story just to gain attention. I could be wrong but they don’t seem like that. Her mother on the other hand constantly seems out of wack. As someone who grew up with unstable parents, I know how tough it is. Catelynn and Tyler have done a great job growing up on their own and now it is clear that they are the responsible ones out of their families.

    Also – I’m sure the “friend” and her mother got a ton of money for that article, I wonder if it has to be returned now they it came out it was totally untrue. Or better yet, I wonder what happened to all the money. Ugh, how could you sell out your own child?!

    • tab

      april talks about this jamie person a lot on twitter, or she used to. april hangs out with kids that are catelynn and tyler’s age or younger. it’s really weird. i’m sure they got paid and it’s already gone.

      • Bailey

        Cate has a teenage sister who never appears or is mentioned on camera (although you can see her in the background in a few shots) and it could be that her sister still hangs around with this Jamie girl. I think April hanging out with the younger kids is because she hangs around her other daughter.

        April is scr*wed up and honestly, I wish Cate does whats best for herself and cut the ties between her mother and her for a little bit. I think its more that Cate doesn’t want to hurt her mother’s unstable, immature feelings.
        Cate and Ty are on track, I hope them the best.

  • Crystal

    WOW!! I don’t like Catelynn at all but her mother is an absolute piece of SHIT. If I was Catelynn I would’ve cut all ties with that BITCH way before Carly was even born. Ever since she has been on tv, her mom did nothing but treat her like crap. All I gotta say is APRIL BALTIERRA is a low down, lying, pathetic excuse for a “mother.”

  • OhMyGeez

    Catelynn and Tyler seem the most mature out of all the teen parents. How sad is it when you have to babysit your own Dad? Or deal with your Mom’s drama and spitefulness? April and Butch are garbage and always will be. These kids would be so much better off without them in their lives. All April sees are dollar signs. Butch, well, considering his mullet, I’m not sure he has a fully functioning brain cell left.

  • tab

    i do not think catelynn and tyler had anything to do with this at all. her mom really stooped to a low level. perhaps she’s using again and needed money for her habit.

    i’m really in shock that april did this. it breaks my heart for catelynn-she doesn’t deserve this at all.

  • Nicole

    I feel so sorry for Ty and Cate. I can’t believe April would do such a thing!

  • Hannah

    That is sick! Just when her Mom started being nice she does this?!?!?!?!?!

  • xo

    Who knows. The family seems really sick and dysfunctional so it really wouldn’t surprise me if Catelynn knew her mom was going to do that before she did it. I can see Catelynn allowing it so her mom could get paid. Maybe she didn’t know that she was going to go as far as she did with the phone call where she impersonated her and all that.

    Personally I’m curious what will happen to Catelynn and Tyler when the MTV money stops rolling in. We know this is the final season for them so how will they keep a roof over their heads without the money from the show?

  • :)

    Haha, I bet In Touch didn’t even talk to Tyler and Catelynn. That magazine is so hilariously bad. I’ve never read a story in any of their magazines that was correct. They make shit up all the time.

    • ds

      No kidding. And what’s up with the picture from 16 and Pregnant being used on the cover> Really, they couldn’t get a more recent picture to post with their “HAHAHA WE ARE SO DUMB WE GOOFED” story?

      • Heath

        The photo they used for the “we’re pregnant” hoax story was also at least from last year. That’s a big reason why I didn’t believe the story at all when I heard. If you see pictures of Catelynn recently she has lost a lot of weight and tweets about going to the gym and stuff.

  • Debbie

    April is a disgrace, she always gave Catelynn a hard time for placing Carly for adoption. Then she makes up lies about her daughter. I feel sorry for Catelynn, Tyler and Nick, Catelynns little brother. I know Catelynn loves her Mother but she should stop supporting her, as she only throws it back in her face and Tyler should do the same with Butch as he is waste of space. Thank god Carly will never have to deal with any of this and Catelynn must be relieved she chose Brandon and Theresa to raise Carly and not her and Tyler.

    • Kait

      I get so sad during the scenes with Catelynns little brother. I think he’s had the worst life so far… there is no way April takes good care of that little boy.

      • tab

        i feel the same way. i think catelynn and tyler have him a lot.

        • Sherita

          That is why I would get sad watching Ty and Cate send Carly hundreds of gifts when she has parents for that and poor Nick probably didnt get much of anything from them.

          • Amie

            We have no way of knowing that Nick doesn’t get anything from Catelynn and Tyler… they seem pretty close to him, I’m sure they wouldn’t leave him out. That stuff just doesn’t get filmed as much because the show is called “Teen Mom” not “Teen Older Siblings To A Poor Child.”

  • Paula

    I’m really not surprised that her mom did that. She’s obviously a drug addict, and they will stop at nothing to get their fix. Catelynn needs to cut all ties with her mom; this should be the final straw. It really makes me mad when her mom calls her a b*tch. She’s trash. I can’t believe someone as well mannered as Catelynn came from THAT.

    • Jasmine F.

      Paula, I honestly agree with you.. 🙂 Amen. 🙂

  • Kristina

    I’m also not surprised her mom did this. This lady seems to run hot and cold with everyone. I remember an episode of Teen Mom where Catelynn and her friend went shopping with April and April was SO rude to Catelynn and I thought at that moment, kick that woman out of your life. She is nothing but negative and rude and awful. In some episodes she’s verbally abusive to her own daughter! Reminds me of my father who has no temper and is verbally abusive to me and his ex-wife (my Mother). But I also understand why she’s not kicking her out of her life because as much as my father pisses me off I just couldn’t kick him out of my life. Anyways, I feel for this girl. I really do. I love Catelynn and I agree with Paula. How did someone as well mannered as Catelynn come from that horrible woman? I dunno. Whatever. After last weeks episode or the week before’s episode (I can’t remember) I thought wow, April actually seems to be taking a good path and seems to be there for Catelynn but this just shows how wrong I was. Poor Catelynn & Tyler.

    • Kristina

      Oops I meant *reminds me of my father who has a horrible temper not no temper. Haha.

  • Kendall

    April has issues. This is absolutely disgusting that she would take advantage of Catelynn-being a public figure and being well known. For someone in your own family to make an elaborate scheme to make money off of lies about you is low and awful. I feel so bad for Catelynn.

  • Brandy’s

    I love catlynn and Tyler and anyone who says they hate beautiful people like that
    Should be ashamed. They’re baby themself. They made a hard decision a decision for an adult leave them alone

  • sarahh

    id like to say this this is my sister and catelynn did no bout the whole story

  • Jessica Doerfler

    I think April Lowell is a bitch not Catelynn.