EXCLUSIVE Details on Jenelle Evans and Gary Head’s arrests

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head arrested June 24 2012

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her fiance Gary Head were both arrested Sunday morning after the couple got into an argument at Jenelle’s Oak Island, North Carolina home.

We spoke with Jenelle’s attorney, Dustin Sullivan, who confirms she was charged with simple assault, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and simple possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance for a single Klonopin (Clonazepam). He says the drugs and paraphernalia in question were not found on her possession and he is “stunned” she was arrested at all, especially since she was the one who called the police.

Jenelle was released Monday on $500 bond after spending Sunday night in jail.

As far as Gary goes, he was charged with:

Possession of Marijuana up to 1/2 OZ
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Assault on a Female
Simple Possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance

We spoke with a representative from Off The Hook Bail Bonds who tells us Gary was released on a $1000 secured bond. “This is a very low bond for all of these charges,” says the rep, “but since his platoon commander came to court to collect Mr. Head the judge gave him a low bond.”

  • K

    This has to be the final straw for these 2 right?? I can deal with their stupid fights on twitter were they’re constantly talking sh!t about each other but when violence is involved on either side it has to end! She hasn’t changed one bit, she’s still on drugs, still violent and still totally self distructive!! Gary is a poor excuse for a marine but I can’t help but feel that its all down to Jenelle. She has a habbit of bringing people down an I think that’s what’s happened with Gary. MTV need to stop paying this girl to mess up her life an other peoples lives. She’s always saying she’s going to start school but she never does and that’s because MTV are paying for her lifestlye and she doesn’t need 2 go to school or get a job. Poor Jace is never going to have a mother he can be proud of!

    • Kelly

      If he put his hands on her that is HIS fault. He is a U.S Marine and because of his training he could inflict serious harm. His actions are his own, just like her actions are hers. There is no excuse for either of them to be violtent with one another. They both need to be punished.

      • Kelly

        If she was bringing him down he should have recognized it and left.

  • Moi

    Well, I guess we know how she is spending her MTV money. Drugs, bail and attorney fees. She’s a smart one.

  • Paula

    She will NEVER learn. End of story.

  • jane

    Besides the girl that Jenelle lives with, she’s physically fought with every one of her friends. Gary and her are cut from the same cloth and Jenelle always picks the same kind of guy. However, she is no prize for a decent guy so… I watched her at her mom’s house and she picked fights just for the heck of it. She’s a conniving little brat and extremely immature. To hear Jenelle talk, she is never at fault for anything and always paints herself out to be the victim. She may pull the wool over some people’s eyes but not mine.

    • girl101

      how do you know Jenelle?

  • blueblueblue

    This is getting to the point of ruining their lives.

  • Mickey

    I don’t even want to imagine how much trouble his PLATOON COMMANDER came and got him? He’s in more than just hot water. It’s bubbling and boiling and he’s slowly but surely drowning thanks to her.

    We’ve seen her with 3 different guys. Her baby daddy, Kieffer, and Gary. And all 3 are painted to be druggie woman abusers. hmmmmmm coincidence?

    • Kelly

      It’s a common pattern. Unless or until she gets help for herself, or makes some major life changes, she will continue to choose men like the ones she has been choosing. She needs some major counseling.

  • Jenn G.

    The Marines may kick Gary out or they may make him stay away from Jenelle which I think is a good idea.

  • whoa

    His platoon commander had to come and get him out of jail because while you are in the military you are their responsibility. The commander has to get the person out of jail and then the military will handle what they need to handle. Basically he just cost himself his entire military career because they are trying to find anything they can to get people out of the military to make room for those coming back from overseas. They are kicking guys out for the smallest things so you can guarantee his ass will be forced out. I hope he is happy with himself.

  • loveDetroit

    lmao….nice shirt Gary. Geez, what a couple of losers.

  • KATE

    Hmm according to online court jenelle is up on 30th july you forgot to mention she’s being done for minor assault aswel o and as for gary it says he’s up for driveing offenses STARCASM is so bias wanna make gary look bad whilst covering up for jenelle please find me records that he’s being done for anything else other then what ive already said? otherwise im gonna just assume jenelle lawyer JUSTIN is just trying to save j rep hmm?