Kailyn Lowry’s “Beauty Is Sizeless” photo shoot, interview with photographer Katie Hedrick

Kailyn Lowry Beauty Is Sizeless final photo

Back in April Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry announced she was on the 60-day Insanity workout regimen by sharing before-and-after bikini photos 30 days in. Now, the 60 days are up and Kailyn’s looking even more fandamntastic! And the young mom is using her hard-earned new figure for a good cause as she participated in a photo shoot for “Beauty Is Sizeless” this week.

Above is a look at the first finished image from Kailyn Lowry’s shoot – a striking black-and-white shot of Kail busting out of her shirt with “BEAUTY IS SIZELESS” written in large black letters on her side. But don’t think the entire shoot was devoid of color! Check out this behind-the-scenes photo of Kailyn rocking a bright blue Betsey Johnson dress with some serious floral eye accents:

Kailyn Lowry Betsey Johnson dress Beauty is Sizeless

So what is “Beauty Is Sizeless?” It’s a positive message campaign started by Waynesboro, Pennsylvania photographer Katie Hedrick of 707 Photography. After learning of Kailyn’s participation, we contacted Katie who was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about B.I.S., herself, and Kailyn’s involvement in the project.

Beauty Is Sizeless logo

STARCASM: What inspired you to start “Beauty Is Sizeless?”

KATIE: I have struggled with my weight since I was in high school. I never felt “good enough” or “pretty enough.” After battling depression and realizing how unhappy I was with my major in college, my husband, Charles, encouraged me to pursue my passion in photography. For months, my only models were full-figured. I was asked one day why I was focusing on full-figured models since most people believe beauty is generally someone very thin. Without taking a second to process, tears streamed down my face as I replied, “I do it because I honestly believe beauty is sizeless, and I want to show the world how beautiful these models are.” I guess the light at the end of my darkness inspired me to see how beautiful the world is (no matter how big or small).

S: What do you imagine the campaign becoming? Or are you planning on taking it one step at a time and letting it grow organically?

K: I want to see Beauty is Sizeless everywhere possible! We have an epidemic of suicides, self-mutilation, bullying, bulimia, anorexia, and depression caused by poor self esteem, and I want to do my part in alleviating what I can. I have a few things in the line up for the campaign, such as an upcoming website (with inspiration and living healthy tips) and hopeful products, but I am taking it one step at a time.

KAilyn Lowry modeling photo

S: How did Kailyn become involved with the project?

K: About a month ago I contacted Kailyn and asked her to help kick everything off. I was nervous she was going to think I was a bit of a creeper for randomly contacting her, but she is such a wonderful person and is definitely doing her part in making the world a better place.

S: When and where can we expect to see the final photos of Kailyn from the shoot?

K: Kailyn and I are working together on setting a time to release the final photos from the session. I am going to be working diligently to get the images and the website up as soon as possible 🙂

Here are a number of behind-the-scenes photos of Kail at the shoot shared online by herself and her friends, including her son Isaac and hair stylist/bff Georgiana Hanna.

Click to enlarge:
Kailyn Lowry Beauty Is Sizeless photo shoot 01Kailyn Lowry Beauty Is Sizeless photo shoot picture 2Kailyn Lowry Beauty Is Sizeless photo shoot 4

Kailyn Lowry Beauty Is Sizeless photo shoot 5Kailyn Lowry Beauty Is Sizeless photo shoot 6Kailyn Lowry Beauty Is Sizeless photo shoot 7 Kailyn Lowry Beauty Is Sizeless photo shoot 9

You can keep up with Katie and the “Beauty Is Sizeless” campaign via these links:

Twitter: @SizelessBeauty
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeautyIsSizeless
Website: Coming Soon!

UPDATE – Katie is looking for models (no matter the size) to participate in photo shoots, so if you’re interested you can contact her through her website or the Twitter and Facebook links above!

  • noname

    She has a gorgeous face.

    • Paula

      I beg to differ.

      • Leann

        Classy. Really classy. People that get their jollies putting down other people are sick. I mean, how would you feel if someone made that comment about you?

  • Angelika

    If beauty is “sizeless”,why do a 60 day insanity workout?

    • Mickey

      She was already doing the workout when Katie Hedrick got a hold of her. And speaking as a girl who USED to weigh 105 before getting pregnant and now weighs 150 after birth, even though I’m perfectly fine with my body I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds. Don’t hate because even though she’s not 105 pounds she still looks good. And BTW beauty IS sizeless, no matter if you’re 105 and 205 pounds.

      • Kelly

        Agree. Just because she supports this campaign doesn’t mean she can’t decide to lose a few. I totally support it, but I definitely want to lose some weight. I say good for her!

      • whoa

        Yeah her losing weight doesn’t mean anything. She can lose weight and still think beauty is sizeless. Maybe she just wanted to be a smaller and healthier weight for her body without being itty bity. She looks great.

    • L

      You’re not getting it yet. Beauty is SIZELESS. Thick or thin. Fit or not. Tall or short. Whatever. The point is that women can be beautiful no matter what size they are.

      Plus Kail said she gained the

  • Danielle

    In my opinion, i really dont think she is all that skinny. If shes “lost so much weight” then she must have been really fat before. She definitely doesn’t look even close to being “in shape” in that top picture.

    • hello there!

      your rude she looks great im glad she doesnt look like a tooth pick who doesnt know how to eat a burger god u type of ppl make me mad when u can obviously see a nice body even if it does have some little rolls..just because it isnt tight..GOD

      • Really?

        Uh, YOU type of people who automatically assume so much about and act disgusted by women who look like “toothpicks” make ME mad. You’re a hypocrite. Don’t sit there and agree with beauty is sizeless if you’re going to bash skinny people too. Many skinny people are just skinny. Doesn’t mean they don’t eat a burger, etc. You’re ridiculous.

        • Andy

          AMEN. A lot of overweight girls are overweight because that’s just how their bodies are built, and they can’t process food the same ways, and that goes with skinny people, too! Both skinny and fat people can be healthy, but both fat and skinny people can both be inhealthy. It goes both ways. the point of this campaign is that you’re beautiful no matter what.
          It’s not a campaign for fat girls. It’s a campaign for body peace.

    • Jenn

      She’s not model thin but at least she’s healthy. Who’s wants to be model thing anyway? Seeing bones is gross.

    • Gwyn

      She literally has the most perfect body. She really is a stunning girl. Calling her fat is just incredibly mean/untrue.

      • tab

        perfect body? that doesn’t exist.
        i think she’s beautiful. i wish she’d stop with all the tattoos though. it’s distracting.

  • Gwyn

    Ok…so after the inspiring photo shoot we are then shown a picture of her clearly showing off her body (which is clearly a small but healthy size). I get that The company is saying that everyone is beautiful no matter their size, ect, and everyone should be proud of their body, but posting a “thinspo” kind of shot in the same day seems a little eh.
    Maybe I’m just reading into things, anyone else feel the same?

    Also, she’s been working out like crazy these last few months, so….

  • tab

    i think she gave up insanity a few weeks ago. she hasn’t mentioned it at all on her twitter in a while.
    either way, she seems to have gained some confidence because she’s constantly tweeting pictures of herself.

    also, kail sends mixed messages. she says size doesn’t matter, but then she will tweet old pictures of herself when she was “skinny” and talks about getting back to that size. she has old pictures of herself on her website from before she had isaac where she considers herself to look her best. if size really doesn’t matter to her, why does she talk about it so much?

  • Realitytvfan

    I see tab’s point, but I think its only human nature to be overly critical of yourself. The pics look great! Its sad the message is lost on people who are focusing too much on their feelings/viewpoints of Kailyn.

  • youknow

    I’d like to say that I don’t agree that beauty is sizeless. Kaitlyn is a pretty girl and all, even though she isn’t “model thin”, but when you broach 300, 400, or 500 pounds, there is something distinctly not beautiful about it.
    Carry on.

  • Allyson

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally don’t need another celebrity telling me that beauty is sizeless to make me feel better about myself. I need a doctor saying it. How are we supposed to feel good about ourselves when we’re constantly be criticized about how “unhealthy” we are. Even though I live a healthier lifestyle than anyone I know, my body was obviously made to be a little chubby, yet I have had a few doctors criticize my weight & blame what they assumed was my unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Mom of 4

    I don’t understand why they would use Kailyn when she is obviously thin. It’s a contradiction to beauty is sizeless.

    • Taylor

      I agree I have nothing against her. But she is skinny. It is kind of a slap in the face to girls that aren’t skinny. Saying that size doesn’t matter but then use a skinny girl

  • The bitch

    Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.