What? Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy have open marriage with ‘free passes’?

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are happily married. Although they had been the target of divorce rumors, they have finally put them to rest and  Bethenny is now opening up about their not-so-typical marriage and making us wonder, is having an open marriage what is keeping them together?

In a sneak peek at today’s episode of her talk show, Bethenny, she reveals that she has the hots for actor Taylor Kitsch — and not only that. She also reveals that since she and her husband have made a deal regarding ‘free passes,’ she’s technically allowed to sleep with him!

Taylor will be appearing on her show today and Bethenny isn’t hiding her feelings. She gushes, “I’m like a deer that just lost its footing. I love him. He’s everything. And if he would have me, I’m allowed,” she said. “I’m allowed to have a free pass…I love you… I love my husband, but we’re like also soul mates.”

Having ‘free passes’ may be something couples talk about as a fantasy, but Bethenny and Jason’s fantasies could easily become a reality because of the business they are in. Regarding their open marriage and free passes, Bethenny explains, “Jason and I talk about it. Coco (Austin) was on the show and I literally drunk a drink off her a** and he changed his list,” Bethenny revealed to her audience. “It used to be Angelina Jolie and now she’s the one if he were allowed to have a night… But, I wonder would he go all the away? Would he really do it? I think I would have to allow him…”

The question of ‘would he really do it’ is certainly a big one. Is the concept of an open marriage something that Bethenny and Jason would actually participate in or is just knowing they are ‘allowed’ to sleep with someone other than their spouse enough?

What do you think? Is having ‘free passes’ a good idea, or is it just something fun to fantasize about? Is it fair to have celebrity free passes if you’re a celebrity yourself? If you discuss this with your partner, do you think you would really allow them to go all the way if Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie showed up wearing nothing but a bathrobe?

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  • hello there!

    It would be stepping into major risks but it works for some people. So if they are happy then good for them.

  • noname

    Defeats the whole purpose of marriage but whatever makes ya happy.

  • Ralphie

    I dont really understand their agreement.. Do they each only get to pick 1 celebrity?

  • Bobbi

    This is such BS! She was talking about couples having a free pass list…..it is a fantasy discussion many couples have. In no way did she imply they had an open marriage. This is purposeful misunderstanding to try to drive up hits. Totally taken out of context…..such garbage!

    • Sparkle

      They do stories on the most random crap which leaves them without a strong fan base and confuses the regulars. They must be getting pretty desperate. Have you seen most of the other articles? Most are going without any comments or just a few. Womp womp womp…

      • Starcasm Staff

        Thanks for your feedback. We do have a new writer, and will take your comments into consideration.

  • Nathan

    If you’re in an “open marriage” you are not really married. You are just friends with benefits who are in an unnecessary contractual relationship.

  • ER

    My husband and I have the exact same list. It’s a joke couples do… some people take this stuff way too seriously. I highly doubt I’m running into Brad Pitt at the supermarket, and I don’t think hubby is running into Scarlett Johansen anytime soon. Not the same thing as an open marriage at all 🙂

    • Diana

      In YOUR case it’s not the same thing as an open marriage because the chances of you running into these people are slim to none. But because Bethenny is a celeb, these are people she would have an excellent chance of running into. It’s like if you and your DH were to use each others friends as free passes.

  • Courtney

    It was meant free passes for certain celebs I’m sure most couples jokingly have this….stop reaching SC

  • Slow, real slow news day. I would reach and say that Mrs. Hoppy was kidding. This is a non story. Geeze.