Maci Bookout Opens Up About Her Split From Kyle King — Will It Be Seen On ‘Teen Mom?’

Maci Bookout and Kyle King
Maci Bookout and Kyle King

Maci Bookout and Kyle King are the couple that Teen Mom fans everywhere are rooting for. They started their relationship on Teen Mom‘s second season and Kyle immediately became a fan favorite. They make an adorable couple and Kyle was a great potential step-daddy to Maci’s son, Bentley. Although they have had their ups and downs, they seem to always make their way back to each other.

Maci and Kyle are currently ‘just friends’ after parting ways in February of this year. There were reports that Maci had been pressuring Kyle to get married which sent him running. Maci said at the time that the tabloids had ‘got it wrong.’ Whatever it was, it must not have been too traumatic because these two are still extremely close. They are always tweeting each other and even posing for photos together to tweet to fans.

So, the question remains.. Will fans ever find out what ended their relationship? If so, it won’t be on this season of Teen Mom. Maci has just revealed to, “We were done filming the season when it happened so on this season, it’s just the regular me and Kyle.”  However, you may see it once the season wraps! “During the reunion, you will get more information.”

Maci also said that she feels the same as we do about the split — “Our break-up kind of came out of nowhere.” If her tweets are a clue as to whether or not she and Kyle will ever reconcile, we’d have to assume that they will. Maci talks candidly about her love for Kyle and even recently said she “can’t live without him!” In addition to all the fans, we think Maci’s son, Bentley, would love for these two to get back together as well!

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  • kim

    if she wants to get back with him so bad then why did she get with that dumb kyle regal kid right after they broke up and now that shes not with him she wants kyle king back?

  • LoveKy

    “Ky” is just so amazingly good with Bentley. I hope he and Maci can work it out.

  • Nikk

    If they are going to be together then be together, if not then split and leave it be. It is too confusing for Bentley as to whether or not Kyle is going to be around. Also he is not Bentley’s step-dad. Until he marries Maci, he is nothing more than her boyfriend/friend.

  • tab

    i really hope they reconcile!

  • Jessica

    I feel like the only reason why maci wants Kyle back now is because she is single. And it seems like maci hate being single Maci needs this time to focus on herself. And school and Bentley that’s it she does not need to worry about having boyfriend.

  • Nathan

    First, Kyle is not Bentley’s “step-dad;” he is just some guy who was dating his mom.

    Second, without knowing more about the reasons for the breakup, Kyle would be a chump to take her back. She left him and immediately went off and started dating some “bad boy.” Now that that fling is over, Kyle is her second choice. If he takes her back, she will never have any respect for him and will leave him again if something “better” comes along.

  • Taylor

    It probably ended cause Maci was too controlling. She wasn’t very nice to him she always made him do all of her stuff she doesn’t feel like doing. I was really uncalled for for her to kick him out just because he told her don’t be an idiot and then issues Bently as a ploy to get him back. Then gets bored with him and dumps him poor guy.


    i think hes a good man but i also think she should be wiff ryan again.

  • TeenMomLover

    I think Maci and Ryan should try to work it out because it would be best for Bentley in the long run. Maci and Ryan could be an amazingly cute couple. But first they need to grow up and just focus on them and not worry about thier “relationship” But thats just my thought.
    Please No Hatee(:

  • :(

    kyle actually cheated on maci :/