Lauren Manzo lost 30 pounds through weight loss surgery!

Lauren Manzo has come a long way since we first met her on the season one of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Caroline Manzo’s daughter weighed in at 185 pounds at that time. She is now down 30 pounds, but it didn’t come easy and her critics didn’t make it any easier!

Lauren explains that she had tried several weight loss programs including Dr. Perricone’s Metabolic diet (the egg white diet,) Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, and Jenny Craig before opting for surgery. After her failed attempts at weight loss and non-stop bullying on Twitter (people were calling her ugly, fat, and gross), she knew she had to try something more drastic.

So, what’s her secret? It wasn’t diet and exercise! Although it did play a role, a lap band procedure was what sealed the deal for this reality star. “Something wasn’t right with me,” Lauren told US Magazine regarding her mental state prior to the procedure. “I was depressed.” No wonder she was depressed – can you believe what people were saying to her?

After going under the knife, Lauren feels healthier and more confident than ever in her new body. “Getting the lap band was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she reveals. “When I first got it, I didn’t want to tell anybody. So many fans related to my struggle, I didn’t want to feel like I was letting them down.”

Lauren has been dating her boyfriend Vito since before the weight loss. What does he think of her hot new bod?! She says, he “likes that I’m happy … but I could gain 80 pounds from where I am now and he would still love me. He loves me more than I ever thought anyone could.” Aw!

Even though Lauren has already lost 30 pounds, she’s not slowing down and is determined to get to her goal of 120 pounds. “Hopefully, by the end of the summer, I’ll be in a bikini — I’ve never worn a bikini in my life!” We can’t wait to see!

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  • gossip_junkie

    Go Lauren!! You look fabulous!! And stay with Veto hes a keeper <3

  • Caroline

    I happy she lost weight and feels better about herself. I did wonder when she said she had during this season she had tried on a few size 6’s? and they fit and how that could be true? At 185 or 155 a size 6 isn’t going to fit. Is there anything wrong with admitting you are a 10 or 12. The average women is closer to a 14.

  • Alyssa

    I thought the band was for morbidly obese people, not some insecure chick weighing in at 185. I guess it helps to have $$$$.

    • AIsha

      She’ll eventually gain that weight back because she didn’t do it for HER she did it because of the people around her.

      If you don’t love yourself-no matter how many people say how good you look after a surgery- you still won’t feel any better. She needs to get it together.

      • Newlife1

        Can Lauren do anything by herself without her family’s help?
        “I need a job” – mom buys her a store. “I need to lose weight”- Daddy buys her a Lapband. “I need a boyfriend”- she takes her brother’s BF

  • InWonderland

    Good for her! I’m glad she’s feeling better about herself. I know it’s hard when you feel as though you’re dieting and doing the right thing, but not losing any weight.

  • ER

    She got lap band at 185 pounds? Poor choice on the dr to go along with that.

  • Courtney

    She was overweight, but in my opinion she wore it well and knew how to dress and not look gross and sloppy…but good for her hopefully she keeps up with the lifestyle change (:

  • FaithHillFANatic

    I don’t not give praise to individuals who have had some form of weight loss surgery. I give it to those who go the gym everyday and work it off. There was NO reason Lauren could NOT go to a gym and lose weight the old fashioned way. With the exception of just being lazy. Oh, thats right there is a damn weight room in her mother’s house. THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN NO EXCUSES. I was much, much heavier than Lauren when I hit the Gym and the treadmill ( I walked up to 4 miles a day), met with a Trainer and started eating healthier. Due to all the hardwork I was doing, I lost 30 lbs. in less than a month. In three months I had lost 60 lbs. I literally worked my ass off. I praise those who work hard to maintain a nice and healthy weight.

    • helloisitme

      I mostly agree. I don’t think anything can replace diet and exercise in just the pure fact that eating well and being active are primary factors in conquering depression. Hopefully she has incorporated those along with the lap band. Regardless, I always had more of an issue with how much she talked about it and dwelled on it rather then the fact that she was overweight. You can’t let that be the defining element of your life or you do become trapped. Just get up and do, and keep your mind busy on other pursuits and it is doable.

  • NynaeveAlMeara

    How pathetic, not to mention dangerous, weird and disgusting. Too bad they can’t do something surgically to alter her hideous personality. The entire family seems incredibly lazy, especially when it comes to losing weight. And does she really think that all the “harassment” occurred simply because she was heavy?! What a crock. To borrow a quote from the recappers over at tvgasm: “Another Manzo success!”. Also? I found it hilarious that her goal is to be “rich and successful”. No details, no plans, no particular ambition. Yeah, you’ll be successful alright; successful at gaining back all that weight with a bonus gift of a strange foreign object lodged in your stomach. Good for you! LOL!

  • She still looks the same…. The only thing that change is her legs.

  • Shelly

    Leave her alone!!! She looks great and if you actually watched the show, she did work out regularly. I hope she does not gain it back and has learned how to make better eating choices as well for the future. Her sharing her struggle with weight on the show was a good thing and I commend her for it. It is not easy being a young lady on national television with a weight problem knowing how cruel the public can be. I had a weight problem when I was younger and was also grouchy and b*tchy because of my lack of self esteem at the time. I cannot even imagine being on a television show during that period of time having the world judge me and call me names. That in itself would have motivated me to lose the weight to stick it to all the haters!