Will Kody Brown ever take a fifth wife?

Sister Wives polygamist Kody Brown kind of shocked his family of 16 years when he took fourth wife Robyn into the family in 2010. With the family becoming financially stable because of their new opportunities, would Kody (and the family) eventually take a fifth?

He said on the show a firm no, and then changed it to a firm maybe:

“The answer is no, I won’t be marrying again. Every single week I have one of my wives saying I miss you, and I’m lonely. So I’m feeling, in a way, that my  life is really spread thin already. So the consideration of a fifth wife is almost an absolute no. And the reason it’s an “almost” is because I’m open to some kind of inspiration because had we said no after three, then Robyn would have never been in my family. I’m just not interested in a fifth wife.”

Sounds like the Kodester is basically open for another wife, but not actively looking. It someone comes along he’s interested in, it wouldn’t really be a surprise if she were added to the family.

One thing they’re not really open to is pursuing relationships with fans right now. Random people now ask them to join the family, which kind of creeps them out.

Do you think Kody will take a fifth wife?

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  • Blahblahblah

    I really want to like this family, but the more I find out the more I just shake my head. All 3 original wives have filed bankruptcy, as recently as 2005 and 2010. Robin came in, with like, $32,000 in debt. Christine was on food stamps while filming the show. Every car Kody gets is a nice, 2 seater convertible…meanwhile his wives’ drive broken down vans. It just doesn’t add up.

    • Sherita

      I did notice that Kody’s cars r always new and seem to not be family cars. Im just coming into watching this show last yr so I didnt know anything about these women. Robyn just seems like the type she wants a free ride for someone to take care of her and her kids. She is just now kind of talking about a career and work. How did she make a living before this? Wasnt Janelle the main breadwinner of the family?

    • http://www.facebook.com/ian.eidas Ian Eidas

      You are nicer than I am, I can’t imagine even trying to like them. These women are not helping in the fight to get equal rights for women. (Why don’t they just get regular jobs, btw, why do they have to own their own “business”??) They also are not all wives, only 1 seems to be married to him. These foolish women probably don’t get that they have no marital rights – just a mess, so sad there are all these children involved :(

  • s’aright

    Honestly, I drive a kind of beat up crappy car and my husband drives a sporty little one, but we both get to enjoy it. Our, haul everyone around, run errands, traveling, etc….car is the old one and we keep a nice little new one to have fun in and he takes it to work.

    Considering their marital status, it is surprising Christine qualified for food stamps. She is an unmarried mother of 6 kids with no income according to the United States. She qualifies and why would she thumb her nose at help like that?

    When my husband and I got married, he was 12,000 in debt at 25 years old with no kids. We now have all of that paid off, our house half paid off and 8 months of salary in the bank in case things go wrong. People are in different places in their lives at different times. It isn’t shocking to think that a single mother of three was that far in debt.

    I had no idea they filed for bankruptcy so much. I’ll look into it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ian.eidas Ian Eidas

      One of them has FOOD STAMPS? Dayam, that just isn’t right. Which one is Christine? They all seem to have weight problems, sad to see the kids were all heavy tonight. A lot of bad choices being made here.

  • Stefani

    I think I read somewhere they get free stuff from the show (like the cars kody drives) but even still… they should sell the free cars and put it towards the family or buy the wives better cars with the money from that one.

    • BBT

      They’re probably given them to advertise the car’s brand by the company. If they sold them, that would defeat the purpose. They should just promote their cars by giving the women new cars as well.

      • Stefani

        Good point I didn’t even think about that.

        • http://www.facebook.com/ian.eidas Ian Eidas

          We don’t know that the car is product placement! What car company would stoop that low? It’s a choice. King Kody of the pretend Beach buys what he wants, his “wives” and kids can just struggle. One of the MANY reasons this is just not working.

  • tab

    i sure hope he doesn’t take on another wife. i think they’re stretched as it is, not only financially but emotionally as well. they’ll soon have several children trying to get through college and that isn’t cheap!

  • Amanda

    This guy is a selfish, selfish man. Shame on him.

  • Sherita

    I dont see how this works as a marriage only getting 25% time with your husband like they r. I cant imagine the jealousy that goes on between the wives. I wouldnt want to share my husband. I get sad and miss my boyfriend when he leaves for work for the day lol, cant imagine missing him cause he’s with his other “wife”.

  • amber

    they were my neighbors when they still lived in lehi utah, they are very nice awesome people, and you can tell they all do have a very close loving relationship, but since the 4th wife you can tell things have gotten a little harder for them and i dont think he needs to bring a 5th woman in. I think they should just stay how they are and try to keep going forward from here. I also agree with the above comment, they should give the wives some new cars too, its just more advertising for them!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ian.eidas Ian Eidas

      what’s “awesome” about this at all? It’s not loving to say to your wife “I Need 3 more!!”. And no, they don’t “deserve” new cars, they need to work like the rest of us. Not sure who you mean this is “advertising for them”.

  • conita

    I just cannot find in the Bible where God justifies polygamy. In the new testament, it states very clearly that a man is to have one woman and a woman to have one man. I am not judging mind you, I just can’t find it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ian.eidas Ian Eidas

    I don’t get it at all. This isn’t even a religion thing, they mention religion occasionally but don’t seem to go to a place of worship. Seems like an excuse for this douche to be King of his tiny world and more than one woman to have sex with. A depressing show! Heard a daughter say she wants this for herself and just about croaked. I wish this wasn’t on TV, that makes it seem OK. It’s one man married to one woman, 3 other women he sleeps with. If they’re against gay marriage, they’re hypocrites. I feel so bad for the kids – who seem to all be fat like the parents. What a sad mess and sucks that they get so much attention! This is all i will give them (something about him reminds me of Joe Simpson. Maybe whoring out the fam?)Interesting about their finances, I have been trying to get help with disability for 2 decades and these jerks get aid? Ugh!