16 & Pregnant Season 5 – Lorelei’s baby Arianna returned to her by adoptive parents due to health issue

16 & pregnant season 5

Just as we’re all finally dry-eyed after the emotional 16 and Pregnant Season 4 finale with Kristina Robinson, we have another heart-wrenching story from Season 5! 16-year-old Lorelei announced on Twitter that she will be featured on the popular MTV docu-series next season, and has been uncharacteristically very forthcoming with specific details surrounding her pregnancy and her plans to give her daughter Arianna up for adoption.

16 and Pregnant Season 5 Lorelei's daughter Arianna
^ Lorelei’s Twitter profile photo uploaded on June 4, presumably of her daughter Arianna

I’ll include a detailed Twitter timeline below with highlights from the last few months, including Lorelei’s interactions with Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell, but before we get to that, I feel I should play the part of spoiler and jump right to present. Ariana was born on May 21 and Lorelei was quite emotional as Arianna left with her adoptive parents on May 24.

But, Lorelei’s story took an amazing turn on May 31 when Lorelei announced, “ari’s adoptive parents surprisingly called to tell me they’re taking her to the emergency room! )’;”

Then, on June 1, Lorelei made these tweets:

arianna has a heart rhythm disorder..her heart beats about 220 times every minute..she wouldn’t calm down for anyone but me..

i think im getting Ari back…her adoptive parents think it is best for her.

if i let anyone down i am nothing but sorry. this is a choice ari’s adoptive parents made on their own i had no clue.

i refuse to let arianna down. she needs me and wont calm down for anyone but me. i can’t walk away right now.

That’s right! She placed her daughter with adoptive parents, and then after a few days the adoptive parents decided that it would be best for Arianna if she returned to Lorelei! It sounds sort of similar to Ashley Salazar’s episode in which she had second thoughts and Callie returned to live with her for a while before Ashley decided she had been right in the first place and returned Callie to her adoptive parents.

And according to Lorelei, her episode will also be similar to Ashley’s in the fact that it will be the Season 5 finale! A fan tweeted her support of Lorelei with the words, “@LoreleiClarissa I can’t express how happy I am for u,ibet they will save ur show 4last since its gonna be emotional but have a happy ending” Lorelei responded by writing, “@MyMarineIsSexy thank you <3 they’re saving mine for last i know that already. it means a lot to know i have so much support”

Here is a timeline of edited Lorelei tweets that reveal about half of what you can expect to see in her episode. Please note that there is a PAGE 2 to this post with the rest of the Twitter timeline. You can click the link in the previous sentence or the one at the bottom of this page.

Feb 21

Looking through portfolios for open adoption.. I only have 2 months to go.. I’m so indecisive and I just want what’s best! )’;

Goodnight, meeting with my adoption lady tomorrow.. I can’t wait to give my little girl the life she deserves.

Feb 22

it’s 2:46AM :) & I’m meeting with my adoption lady today a couple looking to adopt my daughter.. Sooo scared!

I’m so nervous, I’m shaking! My stomach is starting to hurt and I’m just so .. Scared, I guess

Meeting with my adoption counselor went well. The couple was so sweet.. But they have 4 german shepherd dogs that’s they neglected to put.. ..Into their portfolio. Immediately my decision is weighed. I can’t give Arianna to a family with 4 BIG dogs. The thought just scares me.. We’ll just have to keep looking..

@JENNnJUICE9 Absolutely, that’s why I can’t choose them. I don’t even think they were going to tell me, which makes me really upset.

my first adoption meeting with potential parents for Arianna didn’t go so well. They have 4 german shephards! How scary

I’m protective already and I still have 2 months to go! I thought they were nice but they didn’t even plan on telling me, And that makes me feel lied to. And I have to trust the couple 9162849462% to give my daughter to them

@pink_geek No! My adoption lady asked them about pets and then they told us..I was so upset. But Im starting to think I shouldn’t go through An agency. I don’t know. I’m 16 and very very lost.

I refuse to take medicine when I’m pregnant.. So my head is really killing me. Paranoid and protective for the win.

I wonder if its normal so feel a lot of pressure in my back and stomach. Never happened before…..Google is my best friend, I guess, right?

@Kenziee_Mariee I’m so paranoid when it comes to taking medicine so when I get bad headaches like I do now I suffer

@Kenziee_Mariee We’re such good mom’s :) well.. You are * I’ll be a good birth mommy to Arianna. I think my mom is going to take me to the Hospital for my stomach, but if not than I def. will

Hospital bound *

Contractions at 7 months… Can’t be a positive thing. #TooStressed. Please doctors. Find something to stop. I’ll wait for Ari to get here.

February 23

@ChelseaxO4 ari’s okay..now anyway. but it was one long night

hey guys..thanks for all the concern, love and support. ari is doing better. my heart rate sky rocketed as well as my blood sugar dropped & that is what was causing me to have contractions..it took my doctors all night to find a mixture of medicines that worked to make them stop turns out being pregnant caused me to have gestational diabetes and it was def. realized last night. as for my heart rate cardio was called and i’m getting a million tests done with that. i’ll let everyone know when i do but i just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. and arianna is okay. there was a big amount of stress on her and she didn’t like it to well, but she’s okay. i’m resting, and hopefully i can go home sometime soon.

February 24

@Tm2LeahFans i’m doing so much better, i have a lot of my strength back again, thank you so much! and arianna is amazing now :)

@tishayardley a lot better, thank you. the doctors are still running tests and trying to figure out what’s going on with my heart but im stable and they’re allowing me to be discharged

@jandmmd0521 i’ve been in the hospital..and my boyfriend is making it extremely hard now. i don’t think he’s going to let me choose adoption

@Danie11eJCRS he has rights as the babies dad..if he doesn’t want me to do adoption, he can go to court and he’ll most likely win custody

@CodysAngel22 i am,(: awe, really? i’m having a girl (arianna) its not that i don’t want her..i just want to give her what i know i can’t. i want the best for her and i want her to have everything she could imagine. she deserves it and i can’t give that to her, its just me and my mom, and with my dad passed away, it’s hard to just stay above the water with us so adoption is what is best for her

@CodysAngel22 i’m due may 16th

i was 91 lbs when i got pregnant.

@kaytaybaby754 i feel like one now..[Lorelei was called a wh0re by someone] she doesn’t know my story. i had sex once. it’s not like i slept around. i had sex for the first time with my boyfriend whom i’ve had for almost 2 years..and got pregnant. and i know that i’m dumb for not using protection and getting pregnant and i know i can’t provide for her the way i want to which is why i’m trying to give her a life where she can have everything she deserves! that girl who enjoys being a ignorant idiot, will never know that.

February 25

@ShelyceDessrye i want what’s best for ari..i’m 16, a teenager, and my mom and i struggle alot as it is without my dad.

[@LoreleiClarissa do you really want to give you baby up for adoption… Why did u even get pregnant to be on MTV??] @gocards26 first of all. watch it. second of all. i didn’t plan to get pregnant. it happened. and it wasn’t my idea to be on mtv. third – i am doing what best for my daughter by giving her the life that i know i can give to her. she deserves to have everything. i swear to god i hate people who say i’m a bad person for choosing adoption and that i got pregnant to be on tv. shut the F*** up.

i’m thinking someone should eat some makeup. that way she can try to be pretty on the inside. (:

February 26

@CatelynnLowell did you get a lot of hate for choosing adoption? because im getting a ton of it

my feeling right now is indescribable…. ***** upset, angry, annoyed, sad..too much. i should get off. bye.

im about to punch a wall. *

bruised my hand….i hit a wall. literally. i’ve never been so mad before in my entire life

@CWhittley it’s not that, it’s just stupid little girls that i go to school with. i swear they’re messing with the wrong person!

[From Catelynn Lowell] @LoreleiClarissa hun I am here for you. I’m going to DM you my number text me.

February 28

My phone is broken ): wifi connection works but my texting/calling/email..all that is broke….im sad. ..long day. #blah.

Im okay everyone im sorry ive been mia..ive just been so overwhelmed and stressed..

@catelynnlowell i havent gotten it for some reason? ..but i’ll dm you mine. Love you!

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  • Mymarineissexy

    Aww my tweet is in this article !!!!!!!

  • Sparkle

    Seems to me the adoptive parents didn’t get the perfect baby they wanted so they returned her. Very disturbing. I hope they aren’t allowed to adopt again!

  • Sabryna

    Idk…this seems a little off. There are clauses preventing her from sharing these details if she were on season 5, if there is even a season 5 at all.

  • Nicole

    Something about this just bothers me. It seems like the minute there was something wrong with her, they just gave her right back! I know we don’t know the whole story, but it just doesn’t sound right!

  • Nikk

    I agree, these girls remain very tight lipped about their stories once they know they will be on the show. I also have major problems with a couple who return a child due to a health defect that can probably be corrected. Something is very fishy about all of this.

    • sam

      mtv will not let them talk. if they do they will be fined a million dollars (obviously she doesnt ehave that much money) but a friend of mine was on a reality comp and that was their terms. If you talk you lose everything.

  • Ralphie

    its probably all fake. durrrr

  • OMG

    i have a feeling that this is fake and she’s not pregnant or on the show.

    • coco

      This story does sound fishy. I know these girls have a privacy clause and since season 4 is just wrapping up it is highly unlikely this young girl would be allowed to spill so many details of an unaired season. Especially when I am sure MTV would have loved this type of drama for the show.

  • Michelle

    Im sorry but I dont believe it. Nobody notices how she says her dad died and a few months later her dad is alive?!

    • missemily1997

      That could be a step dad situation…She says it was hard without her dad. It could also be a friends dad she is extremely close to…Obviously she had a kid, but that doesn’t mean she can’t possibly be on 16&P just because one thing…I don’t know if she will be or not, I hope she will though!

    • Rayne

      I also noticed this. It struck me very odd because she said in the beginning that it was just her and her mom. She was giving the baby away because it was hard for just the 2 of them to make ends meet. If there is a stepdad then why would she say it was just the 2 of them? I suppose her mom could have met and/or remarried while she was pregnant but that is awfully soon to call another guy dad … most teens refuse to do so.

  • tab

    i remember seeing the tweets between her and catelynn and i thought there was something off with her story.
    if the baby had a heart condition, it would have been something doctors would have seen during her prenantal care.

    this all sounds very fishy to me.

    • Megan

      Doctors can’t always find out that there is a problem with the heart while the baby is still in utero. It depends on the defect. I dont know what is supposed to be wrong her baby, but my daughter was born with a similar situation. Her heart was beating at 320 bpm and we wouldn’t have known until after birth if her heartrate wouldn’t have been up at my 34 wk appt. She had WPW but didn’t require “surgery” until she was 2. So it is possible for her baby to have a heart condition.

  • Andrea

    It seems like they just did not want a baby with bad health.

  • Kate

    She says her dad has passed away and it’s just her and her mom, then later says her dad gained sympathy weight?

  • Kaylie

    I can’t believe people are falling for this. It is so obvious that she isn’t on the show. Most of the girls can’t even confirm where their living or who their dating, let alone the exact, point for point storyline of their entire episode. I will be more dumbfounded if this girl IS on the show than if she isn’t.

  • Blahblahblah

    At first I felt sorry for her and her baby, but after reading the previous comments…I agree, something doesn’t quite add up. The producers would die before they allowed her to post that much info. Leah was barely able to confirm she split from Corey! And who just gives back a baby? LOL Her story of how she got pregnant, sounds a little too familiar. There are some truly crazy people in this world and I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if this turned out to be some disturbed 40 yr-old woman, who’s obsessed with these mtv teen shows and made up this big story just for attention. She probably found the baby’s pic on google!

    • tab

      right? leah is now married to jeremy and has been for several months and she can’t even confirm it. she wasn’t able to confirm the pregnancy she had that ended in miscarriage either. mtv keep them on a very tight leash.

  • Diana

    Seems kind of fishy to me as well…I mean, for her to get upset that her pics were being used for fan sites? Something is not quite right. I seriously doubt this girl even truly exists. It sounds like someone’s play for attention.

  • Jeff

    FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! This is going to be great to watch this chick get busted. Grab the popcorn, peeps!

  • Diana

    Yeah her last tweet say’s “I think my heart is broken.” Something tells me she’s about to kill off her fake kid and use that as an excuse as to why her show will never air on MTV.

  • Madia

    Such a crock! On Feb 24th she talks about her dad having passed away, and then on May 16th she comments that her dad is gaining sympathy weight.

    This girls is sick to try and draw people in to her “story.”

  • katie

    so fake, did no one else notice that in part one of the tweets she is saying that its the right thing because her dad died and that its just her and her mom, and it’s hard to just stay above the water with just them so adoption is what is best for her but then in this lot of tweets she is saying that both her parents have been supportive and that her dad says she needs to have ari NOW because he’s “gaining sympathy weight” ? that alone is showing that she is full of crap

  • Kari

    This is completely FAKE! I looked at her twitter & all her tweets. She has deleted a TON of them mentioned above & a lot of the pictures she posted in the past. And something that doesn’t add up is her due date. On February 21 she claims she was 7 months with 2 months to go….but she didn’t “give birth” till May 21. I don’t believe a bit of this story! Adoptive parents just don’t give a baby back to the mom. AND being a fan of MTV & their shows, I know for a FACT they would not allow her to post this much personal information about herself. She just wants attention & its not cute.

    • Hanna

      Not that I know if I believe this story or not, but maybe she was just confused or hit 2 instead of 3. Women are pregnant for 10 months, not nine, so it may have been a mistake. And I know somebody who gave her baby away (was adopted) and then the baby was found to have a couple issues and that couple gave the baby away. So it happens.

  • Liz

    She’s so full of crap. You can google pictures of babies in the hospital and camera and claim them as your own. Lol, wtf fan sites..? She doesn’t even have pictures of herself or “Ari”. Starcasm, please don’t give this attention starved child any more attention.

  • Jeff

    Instead of just complaining on here, get on twitter and call her out as a fake. There is no one on twitter doing so, so get on it, expose the fake instead of just complaining about it.

    • tab

      i don’t have a twitter and don’t care enough to create a profile. i’m sure there are people talking about it on twitter though.

  • K

    Now shes saying shes “pulling her episode” LMAO. She is 100% fake.

  • Shelby

    Who else is going to be on season 5?

  • Liz

    If you watched the reunion tonight you’d realize that Dr Drew keeps referring to the episode as “16 & pregnant finale”. Plus, I’ve seen commercials that say “16 & pregnant series finale”. She’s a fake & as the girl above me, I don’t have a twitter and I don’t care enough to make one just to bash this fake.

    • Rayne

      By 16 & Pregnant Finale they mean the finale for that season. They say that at the end of every season. I have no idea if there will be another season; but, I think you are just misinterpreting what they mean by season finale.

  • Steph

    How about getting the facts before you post? Her twitter isn’t even up anymore. Clearly she’s fake. Did you even look at her twitter before you posted? Sad that a ’16-year-old’ can pull one over on an adult author of a website so easily.

    • Diana

      She didn’t pull one over on anyone. If you’d bothered to read the full article you would see that the writer told of their scepticism .

  • Diana

    She deleted her page. Guess she figured out she’d been caught.

  • amanda

    There was a girl that was pulled from the line up because she got pregnant a second time before her episode even aired. Maybe this was the girl, and she didn’t want to just vanish without her 15 minutes of fame.

    • Rayne

      Is it true that one girl was dropped from this season because she got pregnant a 2nd time before her episode even aired? I’ve been looking online and can’t find an article on it (would love a link). That’s extremely disturbing.

  • Paige

    Sounds like a cop-out to me.

  • Rayne

    What really irritates me when it comes to a lot of these teens, especially the girls (altho I do believe it’s also a guy’s responsibility to actively prevent pregnancy and STD’s) is how stupid they are when it comes to birth control!! Parents who don’t teach their kids about birth control and believe they can just tell them not to do it and they will listen are major FAILURES in parenting!!

    Educating your children about sex, birth control, and STD’s doesn’t mean you condone them having sex; but, we all know teens are going to do it anyway. For God’s sake make sure they are educated properly and protected!!! It further irritates me when parents object and stand in the way of the school system teaching about sexual education and safety. Those are the very parents that will fail to educate their kids themselves.

    Why do so many girls seriously believe they can’t get pregnant? Why do they not take this seriously? When I decided to become sexually active I made darn sure I protected myself from STD’s or getting pregnant. I used multiple forms of birth control together, didn’t sleep w/ just anyone, and made the guy I did go to the health dept to be tested for STD’s & HIV BEFORE I would even consider taking that step. Why are these girls not more responsible? Especially AFTER they have already gotten pregnant once???

    It just blows my mind to hear Dr. Drew ask them what they are using for birth control and a large majority still say NOTHING yet are still sexually active!! REALLY?! After already getting pregnant and struggling? They should be the VERY 1st ONE’s to go overboard on protection!!! Where is the logic?

    Teen girls: Take birth control (pills, shots, rings, IUD’s, implants … something will work for you), use condoms, and use spermicides like Foam, gel, VCF Film, Suppositories, etc. Use more than 1 method because nothing is 100%. If you can’t get your parents to take you to the doctor then go to your local health department. You can get female medical care, information, and birth control for FREE! Some health departments actually come to the high schools on certain days to provide medical care. Most will even give you condoms and spermicides for free as well. All will fall under dr/patient confidentiality; so, you don’t have to tell your parents. It’s YOUR LIFE … be responsible and protect yourself and your future!! No one else will!

    Teen Guys: Don’t take a girl’s word she’s on birth control. Use a freakin’ condom and spermicides! It takes 2 to make a baby!!! And, FYI “pulling out” is NOT a form of birth control!! It’s a good idea but not very reliable!!!