Sister Wives’ Brown Family: ALL criminal bigamy charges have been dropped in Utah

The Brown Family have a reason to relax and celebrate this weekend! Thursday a Utah prosecutor wrote in court filings that criminal charges would not be pursued against Kody Brown and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

The entire family fled their home in Lehi, Utah January 2011 because they felt threatened by a police investigation that happened as a result of The Browns opening up their lives on national television (there are many people practicing polygamy in Utah, but they are usually not investigated or charged unless there is evidence of abuse.)

A federal judge had previously dropped the state’s case against Koday Brown and family (unless there was evidence of abuse or fraud,) but made it clear that their county (Utah County) could still pursue charges. But now that worry is gone too because Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman says the county will not pursue any criminal charges for bigamy against the Brown Family unless “there was evidence of a victim or fraud.”

When the Brown Family made their home open to cameras, they did expose themselves for potential prosecution, but they also revealed “normal” lives that looked nothing what the general public envisioned about polygamy. Most polygamous only come to the public consciousness when there are abhorrent cases of child abuse, sexual abuse, and fraud. In cases like the recent Warren Jeffs, the women wear the same hairstyles and long dresses, and everyone seems to have been kept secluded from the rest of the world. The Brown Family are tuned in to the popular culture, dress like everyone else and led normal lives previous tot their coming out. The one thing they couldn’t do was be open about their religion and their marriage situation, basic freedoms that almost everyone else takes for granted.

In fact, the Brown Family have felt some solidarity with gay marriage rights issues, and openly support gay marriage.

As Christine says: “I think we should be able to marry who we love. As a Christian, I believe it is my duty, responsibility and desire to love everybody regardless of their choices. I don’t know how I could raise my children in this world without raising them open-minded and if I want my children to be open-minded, then I have to be open-minded as well.”

It looks like it’s now safe for The Browns to move back home, but since they’ve set up some business opportunities in Las Vegas, will they?

The Browns’ attorney Jonathan Turley made this statement:

“I want to express our great relief for the Brown family that this long-standing threat has been finally lifted. The family has spent years being publicly denounced as felons by prosecutors and had to move to Nevada to protect their family and children.”

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  • tab

    i’m happy to hear that. there have to be other “crimes” that are worth our tax dollars investigating! i love this family and they should be left alone.

  • Sameolthing

    That is good to know, I am sure they are relieved. However I think Christine was mis quoted “as a christian” because I think they are mormon

    • FYI

      Mormons are Christian, hence the name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. However, the mainstream Mormon church does not recognize the Brown’s beliefs as being Mormon. They belong to a broken off sect, broken off a hundred years ago.They do believe in original Mormon teachings, not modern and still practice polygamy, something Mormon’s do not practice. Let’s work on ignorance.

      • Alyssa

        I was going to say exactly what she/he said!

    • tab

      mormons consider themselves to be christians.

    • Sally

      They are not Mormon.

    • they are

      Mormons believe in Jesus and are therefore, Christians.

  • Michelle

    Mormons are Christians too. It’s a denomination of Christianity.

    • Actually…

      Mormons call themselves Christians but no one in the Christian faith believes this to be true. Even though they believe in Jesus Christ they do not believe Him in the sense that Christians do. The Bible teaches the only path to heaven is through Jesus Christ. Not marriage, not by good deeds. You certainly do NOT need a special name and handshake to enter the Kingdom of God. Only through accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior can you go to heaven. Mormons believe in celestial marriage which is not Biblical. They believe that God was once a man and that they too can become gods if they live the right way. This is not what Christians believe. This is not the Truth. Christianity teaches from the Bible and only the Bible. The Bible is THE ONLY AND FINAL WORD OF GOD. Read the last sentence in the Bible if you are confused about that.

      • Jonathan

        I agree with Michelle! Good work and well put!

    • Jonathan

      No it isn’t it eludes from and ads to the finished bible which is warned against and therefore a cult.

  • Psh

    Mormonism is a religious made by men so they can keep having sex with multiple women and it being ‘okay’. Disgusting. At least gays want to get married for love, not more partners for more sex.

    • Tammy

      Why do people always have their brains stuck on sex, sex, sex? Everyone is always wondering what’s going on in other people’s bedrooms. That is their personal business just like whoever we choose to be behind closed doors with. Sex is not everything in life! I don’t think I need to go down a list of reasons why a person loves another person or persons. it’s their lives, leave them be. Same as same sex couples or straight couples-leave them be! I would rather see a gay couple live a happy life any day over a straight couple with arguing and hollering all the time!

  • Caroline

    Lets see if they move back to Utah now that the charges are gone(not that they were ever serious charges. I belive they moved because Kody loved Vegas and for the show drama). Most of the kids obviously want to be in Utah and the older ones visit often. Janelle really loved the big house in Lehi and had a stable job, no one has found a stable job in nevada. I bet Kody would never give up the limelight of Vegas to make his family happy.

    • tab

      i don’t think they’ll go back. they’re in the process of building 4 homes right next to each other. the kids are established in school and they’ve started several business’ there. i’m sure some of the older kids will go back to utah to go to college with their friends, but i doubt he would move the whole family back to utah.

      • Caroline

        Just curious are they really building the 4 homes? I live in Utah but have family that lives near the Browns and as far as I knew they had not started building anything and are still in the rentals.They are not building in those lots they showed on sister wives. I do know they visit Utah often.I just feel like it would be better if they came back to Utah. Happy kids, better jobs, health insurance, they could go to church again, and much lower cost of living since they still have the lehi home and the mortagage is cheaper then 2 rents in Vegas.

    • jennifer

      I truly believe this is a Kody self-centered process as well. My heart aches for those wives! He is discusting!

  • Sherita

    After watching this show last season and this season I see that this family is not a bad one. I’ll take them over the Kartrashians anyday. I think they mean well, i dont agree with what they practice cause it affects their children greatly. Robyn on the other hand totally rubs me the wrong way. i like all the wives but her. She seems like she wants a free ride for someone to take care of herself and her kids. She just moved her kids in a family she barely knew. i felt so bad for her son who was being bullied by kodys other kids last season, that was awful because they did not ask to be apart of this arrangement

  • Dawn

    I don’t believe the government has the right to stick their noses in anyones marriage bed!! Whether it be Poligimist, gay, or straight. As my grandmother used to say “they have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us”

    • Tammy

      ►”they have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us”◄

      Although this was written 2 years ago, I must say this is a great quote your grandmother had!! Haha, love it!

  • Sarynity’sMom

    I think they should just leave this family alone. If he were “Legally” married to all of them then okay press charges but he is only “Legally” married to one of them.

  • Jonathan

    It’s maddening that they use the term Christian to describe themselves when their marriage is an abomination of the picture Christ has died to paint for us. Every scripture involving condoning any polygamy was Old Testament and therefore a totally different dispensation. Christ teaches one man and one wife shall become one flesh. Not one man shall become a bucket to fill with many fleshes as he chooses.