Jenelle Evans accuses fiance Gary Head of cheating, felony larceny and vandalism

Jenelle Evans Gary Head Twitter feud

From all accounts of a recent Twitter blast-fest from Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, she is on the outs with fiance Gary Head. I know. I know. I know. Who didn’t see this one coming right? At least I had the above image on file for reuse 😉

Just yesterday Jenelle tweeted how much she loved Gary Head but my oh my how much things can change in the world of Jenelle in a 24-hour span. Are you ready because this one involves oral sex in a parking lot, stolen jewelry, a gun, a broken door, fellow Teen Mom Chelsea Houska and the police! Here it goes in a Twitter cap break down…

You gotta love how vindictive the back and forth was and then at the end it’s like everything is going to be cool again. Gary is gonna fix her door today and they both talked to the police about who should get the engagement ring. Actually that subject came up quite a bit among the Twitter followers. So I’ll ask you guys, if they break it off should Jenelle give the ring back? What’s the proper etiquette here?

-> I apologize if the Twitter caps were unclear. Gary simply made a comment about Chelsea’s hair and Jenelle apparently got a little heated about that which she explained was due to Gary’s past infidelities.

  • Belinda

    An engagement ring is a promise, a contract almost to ACTUALLY get married. If the marriage doesn’t happen, the guy gets the ring back. Plain and simple.

    Janelle is a hot mess. May her drama settle down soon, or at least someone take her twitter away!

  • Me

    In civil court she will have to give the ring back. She would only be allowed to keep the ring if they actually went through with getting married.

  • em

    Gary needs to give back the necklace to Jenelle. Jenelle needs to give the ring back to Gary. And then they need to stay the hell away from each other forever.

  • Julie

    She should definetly give the ring back .. They were in engaged for what .. a couple weeks ?! It would be a little different if they were engaged for a while but yes.. technically its a gift so she can keep it if she is that selfish

  • AO

    If Jenelle broke up with Gary, then he would get the ring back. If it’s the other way around..then Jenelle would get to keep the ring. Legally, when a man gives his girlfriend an Engagement ring he is making a “promise” to her. If he breaks that “promise” by breaking up with her,cheating, etc… she is able to keep the ring. If I was Jenelle, I would just give the ring back regardless. These two need to seriously grow up!

  • blueblueblue

    Actually, if the guy cheats the girl gets the ring. If the guy leaves the girl gets the ring. If the girl cheats and/or leave the guy gets the ring back.

    But how much was the ring worth if they are fighting over a cheap (ish, as far as things go) necklace?

  • Jennifer

    It depends who ends things on who gets the ring. Yes it is a contract more or less to get married. If the guy ends things though and cheats he doesnt just get his ring back. If the girl is the one ending things or doing wrong then yes she needs to give it back.

    • WHY

      How can you think that the girl should keep it? Why would anyone want to keep a ring from someone who cheated on them anyway? It’s meaningless. The only reason anyone in this circumstance would try to keep it is if they were more interested in the money than the meaning. *vomit*

  • Dianna

    when i broke off my engagement (like 2 years ago) i told him he needed to take back the ring. he told me to keep it but i told him i couldn’t and if i did i was going to pawn it because i have no use for it. i think what i did was the right thing in the end…sure she wont do the same though.

    btw that chick spends way to much money on jewelry for a person with no job and a son.

  • LaDy

    Alright, who had June 1st on the brackets? We started betting how long it would last when they got back together. Everyone, pay up.

    • Ajax

      next bet is when they will be back together.

      • Jeannine

        Ha, seriously! I give it less than a week.

  • mercedes

    so hold on chealse from teen mom sucked garys di k in a parking lot … wow her baby dad wasnt lying she really is a sl t

  • Lawyer here

    Gary gets the ring back, regardless of who ended it. An engagement ring is a conditional gift. The condition is that the marriage occur. If the man and woman don’t get married, then the man gets the ring back. Simple as that.

  • Nathan

    First, obviously, both of these people are nuts.

    Second, an engagement ring is a conditional gift. If the marriage is called off, then she has to give the ring back. However, I think in some states the law says that if the man is the one who broke off the engagement, the woman gets to keep the ring.

  • amy

    Why is nobody commenting on the door? That is one hard hit or kick to bust the frame like that. Military men are taught to control their feelings because they have no place in the middle of dangerous situations. If he is willing to kick in her door and play petty games of hide her belongings until he gets his ring do you really want him holding a gun? This guy snaps off too easily. Jenelle may not be the best judge of character or the best character herself but nobody deserves to have their home-the one place everyone should feel safe- invaded like that. I am pretty sure that is going to get him in some trouble with the military.

    • hdtryon

      WOW, I thought they did psych evaluations when you enter the military. Guess they skipped his. I mean think about it, he would have to be a little off to get involved with her. And he cant possibly say he didnt know she was like this. All of America knows shes like this. To be honest who cares who gets what, just get the hell away from each other.

  • Kayla

    I would keep the ring to you guys are talking about a marriage like a business plan an engagement ring a promise and a commitment not a contract. I would of kept the ring too.

  • Ajax

    WHO CARES??!?! EVERYONE knew they would not last! she will not last with anyone.. Starcasm.. I enjoy coming on here everyday, what I do not enjoy is seeing Jenelle Evans posts constantly.. this is what she wants. Let her cry her lungs out, until she digs a whole and bury’s herself in it, I will feel compassion for her.

    & He is just as much of an idiot. Why can’t the world just ignore this piece of useless trash? come on. ffs

  • kayla

    pretty sure its the law to give the ring back

  • hello there!

    the ring was a gift, if she left him or cheated then she has to give it back but if he left her or cheated then haha osrry pal ujust lost ur irng LOL

  • white lamp

    just a cheap drama again…


  • Joei

    This guy sounds like a douche. Any man ever breaks my door I’d break his teeth.

  • tab

    i’m not on either of their sides because i think they’re both completely screwed in the head.

    but, if you give someone something, it’s theirs. you don’t get to take it back if you get mad at each other or get in to an argument or break up. unless he had her sign an agreement that she had to give the ring back if they broke up, it’s hers.

    • Ashley

      Too bad the law thinks differently.

      • tab

        show me where it is written, in the law, that a woman has to give the ring back in her state of north carolina.

        my best friends fiance was caught cheating on her 2 weeks before their wedding. she called it off and he took her to court to try to get the ring back. she also counter sued him for the cost her family had incurred for the wedding and for her wedding dress. the judge awarded her $5k PLUS told her she could keep the ring. the judge said the ring was a gift to her, it was hers to keep, sell, pawn., throw in the ocean, whatever she wanted to.

  • Lady Ju

    OK Chelsea?? So he cheated with Chelsea on her?? Oh wow!!

    • tab

      how could he cheat with chelsea?
      she lives in south dakota, jenelle and gary live in north carolina.

  • Steph

    Ahhh no problem.Next week they will be together again 🙂

  • Blahblahblah

    Why did only one other comment bring up Chelsea? Um, was she really involved? Lol

  • Michelle


    I’m like 100% sure it wasn’t Chelsea who Gary cheated on Jenelle with. Chelsea is in a completely different state, South Dakota I’m pretty sure. I can’t remember where Jenelle and Gary are, but regardless it’s far away.
    What they’re talking about in the tweets is Gary commented on Chelsea’s tweet about her hair. Jenelle got upset because since he’s a cheater she cant really trust him talking to any girls at the moment.

    Make sure you have your facts straight before you go around calling people sl ts. The article never said it was Chelsea.

    I hate how we all don’t know these girls in person, but we’ve seen them on tv, so we all think we know them so well and feel like its okay to call them rude names. In reality, you would never say that to their face. Why? Because you don’t really know them. But because we are sitting behind screens we lose our filter.
    They are still human beings, with feelings. And if you didn’t see them on tv for an hour on Tuesdays you wouldn’t even care.

    Okay, stepping off my soap box now..

  • hihi90

    how does chelsea get into the mix? i’m confused.

  • sanoga

    Hahaha it’s probably a $150 BS Walmart ring, let’s be honest here.

    • Ashley

      That’s an expensive Wal-Mart ring, compared with the $25 Wal-Mart engagement ring that Gary Shirley gave to Amber!

  • Iduunnnooo

    I think Gary made a comment to Chelsea on twitter and jenelle got jealous, that’s all

  • Tracy

    Ok, so I finished reading this article, I am going to go back to the homepage and see if you have posed that Jenelle & Queefer are back together(..maybe he will spend the money he made on her topless photos to fix her door.) Then I’m sure when I check next week, there will be an article about Gary and Jenelle getting back together..these people are rediclious, I just hope they don’t BREED!!

  • Kirsten

    Just looked on her twitter and James Duffy left her and Gary a message? “James D‏@JamesDuffy01

    @gary_head @PBandJenelley_1 Got wasted really bad last night, sorry I didn’t call. Everything okay? DM me…”
    Uhm, wait, what?!

    PS: Jenelle responded: “f##k
    no he stole my Tiffany necklace and took it back to base with him”

  • KJinBC

    what a little drama queen and king, you kids obviously don’t mesh as a couple so move on, no one cares anymore about her, she’s a hot mess and needs to grow up and worry about her son’s happiness more than her own… so sick of her!

  • jane

    Jenelle is high adrenaline. Everything has to be to the extreme with her. When things start getting boring she’ll go from 180 to 360 in a flash. She fights with EVERYONE she associates with for any length of time. It’s a shame about Chelsea being pulled into this crap. I would pretty much bet she refuses to take her bi-polar meds.

  • OhMyGeez

    And next she will be back with the transient, Reefer Keiffer, and it, too, will play out on Twitter. This girl is beyond a mess.

  • Sameolthing

    Who the Eff cares she will be back with him in a week anyway

  • Zoe

    Wow, I’m so shocked. Where’s all her little fans defending her now? About how her and Gary were so perfect blah blah blah. I knew they wouldn’t get married, she’s just a little kid who wants to pretend she’s a grown up.

  • hello there!

    guys ok maybe she didnt really start this one, ok yea she may be jealous and stuff and not confident in the realtionship with garey because he cheated or whatever BUT it actually looks like this may have partly been his fault 4 the break up…..

  • noname

    This girl is a hot mess.

  • Ashley

    North Carolina appellate courts say engagement rings are conditional gifts that must be returned to the gift giver if the condition — namely, the marriage — does not take place, regardless of who broke off the engagement.

  • WHY

    Why do people want to keep engagement rings? Why do some women think this is even remotely acceptable?

  • Diana

    Saw this one coming from a mile away…I hate to say I told you so but…..I TOLD YOU SO!


    Still confused about where Chelsea fits in though…*scratches head*.

  • Kj

    I can’t wait for them to start tattooing their names on each other, Keiffer included – who she’ll probably rebound with for a few days. Oh, Jenelle.

    • Neacy

      I think Gary talked or made some comment to Chelsea that Jenelle saw and took to mean something it didn’t, she freaked out… like always, and they fought and broke up. Normally I’d not think twice about what they say back and forth and I’m deffinitly not one to stand up for any of the pathetic boys Jenelle dates but I think for once maybe Gary’s telling the truth because since when has he EVER denied cheating he has not just fessed up but bragged about it every other time and he is saying that he barely knows her so I’m thinking as big of an ass as he is he’s probably telling the truth about this one…

  • FR

    WHO CARES ABOUT THE RING?!? The real story is that Gary broke down her door and is VIOLENT. Moreover, Jenelle is so stupid that she stays with the abuser and doesn’t mention his behavior until they have a disagreement over her insecurity/jealousy. She wouldn’t have said anything about the door if he had not tweeted to Cheslea. He’s obviously been violent in the past and continues to be now. They are both losers who are likely to end up in jail.

    While I seriously dislike Jenelle, I used to hope she would clean up her life for the sake of her son. Now it’s painfully obvious that he is in a better situation with his grandmother. Jenelle is a lost cause.

  • InWonderland

    I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

  • Hanna

    they are back together, read an update from

  • Hanna

    and he fixed the door, iI also follow her on twitter

  • SanJoseMama

    Just by all this BS drama she post she’ll never get custody of her son back, which is probably her main goal in life, to be a douchebag ho who puts everything from drugs to d!ck before her son!

    • Sunshine

      That’s so true, you can tell she doesn’t even care to have that back – how sad

  • LC

    Dang. I’m away from the internet for a few days and come back to find Teen Mom drama 🙁 Seems like I always miss things when I’m away. I honestly thought they were better now and were able to make it work; that they got through everything.

  • Susan

    Protocol is that if the man breaks off the engagement, the woman keeps the ring, but if she breaks off the engagement, she has to give it back.

  • Hanna

    ppl she is back with him.and she does hang out with jace..we dont knw everything she may post some stuff.but not.all..

  • Rayne

    Geeze, would MTV cut her loose already? I am sick of her drama! Someone needs to tell her to grow the **** up!

  • wow. that stuff is soo crazzy just worry bout yur soon and you leave hem alonee.

  • JustinBieberfan92

    OMG This is beyond mad crazy