PHOTOS A very pregnant Kourtney Kardashian takes Mason for a walk

Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is nine months pregnant, but she wasn’t about to let that stop her from enjoying the beautiful weather in Malibu on Thursday! The 33-year-old soon-to-be mother of two took her son Mason and partner Scott Disick for a stroll, proudly showing off her growing baby bump in a form-fitting off-white crochet maxi dress and gold sandals.

Kourtney can be seen wrestling with her large orange Hermes handbag as she lifted Mason and carried him for a time:

9 months pregnant Kourtney Kardashian lifts her son Mason and carries him in Malibu

Meanwhile, Scott Disick was his usual oblivious self. (He can be seen in some of the other photos in the set, not included here) I’m surprise he didn’t ask for a lift as well 🙂

So when is Kourtney Kardashian’s due date? Most online sources list it simply as “June,” so it looks like Kourtney may have at least a couple more weeks of carrying two kids around!

Photos: Jacson / Splash News

  • Blahblahblah

    That’s unflattering. Just because you’re a Kardashian that doesn’t mean huge, lumpy and pregnant looks cute on you.

    • Really?

      People like you disgust me. We should be celebrating a woman’s body during pregnancy, not tearing women down and calling them “huge” and “lumpy”. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and a woman’s body SHOULD change to accommodate the baby, and the woman should not have to worry about people bullying her about her looks. She looks great for being nine months!

  • whoa

    She is a gorgeous pregnant woman and Mason is so stinkin adorable. He is without a doubt one of the best dressed toddlers ever.

  • kim

    she looks great! i just wish she would stop picking up mason this far along in her pregnancy. she shouldnt be straining down that far and lifting him. and really hes old enough to not need to be held all the time, which everytime i see a pic of him he is.

  • I think she looks great! I wish I looked like that when I was pregnant.

  • ER

    She looks great pregnant- I wish I looked that good! I’m only 15 weeks and already look like a trainwreck. I am not really a Kardashian fan, but Kourtney is the one I guess I like the most because she seems like a good mom and very involved with Mason. And I’m sure raising Scott is hard work too ;).

  • tab

    she’s due within the next month.

  • Sweetiepie

    Kourtney wears pregnancy well, always put together, cute, and with her best accessory Mason!!!

  • Allison

    She really shouldn’t be lifting him while she’s pregnant.

  • Paige

    Im 9 months pregnant and I still carry my 2 year old daughter. Doctors will tell you that as long as its not straining your back and you can hold them comfortable, theres not reason not too.
    I think she looks great pregnant. The thing that a lot of people dont understand is that when youre pregnant, you have no control over where or how you gain weight. Even with proper exorcize and diet. You HAVE to gain weight when youre pregnant, and its not up to you where that weight settles on your body. Sad that people have to take something as beautiful as pregnancy and turn it into a reason for women to feel self conscious.