Did Maci Bookout and Kyle Regal break up?

Maci Bookout Kyle Regal New Orleans 2012

Only a few months after breaking up with her previous Kyle, it appears that Teen Mom Maci bookout has split from her most recent Kyle, professional Supercross racer Kyle Regal. Though there is no smoking gun confirmation of the break up, there is enough evidence gathered by Teen Momologists to feel confident that it’s over.

Here’s what we know: Maci and her son Bentley were in Orangevale, California this weekend to watch Kyle Regal racing in The FMH Motocross Classic. (Maci and Bentley have been flying to a number of Kyle’s races over the last few months)

Maci Bookout with supercross boyfriend Kyle Regal

Things seemed to take a bit of a turn for the worse after the first moto on Saturday, in which Kyle apparently finished in a very disappointing 28th place. Maci tweeted:

hey does any body know where the stick thats up @kyleREGAL’s ass came from? because he needs to take it back.

There were a number of Kyle Regal fans that were quick to point out the “stick” may have been because of his disappointing finish.

Things must have only gotten worse overnight because Sunday evening Kyle Regal tweeted “yea I’m SINGLE :)” before deleting it shortly after. (It was retweeted by one of Maci’s friends and also shows up in a bike racing Twitter feed that includes Kyle.)

Maci Bookout and Kyle Regal photo gallery:
Maci Bookout and boyfriend Kyle Regal split upTeen Mom Maci Bookout and boyfriend Kyle RegalSupercross racer Kyle Regal and girlfriend Maci Bookout

Kyle Regal with Maci BookoutMaci Bookout kisses boyfriend Kyle RegalPhoto of Kyle Regal and Maci Bookout together

According to All the Teen Moms, Maci shared a tweet in which she referred to Kyle as her ex, but then deleted it almost immediately.

Kyle then appeared to expose some rather unappealing true colors by tweeting, “pimps don’t fall in love.” And he also appeared to get in a bit of hot water by allegedly asking a friend of Maci’s for nude photos. I couldn’t find out anything concrete about that, but these tweets of Cady’s are possibly referencing this situation:

“It takes a f**king lot for me to see enough in someone to call them a friend. So when I see someone trying to deliberately hurt them or their feelings especially by using ME as a catalyst I swear to you I will never never forget that shit. Don’t be shitty.

Karma is real. Love is not.”

Maci and Bentley cut their weekend short and flew back into Atlanta this evening where their bad luck continued as Maci’s good pal blew out his transmission on the way to pick them up from the airport. The beleaguered mom and son did eventually make it home, although not in the best of shape. Maci shareed this next photo along with the tweet, “im gonna go apply for america’s next top model, ill see you tomorrow.”

Beleaguered Maci Bookout after apparently braeking up with boyfriend Kyle Regal

On a positive note, Maci does seem to still have her focus and priorities straight. She tweeted, “the one thats ALWAYS been there.” with this photo collage of her and Bentley.

Maci Bookout and Bentley photo montage

To be honest, I’m surprised there’s still all this mysterious subterfuge and smoke screening by everyone involved considering that none of this will be on Teen Mom. Could it be Maci already has another show lined up? (100% pure speculation folks! Could be she just wants to try to keep her private life private.)

UPDATE: It looks like Ryan Edwards and Dalis are also split again!

  • OMG

    Am i the only who i thought right from the beginning he was using her? From what i’ve been told, he’s kinda sorta new to the industry and isn’t that good and hasn’t gotten much of a fan base. Ever since he got with her, his followers rocketed by like 25,000 and he was tweeting to have fans vote for like fan favorite of the year, etc. It just seems suspicious to me. Like she seemed WAY more into him than he was into her. I think he used her to get his name out there and she was too oblivious to notice. He clearly isn’t saddened by the break up and is making it clear that he was in it for a motive by his pimp tweet. But this is probably going to backfire on him in retrospect as he probably won’t have like any fans now. I questioned his motives the second i hear about them two, and i am now confident that i was right. Some things are just too good to be true.

    • K

      Actually, Regal has been around for awhile in the industry. He had a solid season before the news of the two of them dating came out. And from what Maci has said in interviews, she’s known Kyle and his family for awhile too.

  • Teen mom fan

    So, rumor is that Dalis caught Ryan cheating on her. The rumor is that it was with Maci. Now today both Dalis and Kyle Regal announce a break up! This is all just rumor at this point, but I do find it coincidental that both couples broke up this weekend!

  • K

    OH MY GOD!!!!! I can’t believe Ryan and Dalis broke up AGAIN!!!! I don’t think he cheated with Maci, if I’m honest ryan and maci were awful together! They never seemed to like each other very much when they were a couple let alone love each other! Maci seems to have changed a lot in the last year or so which is a shame cos she was my favourite teen mom but she seems like a bit of a bitch these days.

    I really hope her and Kyle King get back together, he was really sweet and grounded and seemed to be really good 4 maci and bentley!!

  • Sarah

    Umm, she certainly does NOT have her priorities straight. She didn’t waste much time finding Bentley a new daddy after breaking up with the first Kyle. Sure, she says that Bentley is all she needs now, but will she be singing the same tune two weeks from now when she moves on to the next guy?

  • Tiffany

    That horrible picture is her friend Katie.,,go check the tweet (& the obvi hair color).

  • tab

    i hope maci stays single and focuses on being a mom.

    priorities straight? flying around the country to watch your boyfriend of a few months race in motorcross with your 3 year old?
    how about get a job, go back to school and lead a normal life.

  • Blahblahblah

    WHY IS SHE DRAGGING HER SON AROUND THE COUNTRY TO FOLLOW A BOY!? THESE TEEN MOTHERS ARE DISGUSTING. It blows my mind how no one says a word to these girls about this. FOCUS ON YOUR DAMN KID! Every other little update posted is who is breaking up with who, who got matching tattoos with their boyfriend of 5 minutes, whose ex is selling nude photos…. Why are these girls so retarded? If they were taking care of their kids, there wouldn’t be nearly as much drama or complete nonsense to talk about.

    • annie

      couldn’t have said it better!

  • Dianna

    what do you think musicians so when they do on tour?? they bring their kids with them!! chill out!! i dont think there’s anything wrong with taking her son with her. atleast she doesnt leave him all the time. also loosing a race is a big deal when its your job and your trying to built a fan base. she needs to realize that if shes going to be dating guys in motor cross racing.

    im sure she likes to keep her life private now. maybe she likes everybody not know every detail of her life

  • FR

    Hate the way these girls obsess over boys by constantly tweeting about them and flying from place to place (dragging their child with them!),etc. The second their relationship hits a roadbump, they post photos of their child with captions like “the one thats [sic] ALWAYS been there”.

  • Erika

    I’m sure Bentley had a blast at those races he is a little boy! If they were going on a vacation to see the races their wouldn’t be a problem though. And I hope Ryan and Maci get back together. You can see they still low eatchother they hurt eatchother to much and needed a break.

  • xo

    Maci really needs to grow the hell up and stop tweeting her personal life to a bunch of strangers. She’s almost as bad as Jenelle when it comes to twitter.

    Can’t really blame the new Kyle for getting out, look how she likes to manipulate Ryan by using Bentley and tried to manipulate the first Kyle with Bentley’s attachment to him. I’d tell her to kick rocks too.

  • Calidream

    It’s funny how you b*** about them tweeting so
    Much but your the ones paying attention reading it lol

    Wish I had money to blow on flying around the country.
    Honestly its disgusting the way the spend their money and yes
    Obbsees over boys.

    And to the musican comment ya they travel but that’s because they have talent
    and that’s there job. She ain’t doing sh** except having a kid and being
    On t.v

  • Tracie

    This guy was just a rebound for her anyway….

  • SonnySky

    Gary behavior is horrid. He should be in some kind of anger management and therapy and learn how to speak cause this guy is very abusive. He will not make a good parent for Leah. He should never disrespect the mother of his child in any way. This will all come back on him one day.

  • nacole

    maci i think out of all your boyfriends or boy toys ryan is the most attractive come on kyle regal really eww you can do so much better and so much hotter come on girl you just need to go out and find some really hott and good dude