PHOTOS Jenelle Evans is engaged to Gary Head

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans wearing an engagement ring

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans loves to pull fast ones on sites like ours but it looks like this one’s for real! Evans took to Twitter and dropped the following along with the above photo:

PHOTO: engagement ring 😉

That’s right, Jenelle Evans is engaged to boyfriend Gary Head! Head hasn’t tweeted anything about it but Jenelle did follow up with the following tweet and photo when someone sarcastically asked her if Gary got the bling out of a gumball machine:

“no he def didn’t”

If you’ll recall, Head had purchased a ring previously, but that all blew up in a usual Evans / Delp / Head twitter spat break-up mess. From our previous post on that it also featured an image of a Reeds jewelers box and a similar looking princess cut ring.

Another h8r tweeted that they believe the ring means nothing to her and she replied, “it means everything to me he actually takes care of my every need and Jaces every need.”

She later tweeted, “Can’t wait to see my fiancé later 🙂 its so weird to say that lol.”

Congrats Jenary and we wish the best for the happy couple. You know I wonder, will she change her name to Jenelle Head!?!

One more closeup look at the ring:

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' engagement ring from fiance Gary Head

*Please note the tweets quoted are as written

  • OhMyGeez

    How about you just concentrate on ONE boy – your SON! With the way you go through friends and boyfriends, no wonder people don’t take you seriously.

    • Ralphie

      she does what she wants

    • Ashley

      I agree 100%!! It’s obvious she’d rather be with a man rather than her son,who is more important. Sad, sad.

  • Stefani

    She really needs to get a life. She is such a joke. Lets let REAL mothers get paid for being moms.

    • Ashley


    • Anika

      YES! I want to punch her in the face. How anyone can defend such trash , I don’t know. Just last week you were saying you were with Kieffer, saying Gary hit you, and then suddenly after a week you’re engaged? And how does he take care of Jace exactly when his own ‘mother’ Jenelle doesn’t even do it? She obviously thinks she all grown up and awesome, but she’s a complete idiot who needs to actually grow up, take care of her son full time, stop being with a different guy every week, and stop buying lizards and fake boobs.

      • Ashley

        I think she actually has very low self-esteem, which is why she can’t be without a guy in her life, continues to get back with losers (and if they really did abuse her they are more than losers), constantly publicize herself on twitter and be so rude to people, the need to self-medicate with pot to escape her life, and often posts that she can’t stop crying or is miserable or something like that….

  • macy

    Oh, that’ll last. She’ll be back with Queefer and his hoodie next week.

  • Kelly

    They both have some growing up to do before they even THINK about getting engaged. The break up that they just went through is proof of that.

  • Shianne

    Un-bloody-real. She is the biggest fake and liar I have seen on tv so far. Accuse him of abuse and then you’re engaged? Attention wh0re!

    • Maria

      didnt they just break up? what is her problem, that poor Jace needs a real mommy

  • Katie

    As long as there isn’t a pregnancy announcement to follow, good luck to her I guess!

  • KH

    Congrats Jenelle and Gary! I wish the both of you, as well as Jace, the best (:

    • Bailey

      Give it up, shes not going to read your comment. She doesn’t care about you. She doesn’t know you exist. They’ve been together for a few weeks.

  • Hanna

    Ppl think she is the wrost teen mom out there yet look at amber, ambers been in&out of jail more than jenelle. jenelle did right by jace cause at the time in her life she could not raise him the proper way, she probably still going through things and still doesnt know how to raise jace.

    • Shianne Erin

      You see, my problem is she claims this Gary guy beat her and now she is planning on marrying him. There are thousands of women and men who are abused by their partners daily. Some even die because the abuse went to far. She made abuse a joke. Too me she is either the biggest f-en liar there ever was, or she is even more stupid than her stupid b00bs look. Just saying.

      • hello there!

        her b00bs look bad right now because they are fresh….it takes time for them to lok decently normal…i would know i have amother in law who just got implants aout a year or so ago

    • Kelly

      She needs to get her life together, and find someone that she can maintain a HEALTHY relationship with before she considers marriage. I don’t dislike her, but I highly doubt this is going to work considering the amount of distrust in their relationship.

    • Kelli

      Just because Amber is a shit show- doesn’t make Jenelle any less of one. They’re both equally trash. Don’t worry- we’ll see them on “celebrity” rehad in 10 years, tops. My guess is Amber will just be in and out of jail for the rest of her life, and Jenelle’s probably going to turn to p0rn when her 15 minutes of fame is over. Just a guess. They’re both disgusting.

  • Ralphie

    The ring is small, unlike her b00bs now.

  • Ashley

    He takes care of her every need by cheating on her? And he takes care of Jace’s every need by Barbara having custody? Right.

    There’s no way they’ll actually make it to marriage. They are both WAY too immature for it to work.

  • Sara


  • ER

    I can’t figure out if these guys are awful or if Jenelle is awful (I know it’s a case of both column A and column b). First Gary cheats on her and beats her, then he’s sweet and supportive, then Kiefer is better, then Kiefer is an idiot who posts nude pictuers of her… With Jenelle, it’s like the boy who cried wolf. Someday somebody is going to really beat her up, or really hurt her, or worse, hurt Jace, and nobody is going to be believe her because she is not a trustworthy person. Sad- Jace should have been put up for adoption. Hopefully Barbara is keeping him away from all this mess.
    I wonder if by “caring for Jace’s every need” she means paying the bills that the owes Barbara every month for his food, childcare, etc.

  • InWonderland

    I still don’t see why we’re celebrating considering she claims he hit her.

  • Tracie

    Wait I thought she was dating Keiffer????

  • coco

    I bet this will last about as long as their on again, off again relationship

  • me

    Of course she’s engaged, thats the only stupid thing she hasnt done yet. I’m tired of seeing this dumb girl everywhere, please stop making her “twitter famous”!!! and YES I CLICKED ON THIS POST JUST TO SAY THAT.

  • Ashley

    She’s attention hungry; that’s all. I bet this “child” doesn’t even know the meaning of being engaged. She is a joke that’s not funny. It seems like she takes advantage of everybody and every situation-not in a good way. I love how the vast majority of these articles about 16 and pregnant girls always portray them in a negative way. I’d rather hear about them getting an education and a job other than them being in the media’s everyday!!

    • Ashley

      *media’s camera everyday is what I meant to say!

  • MaHawk

    SHE WAS JUST WITH ANOTHER GUY LAST WEEK AKA KEIFFER. WTH.THIS IS CRAZY.. I mean I’m sure MTV is loving this,it makes great tv but this is ridiculous.

  • helloisitme

    Its starting to look like there is no actual hope for her, possibly ever.

  • hello there!

    did all the jerks on here even stop to think…..hmmmm….MAYBE this is the real deal…SETTLING DOWN? having a FATHER FIGURE for her SON?? u guys are jerks! straight up

    • Kelly

      So because we don’t think she’s ready for such a serious commitment were jerks? She was with another guy what? A WEEK AGO?! I don’t dislike her, but she does NOT need to be engaged at this point in her life.

    • Kelli

      A father figure for her son? That’s she’s repeatedly accused of hitting her? Right. WHAT a joke. She doesn’t care about who comes in and out of her childs life for a second because SHE’S RARELY IN HER CHILDS LIFE.

  • obviously

    It’s going to last forever!

  • K

    Maybe Jenelle needs 2 be a REAL MOTHER before looking for a father figure for Jace!!!!

    She’s a pathetic attention seeker and all she’s doing is trying to drag out her teen mom ‘fame’ because if it wasn’t for getting pregnant at 16 and being a complete screw up she’s would be a complete no one!! It makes me sick that she gets paid all this money and doesn’t even look after her son. Their are millions of real mothers out their looking after their kids 24/7 struggling to make ends meet!!!

  • Hanna

    People she does get visitation with her son friday-sunday,and shes going to try and get him back..her lawyer was the one who said that.there is more to every story than we are told..

  • Emily

    Even though it does bother me that she puts herself before Jace I believe that she didnt want to be a mom. She loves Jace but motherhood just isnt right for her. If she’s not ready for it or doesnt want to do it then I don’t think she should have to. If I were her I’d let her mom adopt him and she can still be in his life just not as his mommy. Every since I was young I wanted to be a mom and now I am to 3 little boys and its hard. It’s emotionally and physically draining. She had him young and she didnt get the chance to be a kid/teenager. She’s messed up in her head and has her priorities backwards. I’m not trying to make excuses for her but her relationship with her own mother is horrible. I hope that she gets her stuff together and becomes a great mother to Jace and shows everybody that she can do it but if not then I know Jace will be happy and taken care of regardless. I wish her luck.

  • Brooke

    She is a loser. She thinks of no one but herself. Jenelle really needs to grow the hell up and start taking care of her child.