UPDATE: Status of mother and baby shown in horrific beating video

Malaysian woman beats child in viral Youtube video

When a video of a Malaysian woman circulated recently showing her committing horrific acts of violence on a defenseless baby people took up arms in outrage demanding to know what happened to not only the mother but to her poor child and the person who filmed the footage as well.

CNN followed up after the outcry and here’s the latest information as we’ve had many folks asking for updates on the status of this situation.

The mother was 18-years-old at the time of the video in May of 2011. The infant was 10-months-old. According to Arjunaidi Mohamed, the chief of police in Petaling Jaya, the suburb of Kuala Lumpur where the attack took place, the person who filmed the entire length of unspeakable acts was a friend of the mother who was concerned for the child’s well being.

This friend claims to have seen this mother, who remains unnamed and jailed, beating her child previously and filmed this incident so that she could provide it as evidence to the police. According to Arjunaidi this friend took the footage to the police the same day.

As we previously reported this resulted in the mother being sentenced to 18 months in prison.

As for the helpless baby in the video, the child is now in the care of a foster family and is currently doing “very well” according to the deputy director of the children division of the Social Welfare Department. The director added that monthly checks are made on the family who is of no relation to the mother.

There was circulated speculation that the mother had been raped before committing the atrocities but the police stated this was false and attributed her actions to simple “frustration.” It will be up to a court to assess the mother, who’s scheduled to be released in late November, and decide if she is fit to regain custody of her child. According to authorities this evaluation process is supposed to be “very rigorous.”

  • CiCi

    It’s sad that it’s even possible for this woman to regain custody of her child. I think that would be so traumatic for the child??

    Some people are not meant to be parents.

    • Nicole

      Of course they are only going to sentence her to 18 months in Prison. Now a days people believe that some “jail time” is the cure to straightening anyone out. She should never get custody of her child back. Wether she was “frustrated” or not that is just disgusting, What cold a 10 month old possibly do to deserve that? My nephew is 2 and I could never lay a hand on him. She deserves life in prison I believe. I’ve heard of people doing longer time in jail for hurting an animal. What’s a child worth? Apparently it doesn’t seem like that much. This video makes me sick, As for the person filming it, instead of filming the entire footage why would she have gotten that baby and beat thenpiss out of the mother? If I was there I’m telling you that would have never happened.. No mercy for her. She doesn’t deserve any children and should never be allowed around another one again

    • Indira

      To all the people out there who didn’t watch the video, please don’t, I saw just like a second of it and just couldn’t watch it, it is disgusting what this woman did. Its sick. I’m disgusted to see that she’s only getting 18 months in jail and she might actually be considered to get the baby back. She deserves the same beating and should rot in jail, and no way should she even be allowed to see this child. I agree with Samantha this is the most horrifying video that I have ever seen.

  • cynthia

    I cant even gather up the courage to watch the video.in saying that now I am frustrated so what jail is she at so I release my frustrations. The day this world excepts the fact that not all women that give birth are mothers will be the day we take a step towards protecting children. I know plenty of men out here that make better single parents than women. The courts giving abusers back their victims only proves the abuser is correct “nobody cares about you “

    • Neacy

      Don’t watch the video… it was absolutely awful, the sickest most depraved thing I have ever seen… don’t watch it, I wish I hadn’t.

    • Me

      I can’t get myself to watch it either…just thinking about what might be contained in it is bad enough! 🙁

  • Paul

    sick authorities for even thinking about assesing this woman. they shud be assesing on the slowest way possible of killing her.

  • C

    Regaining custody of the child she beat senseless should not even be an option! The social workers should be working to keep the child as far away from the mother as they possibly can. Maybe even propose a restraining order because what the mother did was despicable. No child should have to go through what this poor baby went through.

  • Neacy

    I cannot believe there is even a chance that she could ever regain custody of this poor child. If someone allows this woman to have this child back it will honestly be a sad day for the human race, I cannot believe anyone would actually even consider allowing this

  • Natalie

    She should have gotten more than 18 months in jail. She should have went to prison

  • Jme

    I hope she stays in jail for a long time… she deserves to rott in jail

  • haya

    In my opinion,she should be given atleast 5 years imprisonment.Blood was comin out of my eyes when I watched this video..18 months is too short.. She should not be given custody of baby anymore..she dont deserve it.. baby should be with any responsible authorities under the surveillance of human rights authority..Pity that a biological mother could do that..Why she gave birth if she had to brutally beat that baby.May God bless and protect that child..Amen!!

  • Rachael

    18 months in prison isnt enough and the fact that they would allow her to regain custody are you kidding me? I wont watch the video it would be too much. If she is given that child back that child will be killed seriously she isnt ready or fit to be a parent and it makes me utterly sick that theyd even consider giving that child back are they insane?

  • Tonya

    Yes do not watch the video.. Im balling cause of it and I guarantee Im going to be thinking about it now for the rest of the day.. she deserves to rot in hell…

  • Angie

    I regret watching this video, I’ve been haunted by it ever since. It is literally the most disturbing thing I have ever seen.

    And she did it out of “frustration?” I think almost everyone has been frustrated by a child or crying baby at some point, but you know what DOESN’T make a baby stop crying? Beating the crap out of it. Normal people know this and would comfort the baby instead of slapping it.

    I’m glad she’s in jail, but she needs to stay there for a looooooong time. 18 months is a slap on the wrist for what she did. That beautiful child deserves a long and happy life without this woman in it.

  • Donna

    Please do not let curiosity get the best of you. Do not watch this! I have been crying for the past 3 hours on and off with the thoughts of this animal beating this defenseless baby. I look at my beautiful 8 month old and cannot imagine my life without him. That is the way you should feel about a baby that grows inside you and that you give life to. This woman should have her uterus cut out and her hands chopped off!! i wish i had her in front of me so i can beat the living sh-t out of her!!! im so angry…..

  • Marwa

    Do not watch this video. I watched it thinking that it might be fake or people are exaggerating because I never though any human being, without mentioning a mother, could hurt any defenseless creature this way. My heart really hurts that I though i will get a heart attack from this. I even grabbed my two years old and started hugging and kissing her hoping that somehow this might be transferred to the infant in the video. Most probably the mother came from an abusive home were she was tortured too. Cruelty runs in a circle that never ends. I only pray to God that this woman weather she was abused herself or no, never ever gets to feel the warmth and love that this innocent child will provide as she grows older. Please God have mercy on the innocent of this sad world.

  • me

    if this woman regains this child i will personally punch myself in the face; thats how retarded that is!

  • gail

    isnt there anyway that a petition could be done to have her kept in jail and that she never gets her children back , this thing as you cant call her a woman is worse than even the evelist of animals as you dont do that to a helpless baby and as it was stated it wasnt the first time either. i would be one of the first to sign a petition please please dont let her out or give her back these children for their own safety
    i had night mares all night after i saw this

    • hello there!

      change.org is a good site to start petitions, im not urewhat the rulkes are and stuff but go ahead on it and check it out, maybe u should start one…

      she deserves at least 5 years plus 10 years supervised probation if u ask me. or lie detecotr tests to assure she is not abusing anyone at all.

  • dina

    o filho da p…. que der a guarda d o filho a mae e porque deve ter e problemas mentais e o juiz que deu so 18 meses de cadeia deve andar metido no alcool nao deve haver explicaçao melhor… este monstro de sere humano devia era levar tanta murraça naquela cabeça contra parede ate morrer porque um bebe sofrer o que sofreu nao merece passar pelo mesmo..tenham dó daquela criança e deixem a ser feliz porque ja sofreu bastante com aquele monstro que nem de mae se pode chamar porque mae e uma palavra de amor afecto e carinho…

  • QueenieK

    I thank God that He has taken this innocent baby out of the hands of this raging woman. I’m also thankful that the baby is in better hands than hers. Personally, I don’t think that 18 months is long enough for her because of the extent of abuse that she has committed. That was just “one” incident that was made known to the public, could you imagine the many more incidents that had prior to that? Further more… If such abuse was caused because of “frustration..” What will happen to the baby “should” she regain custody? I would deny custody all the way. It is due to regaining custody that babies go missing and yes… found in a ditch, trash can, or along side the road “LIFELESS!!!!” I would say… CUSTODY DENIED!!!!

  • amanda

    Don’t watch the video. I did, and I couldn’t finish it. How could someone do that to a baby?! Let alone, anyone? As a mother of a 2.5 year old, I could never ever lay a hand on my child. My heart aches for the baby in this video and I wish I could take him, hold him, and let him know he’ll be OK!

  • stacy


  • Tom

    It’s a sad thing to watch. I don’t think they should let her have that poor child back, nor ever let her see her child or children ever again. I have two wonderful daughter’s and I give my life for either of them !! I agree with cynthia’s earlier statement, there are plenty of good single father’s out there. I also think the person filming this, that claimed they’d seen it happen b4 should be prosecuted right along with the poor excuse of a human that committed that atrocious act on a defenseless 10 month old baby, that did nothing wrong ever in it’s short beautiful life. Hopefully the foster parents will fight for the child, and justice will be done for the babies sake.

  • Elizabeth Eberle

    Thank goodness she was placed in prison.I also believe she should not get her child back period.This video upset me quite a bit. I hope I never see someone treating a baby this way again.I hope the child is being loved and cared for well.I hope this does not have a lasting effect on the baby.I am praying for the child.I hope the mother never forgets what she did and I hope she spends her life knowing that people dislike her extremely so.I would say hate ,I am sure there are some that do but we should not hate.I am praying that God keeps his hand on this infant to protect him for the rest of his life.

  • crystal

    This is absolutely absurd I can’t believe anyone would treat a child this way that woman should be in jail for life and never be able to see her kid again.this breaks my heart

  • Stacey
  • Nena

    I Prayed for the Baby to be placed I’n a LOVING home, before i found out the Baby had been. Our GOD is an AWESOME GOD… an the Mother just got 18 months… WOW!!!! To me that’s not enough, I Think well i know she will stand before GOD one day an will be judged on judgement day! My opinion is that she has her Parental rights taken away FOR GOOD, (PLEASE LORD I PRAY THAT YOU LEAVE THE BABY WITH THE FOSTER FAMILY THAT IS GIVING THE BABY LOVE, AFFECTION, AN CARE THAT HE OR SHE NEEDS, AN NOT LET THE MOTHER HAVE HER RIGHTS BACK FOR THE REST OF THE BABY’S LIFE… GOD I PRAY IN JESUS NAME AMEN)… I could not watch all of this video it made me cry, an shake uncontrollably. IT BROKE MY HEART INTO A MILLION PIECES THAT’S FOR SURE!!! BUT ELATED TO KNOW THE BABY IS SAFE, AN THE MOTHER IS BEHIND BARS, which my opinion should stay behind bars for the rest of her LIFE… I just can’t comprehend this at all, an this happens everyday an all over the World… Lord i Pray too you watch over all the little innocent children that are going thru the same thing that this PRECIOUS little Baby did. An NO CHILD should be Treated this way at all. They DO NOT DESERVE THIS KIND OF TREATMENT, NO MATTER HOW ANGRY OR “FRUSTRATED” you get YOU SIMPLY WALK AWAY just walk away!!! This was a very sad story, But Love that the Baby is safe, an is not around this terrible, horrific kind of treatment… Thanks, Nena

    • Gina

      I couldn’t watch the whole video either it also made me cry and shake and I felt sick all night but I did the same this as you and prayed for that poor baby that she was no longer with that mother, I now feel somewhat better knowing that that baby is safe and being loved and cared for. God is awesome

    • anon

      If God was so great or even real it wouldn’t happen in the first place.

      • whatistruth

        There you go again. Blame God. Obviously you are ignorant of the fact that we ALL have free will. God doesn’t want puppets. He wants free will people to do good.

        • Bobby Bellew

          If something good happens, your GOD did it. If something bad happens, free will. Stupidity.

          • Dylan Jones

            This is stupid, take your religious argument to a religious video. People can well wish however they like, God or no God.

          • a

            That’s right all goodness comes from God and as stated God doesn’t want puppets he will not force you to be good that’s why there will always be evil in this world, but there is hope through Jesus Christ. Stupidity is denying it. One day every knee will bow and every toungue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord even you!

            • Kris Moreno

              Stfu Bobby fuckface. You sound like an idiot.

              • Bobby Bellew

                Very Christian response. Good job.

            • Nicole

              I just vomitted.

              • Michael Barry

                That’s a sign from God.

          • shurvy

            ur the ignorant one y does it hurt u so much that we thank jesus god like whats ur problem u better hope that the devil is not using u my friend because the way ur talking it make me wonder. if u are not religious that ur problem rot in hell for all i care but we r just deal with it and stop hating on god like how ignorant can a person get

            • God Killed more than Satan

              I might know how to respond if this was in English. Sadly, it’s written in illiterate idiot.
              God kills billions. Satan killed 2.

              • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke

                I do believe you are mistaken honey child, Satan is the reason why so many are killed and dead today !!

                • Bobby Bellew

                  Even in your bible, your “god” killed more than anyone else. And today, more people are killed in the name of a god than for any other reason.

                • William

                  Well ask your “imaginary friend” what he thinks.. Oh Yeah

            • Bobby Bellew

              You need to go back to school. your lack of proper education is showing.

          • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke

            NO God is good all the time! Satan has free reign of this old world that is the stupidity. Cause people are sinful and love to sin for the Devil!!!

            • Bobby Bellew

              You are an idiot. But I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you that.

        • Nicole

          Free will is a sick excuse! Face it, there is no god & if there were then he’s one sick son of a b****. If god cant stop this then he isnt worth the cloud he sits on!

          • mike starr

            hey! remember you’ve said this when you’re suffering alone in silence some day (and there will come a day everyone has at least one if they’re indeed human) and need someone to reach out to because nobody here on earth is willing or able to hear your cries…

          • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke

            Nicole Prove to meGod isn’t real……………

            • Bobby Bellew

              Prove he is.

      • Tracy Cruse

        God has nothing to do with it. This is done by the hands of a human that has no concept of spiritual principles, morals, or values of a another human being. God wept while his angel was being tortured!

        • Nicole

          Well his tears are worth shit! I curse any god who allows this. Where is the power that he supposedly has? Yeah, thats right, he has no power cuz he’s just some fictional character.

          • mike starr

            you really are a sad individual aren’t you? pitiful.

        • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke

          That is why it was revealed God let it happen to take that baby out ot that situation! Praise God as HE is always Good!!

      • shurvy

        ur the ignorant one y does it hurt u so much that we thank jesus god like whats ur problem u better hope that the devil is not using u my friend because the way ur talking it make me wonder. if u are not religious that ur problem rot in hell for all i care but we r just deal with it and stop hating on god like how ignorant can a person get ok

      • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke

        He is REAL but so is SATAN and he is the ruler of this old world until JESUS comes back to rule over all of the World at the end times. Satan is the one who lets thi happen and he loves it. I cringe and hate the devil! Thank GOD the baby is out of there!!!

    • whatistruth

      Neither should they be dismembered in the womb or burned with a chemical to cause an abortion,.

      • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke


    • Nicole

      You mean their’s a god?? What god?? If there is ever a god that allows this to happen for the sake of “free will” then there is no god at all!

      • mike starr

        …you really ANNOY ME, learn how to spell…you present yourself as an ignorant fool…

      • mike starr

        Ignorance is Bliss Apparently…

    • Mo

      How do you know the child is in a loving foster home? It could be bad too. Also, in one breath you say that God is awesome, and in the next you are shocked about the length of the jail term.
      Such an awesome God, indeed.

    • zenabella

      it’s bad enough I hate fights I don’t like action movie but this is crazy I hate bully people and I hate people that abused babies children and senior citizen that really touch my heart its my first time seeing it and I’m sitting here crying for that baby and I hope her mother find somebody to be at her like that I have a daughter of my own she’s 23 years old I never ever once put my hand on her or yelled at her or shout at her I brought in this world to love her to comfort her and I hope that baby find a loving family and grow up to be an amazing person if I had the money I would have found her and love her and hold her and and comfort her

  • mandy

    That woman should never be able to even see that baby again or be allowed to have any more. I dont care how frustrated she is that didnt give her the right to do that. If they give her coustody of that baby back shes just going to beat it again if not kill the baby next time. DONT GIVE HER COUSTODY BACK AND TAKE ANY MORE SHE HAS AS SOON AS SHE HAS THEM OR FORCE HER TO BE FIXED. Shes sick. I hope she never makes it out of prison.

  • robin

    i could not watch all of it it was to heartbreaking…18 mons is not long enough for her life will do her right..she dont need to get her child back even see it for that matter….i dont care how mad or frustrated you get u dont do that to a child they are a gift not a beaten pole…… i have 3 kids and i get frustrated alot but i will never ever do that to my child…i cry when i seenn it after i seen what i did i was crying and so mad i pick up my 7 mon old and held tight and kept say i love u baby girl over and over again and now every time i think about it i cry so so sad no jail is to good for her she need to be tied to a car or truck drag down a gravel road for many and many miles

    • I also have 3 children and I can remember being very frustrated when I didn’t know how to kid my first child to stop crying. There were many times I’d strap him in his swing, put on a Baby Einstein and go sit in a hot shower until I had collected myself. I figured he wouldn’t die from crying (btw, he was fed, changed, etc.) but I had to regain my wits. On the few occasions I did this I’d find him peacefully sleeping. Of course, things were easier with each child as I knew what to expect. I too, hugged my babies after watching this and just told them I loved them more than life.

      • Im a 18 year old mom. Got a beautiful little girl. shes 19 months. and after watching this I had to hug her and kiss her. I cant believe a 10 month old could have done something to frustrate someone that bad. She has no excuse for what she did.

  • brittany

    After watching this. .. i would like to find her and put her 6 feet under forget the 18 months.. god bless that baby!

  • Annette

    There is no reason for her actions. She should be locked up in prison for life, not even a death sentence should be an option. She needs to be where she gets the crap beat out of her daily. She should never be able to see this child, nor any child for the rest of her life. Regain custody should NEVER be an option. Dear Lord protect this baby now and forever. Amen!

  • Tammy

    I saw this video for the first time today and was appalled. I had to look up to find out what happened to all involved. 18 months, that’s it? And to think there is a possibilty that she could regain custody is sickening. My thought is what anger is she going to have to this child now that she has spent time in jail? I fear for that child’s safety. I had wondered what had happened to the one who recorded this. I was so upset watching the video to see no one helping that poor baby girl. At least the friend took the video to the police. I pray for that child that she NEVER has to go back to her abusive mother. I could only watch a minute of that video and cried and found I was yelling at the video for someone to help that baby. Very disturbing. So sad a mother could treat their child so horribly.

  • Christy

    What is wrong with this woman?! I understand why the friend was recording it but I would have taken the mom and slam her head in the wall 10 times over and say “ًthe hell do you think your doing?!” I’m watching this and just planning in my mind how I’m gonna find her and slap her in the face, take the baby, and make sure that the mom dies a slow painful death.
    I don’t mean to sound just as bad as the mom but this kind of thing just makes me want to punch someone! No child, especially babies, should be treated like this. If I ever see her in person, oh… I would make sure that she gets more than 18 months in jail. She would be 18 years in a straight jacket hanging upsidown.

    • Wendy Brown

      You don’t sound anywhere near what that incubator is

  • Autumn Conley

    If ANYONE, court or otherwise, grants this woman custody of this or any child ever again, they all deserve to be beaten and thrown in prison. This is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen – well, almost. The sickest thing I’ve ever seen is the courts giving an 18-month sentence to someone who does something so heinous and nauseating simply out of “frustration.” She should have to serve a life sentence for every swat – and I’m being kind.

    • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke


  • Samantha Greene

    This is the cruelest, most horrifying video ever. If I knew this monster’s real name and address, I might be tempted to beat her to death myself. Up until I watched this video, which people told me about, my brain could not process how disturbing it actually is to see a mother – or any adult – beating a helpless baby in such a way. The fires of hell are not hot enough for a woman like this.

    • Maritza

      There was another child in the video, standing and watching the beating! Who is she and is she safe as well??? I hope we can get another current update!

      • Megan

        That was the child of the woman filming. Sad that she had to witness this

        • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke

          no it wasn’t the 18 yr old mother was beating her own child a friend filmed this and took it straight to the police, they arrested her and the baby is in a foster home healthy and happy, She is in jail!!!!

      • Debra Bish

        The friend of Ira who was video recording the incident also got jail time for not stopping her.

  • Amber

    I could only watch the first 10 seconds of the video. My husband continued to watch and I had to go outside because I couldn’t handle hearing the baby’s cries. It literally made me sick to my stomache. I asked my husband how the video ended and he said the camera just shut off. We were concerned that she killed the poor baby. I am happy to know she was taken away and is being cared for elsewhere. That mother should be repeatedly tottered the same way she totured h baby. No child could ever do anything to deserve that type of treatment!

    • How can we find out her name?

      • gwen

        It’s ira something Google CNN beaten 10 month old baby it’s has am update it has her name there

    • Linda J GarrisonBowman Fluke

      Amber I cried at this also, I said they need to treat her just like she did the baby, over and over until she can’t stand it then beat her til she is almost dead!!!! Thank God the baby is out of there!!

  • Stephanie Wimmer

    I don’t think she should ever have custody of a child again and be made to not have anymore kids ever!!!!!!!!

  • Zania

    Hopes she never gets her baby back, that was f**ked up!!! OMG Bitch has no right having kids if you ask me….

  • Suggie Thames

    If I got ahold of that bitch I would rip her face off with my teeth!

  • I hope they dont give that child back cause next she will kill that poor child.Even if you are mad looking at your childs face when they are crying should just melt your heart.that baby couldnt talk back or do anything to make you that mad. I hope thw foster care really is being good to this child she has already been theough ro much

  • My husband said he wish he could let her see how that felt. If you do want kids and its to hard for u to handle give that to some one who would care for it or better yet keep your lefs closed

  • Jason Baltoski

    After my wife showed me this video, I wanted to hunt this woman in the video down. Who the hell in their right mind does something like that to a baby?

    • Rose

      Me to I could not sleep thinking about hunting her down.

  • raven

    This girl needs to never get that baby back. I dont judge people but this girl needs to be beat an killed i cant believe someone could do such a thing. I just pray that god keeps that baby safe an happy an please lord away from that bitch!!

  • zasberry

    That bitch need to stay in jail to be taught a lesson. I felt so hurt for that baby. I would never do that to my choldren.

  • MzEarle228

    Noooooo…She should NOT be released or regain Custody of this child. If the woman taping stated that this has happen prior to this incident, it WILL happen again….Keep her LOCKED UP…and the baby with the Foster Parents. This is a VERY Inhumane act!!

  • Rose

    18 months that is all this Scum of the earth received?? She should get DEATH. I saw this last night and could not sleep thinking about this poor baby. I hope that she gets tortured in jail. Thank God she was caught..

  • niki

    Absolutely horrific. Unspeakable .

  • Rozzle

    There is no need for a hateful mother like that to ever regain custody of that child again. 18 months in prison was not enough for her. I hope she got a taste of what she did to that baby by others when she was in prison. If you couldn’t care for your child and was frustrated of being a parent, don’t take it out on them when they are helpless. I wish I could of helped that poor child. I send out all my comfort, hugs, kisses and prayers to that baby. I’m glade shes doing better. As for the mother; you are sick, and you disgust me and I hope that what you did will always haunt you. You are unfit to be around children. How could you!

  • T. Cimmiyotti

    She should NEVER be allowed to have her child back. With this video and the reaction to it, who is to say that she will not resent her baby even more possibly blaming the baby for the public outcry! This is a very sad situation…

  • Kristy

    That’s awful she deserves a lot longer then 18 months in prison i mean wow!!! She does not deserve to have that poor baby back!!! If she gets him back she will end up killing that poor baby!!! I pray she never gets to even c him again and she should b maded by the courts to have her tubes tied she dont deserve to have kids!!!!

  • NO custody EVER!!!

  • This woman doesn’t deserve a second chance to be a mother!!!!!!!!!!! To go to that extreme with your poor defenseless baby….THEY SHOULD NOT GIVE HER CUSTODY BACK OR EVEN CONSIDER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ihatebabybeaters

    This woman deserves to be beat to death! I wish I had access to her….I don’t care what she herself has endured. You do NOT beat a little baby…ever!!! I was verbally and emotionally abused as a child by my father but not until I was 8 years old. And he occasionally hit me too. I would NEVER EVER hit my kids…NOT EVER!! And esp. not a baby!! I hope this woman burns in hell!! I was shaking the whole time I watched this video….she is PURE EVIL and she better not get this baby back. She doesn’t deserve to even live….let alone have access to abusing this poor baby again!!

  • Violence is not enough, this woman should never see this child again and she needs to have her uterus forcefully ripped out so she can never have another child again.

  • Gina

    if you are frustrated with your child, you walk away. You don’t beat it. I hope that poor baby remembers nothing of this and is in a home where she knows nothing but love. That mother should NOT get that baby back and she should be forced to be sterilized so she can never have another child again. If I had been the person with the camera, I would have beat the mother over the head with the camera.

  • Kristy Ladouceur

    Please do not give custody of this child back to it’s abusive biological mother.Together we can help stop this madness.

  • kerri

    that woman needs to be put in a room with nothing but a tv playing that video over and over and then occasionally have someone come into the room and slap and kick the bitch so she can comprehend how evil she is and deserves every bit of pain that is inflicted on her. I hope that baby is placed with a loving family and grows up to have an amazing life and never has to see this so called ‘mother’ again. People that can do this need to be sterilised.

  • kasha

    if i found her, i would have no regrets beating the shit out of her and slicing her f-ing head off.

  • crystalmike

    Omg this was the worst video I have ever seen. I would luv to beat tht bitches ass and cut her throat…no baby could have done anything to desirve a beating like this…this bitch needs to rot in the depths of the hell!! Fkin dumb ass mothers! I would luv to know w where she lives!

  • matt

    Lets see how that dum bitch like if i kick her in the face that’s y i don’t like them Indian assholes

    • .Janet C.

      Matt, the woman is MALAYSIAN!!! NOT Indian~~ BIG difference bud~~

  • Maria Jackson

    today was my first time seeing the video, i was very upset!! Please do not give the baby back and i believe she needs more time until she gets the help she needs!!! That poor baby didn’t deserve that so i feel she don’t deserve to get him back!!! give her the max sentence for hurting that baby!!!

  • Tiffany Ferris

    FIrst I have to say this Woman does not ever need to regain custody because A. Did you just watch the same video I did? Yes? Enough said… Ok and B. That wasn’t even frustration(which is a bad enough excuse, just walk away ppl) That is pure Methodical psychotic abuse and torture for her own benefit. SHe views that baby as a thing not a human. Notice the way she seems repulsed and refused the baby to even touch her, (and the poor child still reaches for its mother in its time of need and torment is the sad part huh) she has no emotional reaction she isn’t :angry not upset her facial expression never really changes past one of bored facination, and when the little girl would quiet down or quit crying entirely the abuse worsened. This is a case of abuse for abuse sake, there was no reason nor excuse. She needs to NEVER come in contact with children again and mark my words this will not stop this behavior has manifested earliy and incarceration will only worsen it. DO NOT give her custody of this baby and PLEASE STERELIZE THE BITCH!

    • Tiffany Ferris

      Also please excuse the typos, grammar, & punctuation. it’s late & I’m tired!

  • igahmah

    The saddest part of all is that even after the mom beating the baby, the baby was reaching for it’s mommy to comfort it and she hit it again. I can honestly say I hate this woman.

    • nickole

      and thats what really got me, I was already choked up, but that was the tipping point.

    • whatistruth

      Yes I saw baby reaching for mommy for help only to get slapped or beaten again. Breaks your heart!

      • Makeva Corley

        Yes so sad

    • Tracy Cruse

      I agree the baby was saying by actions please stop hitting me I love you.

  • EliNUs213211@gmail.com

    She doesn’t deserve to regain custody of her child nor should be allowed to have another one or much more she shouldn’t be allowed to be alone with no child for that matter…. so if she regains custody of her child and this child ends up in a much more worse condition or dead I feel whoever allowed her to regain custody should have to serve time & the mother should be executed BC she’s already served time for such a hideous crime……

  • Danny

    Israel beating Palestine ……

  • Jodie

    18 months is nothing for something so horrible. She should NEVER be allowed to have her child or have children again. I am a mom of 2 and the though of ever doing something like this to a child is just sick. She got a slap on the wrist and the judicial system failed again. I hope and pray for this Innocent child and that they truly never know what their mother was like.

  • Watching the video, I punched my own hard hard and thought of her face. there will never be any reason to do this to a baby. Rape is a terrible crime also and before the beating I would have felt immense compassion for the mother, after the beating, i think she deserved it and more, this is a worthless human being. because she did this to her helpless baby, i would stand by with glee at her being brutally raped multiple times

  • Jlynn

    This seriously made me want to grab the bitch and torture her slowly. so what the bitch was fustrated every mom does as i do to. go calm down and have time out. I love my son. i was abused at an early age and seeing this sent me into non stop tears for that little angel. That precious baby did nothing she was mad and she new that she was defenseless more fun for her i guess. she literally makes me SICK. Hope when she gets out that they will keep that baby with the fosterparents where she is safe an loving home.Her friend says this happened BEFORE!!!! WHY did she not report it?????? GOD PLEASE HEAR ME AND PROTECT YOUR BABY I BEG OF YOU!!! I worried already she will get custody of her and if she does well i already know what will happen to the lil angel and hopefully iam wrong..BLESS THIS INNOCENT ANGEL.

  • Debbie Helton

    no prison no court no talking trying to figure out shit!!! put a shotgun between her eyes & pull the trigger & thats a video id luv to watch. may she burn n hell

  • Hinshikarsus

    I had my first son at 16 y/o and never ever ever did this to him. If I was frustrated with any of my boys when they were little I would hand them to a family member and take a time out or place them in their room safely and walk into another room to calm down and what not. There is no excuse for that womans behavior. If her friend was there how come she didnt excuse her self go take a walk and destress?? I dont understand some parents today. There is no need to harm your child. Stop think of a solution even if its place them in the crib, play pen, swing, on the floor in a room with baby gate and walk away for a few minutes.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo


  • amber

    pleaasseeeeeeee can anubodu tell the current status of baby…can we have some picture evidence that baby is fine and smiling with no fear…please help me I am so disturbed

  • amber

    please can anyone provide any picture evidence that the baby is now doing very fine///please can anybody ask malaysian authority to tell everybody that baby is doing very well now and she happy and safe…..please please for the sake of motherhood

  • amber

    please anybody get my point ??? can anyone have latest information regarding abused child…please tell me

  • Jenny-NYC

    CNN, can you please investigate the status of this child? I’m assuming the mother has been released from prison by now, but I am praying that she will not get custody of the child. Thousands of people in the U.S. are very emotionally invested in this particular case and would appreciate an update.

    Thank you!

    • gwen

      Sickest thing ever it’s so stuck in my head that all I see is my grandbaby in this video. It’s given me horrible nitemares , the chick tapeing . Shuld have put boots to her head , who knows the how many beatings this poor baby has gone threw , if they give her rites to even look at that baby again , then the law is NI better then the mom. They will be a sick as this notch if I knew her. My boots be permanently imprinted in to back of her head , n she would have no hands, to ever hit again, n no face as well cuz I’d kicked it till she. Wasn’t bleeding no more , Ian outraged n am horrified. That a mother cild hurt a helpless baby , I want to twist her neck till I hear it crack , ….. As well as here amrms n legs would look nice between a vice ……

  • Brian Gaffney

    “….circulated speculation that the mother had been raped before committing the atrocities but the police…” What? Sorry, but that’s no excuse to be hitting a baby. I don’t care what your trauma is.

  • Cyndee Malowitz

    She’s lucky I didn’t witness this attack.

  • Laura Russell

    Yes this is disgusting. She should be locked up and bested and tortured for treating her own baby girl that way. I would like to know what happened when she was released? I pray they didn’t give her custody back. I hope that defenseless child is safe now and far away from her useless mother.

  • becky

    Does anyone have any updates on this case, was the woman released?

  • priyanka

    God pl keep the baby safe…my heart breaks into pieces..I saw the video on the day of my daughters birthday and all what I can think of is about that baby..I wish I could get that baby home and give her thhe love of a mother she deserves…

  • gwen

    This notch needs her head n face kicked in. The bitch tapeing it is just as bad , for not helping if not first time then she shuld have
    Helped first time she abused this poor child . I wish I knew this bit h cuz I’d kicked her till she beged me stop . Then I kicked her again . N again. Till knew she never walk, talk, or eat again,,,,,, more little thing I’m OUTRAGED , if I was rich I’d hire someone to find her ,

  • Marilyn Collins

    Sick bitch

  • Tracy Cruse

    I would love to adopt this little angel. Shower her with love and praise.

  • Nanette Valencia

    Evil sociopath deserves to rot in prison

  • NZ Hina

    Omg!! This women doesn’t deserve to have this child or any other child in the future.. Did it out of frustration I don’t care you shouldn’t do this to a baby.. I could only watch 1minute of it and stopped I couldn’t stand to keep watching it Its so horrible! Poor baby girl.. but I’m glad that she is ok and glad the mother has gone to prison.. What a bitch! Id beat her up myself stupid mother!!

  • CJL1982

    What a sick f**king piece of sh*t. Since when is it okay to beat your child almost to death because you’re feeling “frustrated”?? That is NO EXCUSE!! That poor defenseless baby. I’d love to get my hands on her and give her a taste of her own medicine. Rot in hell bitch!

  • Giulio

    I hope that “woman” die in horrible wai soon. I’m 24 and i have a brother that turns 5 nexth month. He is my life, seriuolsy his smile, voice, the joy on his face when i come back home.. this things are the fuel that keeps my heart beating. He is more like a son to me i whould give everything I have incliding my own life to give him even a minute of joy. Hope this monster rots in hell if it really exisit.

  • Aimee

    Thank God that mother is doing 18 months of Jail time for abusing that precious baby. She should get years or life in prison without bail for this not just 18 months if you want my opinion. I watched this video and it sickens me. And I cried ,and it hurt me to see the poor baby so helpless in this abuse from its so called mother. Wow at least she got jail time. And I pray she has her rights tooken away from her. I pray she never gets custody of that child. That the baby will continue to be with the loving family! ! God is good always! !

  • Sidra Shafiq

    Can we have an update on this? I was in tears watching this I couldnt watch it all it was heartbreaking I could just wish I could get hold of that woman drag her by her hair and beat her up.

    I also read that she may be able to get custody of the child. Thats worrying me. She might do something worser because she had to go to prison. Is there any way to get the custody stopped? We cant let this happen.

  • Elisha

    She doesn’t deserve that that poor child. This makes me so sad to watch and I don’t think this “mother” should ever be released let alone be able to even be in the presence of children. Regardless of what happened to her in the past , there is no excuse for these actions. We always have a choice, we can always break the cycle.

  • ChangBroot

    Oh my God. If I see this woman being abused everyday for the rest of my life, I would NEVER EVER raise my voice or say a single word, except to encourage it. I wish she dies a horrible horrible horrible death.

  • Makeva Corley

    She needs more time for beating that baby like that n definitely dnt give them bak to her ill take em first I feel like crying for those babies if they gotta go bak to her

  • kbueno

    I think this girl is the poster child for why birth control and abortion for rape victims needs to be widely available and is a necessity. Only a product of rape could produce that level of hate and hopelessness in a mother. i feel for both the mother and the baby! Everyone wants to hate the mother and call her evil but no one knows how she might be suffering too. she needs help and compassion too. you want to talk about God?….thats how you practice unconditional love. Help them both.