Amber Portwood back in jail after missing drug court appointment

It’s back to the slammer for troubled Teen Mom Amber Portwood.

Prosecutors say she lied about having a medical condition that prevented her from making a mandated weekly drug court appointment.

The drug court no-show happened last week when Amber told officials she was on doctor-ordered bed rest following laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.¬† According to TMZ‘s sources, Amber’s attorney told the court she was ordered to remain in bed for 2-3 weeks.

Amber’s case manager wasn’t convinced and decided to follow up on the claim with Amber’s doctor, who informed the case worker that her excuse wasn’t accurate and that she was certainly well enough to have made her drug court appearance as scheduled.

After this info came out, Amber was taken right back to jail and will apparently cool heels there for a couple of weeks until a judge decides what to do with her. When Amber avoided a long jail sentence back in the day, stemming from her Gary Shirley beat down in front of their daughter Leah, she was told she would be strictly regulated and that any hiccups would land her behind bars.

We’ll see what happens but I’m afraid that Amber may have finally went too far and will spend some lengthy time in jail as a repercussion.

Photo: Splash News

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  • Sara

    Well her new leaf really lasted a long time…..

  • Caroline

    Did she actually have gallbladder surgery? If she did I wonder if she was given pain killers and that might be an issue. When I had my gallbladder out and had complications and a 3 day hospital stay, I was able to drive and get back to my life in 2 weeks. Total bedrest is rarely advised by doctors these days because even 3 weeks of bedrest can cause heart/muscle issues.
    I always hope she gets better but I losing hope fast.

    • Dianna

      if they did find pain killers in her system all she has to do is show them the pills shes taking. i got drug screened for school once and the hospital called me to ask what my doctor and pharmacy’s numbers are. they’ll just call to make sure your not taking anything your not suppost to

  • coco

    The sad truth of the matter is Amber still may get off with a slap on the wrist. I really hope for Leah’s sake, Amber can get herself together. Most of these girls who were featured on the show have had such troubled lives afterwards and its the babies who suffer the most.

  • phillygal

    Some people never learn. I feel so bad for her poor little girl who did not ask for any of this! Keep up the good work mommy dearest!

  • Kelly

    To be honest jail might be the best thing for her right now. Maybe it’s the wake up call she needs. I hope she can pull it together.

    • Dianna

      isn’t going to jail a wake up call??

      • Kelly

        Um that’s what I said. Please re-read.

  • OhMyGeez

    As if anyone’s really surprised by this. She needs to sit her butt in jail for a while.

  • Lanie

    I had my gallbladder removed lapriscopically in February and my doctor said I continue my normal routine just no heavy lifting or participating in any sports for the reason it could cause my staples to be pulled out she is pathetic and a liar and just wanted to enjoy a brief percocet holiday.

  • Kari

    You could swear she wants to be in jail…

  • Z Miller

    Sad…When will she wake up!

  • Kim

    I used to hope she’d get herself together. I quit wasting my time.

    The grammar in this article is atrocious.

  • Tracy

    2-3 weeks in bed following gallbladder surgery? I wish I had her surgeon. I arrived at the hospital to have mine taken out at 7am and was home by noon the same day. Slept off the anesthesia for a couple of hours and was up cooking spaghetti that night!

  • Dianna

    even if you do need bed rest how much strain is it to sit in court?? the only difference is instead of laying down your sitting up. and im sure that if her judge new she just had surgery she would not make it that big if a deal if she looks like crap. not that she comes properly dressed anyway.