PHOTO Trace Cyrus gets elaborate Native American tattoo on his head

Trace Cyrus gets a Native American tattoo on his head

It seems Miley’s brother Trace Cyrus is running out of un-tatted real estate! The ink-loving singer added to his extensive collection of skin art with a rather large and intricate tattoo of a Native American on the left side of his head. He shared the above photo yesterday along with the tweet, “Got my head tatted today! Excuse all the ink on my face. And yes this hurt!!!”

And just in case you have never seen the portable tattoo gallery that is Trace Cyrus’ body, here are front and back photos, including his spinal ode to Geronimo:

Trace Cyrus chest tattoos Trace Cyrus back Tattoos photo

Trace’s admiration of Native Americans follows in the footsteps of his dad Billy Ray Cyrus who talked about the two Native American tattoos he has on his arms during his appearance on The View in 2011:

“I always have great deal respect for Native Americans. I am part Cherokee myself. Chief Joseph gave a wonderful speech years and years ago called ‘From where the sun now stands I will fight now no more forever,” said Billy Ray Cyrus. “Native Americans part of their belief was taking care of the mother earth.”

Billy Ray Cyrus Geronimo tattoo on his armBilly Ray Cyrus Chief Joseph Native American arm tattoo
^ Billy Ray Cyrus Native American arm tattoos. On the left (Billy Ray’s right arm) is Geronimo and on the right (Billy Ray’s left arm) is Chief Joseph.

Trace isn’t Billy Ray’s birth son (he was dopted after Billy Ray married his birth mother Leticia “Tish” Finley Cyrus), so I’m not sure if he has Native American roots or not. Actually, I suppose I do know his hair now has Native American roots!

Photos: Twitter / ABC

  • Mel

    The tattoos dont bother me but he is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen! My goodness

    • sabrina

      I agree so much

  • The body art is beautiful… Minus the facial tattoos

  • ER

    His tat’s don’t bug me. They almost make him more interesting in a way cause homeboy is not very cute at all. Seems like he goes for quality work.

  • Bailey

    I guess Trace and Miley like to permanently appropriate Native culture on to their bodies.
    The dream catcher was pushing it but bearable, the Native American man in a Warbonnet on the other hand is insulting and inappropriate.

    Celebrities think they are above everyone else.

  • loveDetroit

    dayum! Teen Mom’s pay attention: These are REAL tattoos, not that crap you’ve been getting for the past few years.
    I’m actually pretty amazed by this artwork….whoever did these tatts is very talented.