Jenelle Evans responds to nude photos leaked by Kieffer Delp

Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Gary HeadKieffer Delp hoodie

Last night Radar Online published nude photos of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans taken before and just after her breast augmentation surgery on Wednesday, May 2. Surprisingly, there was no reaction from Jenelle, her ex Kieffer Delp, or current boyfriend Gary Head – but that could be because they were all asleep when the photos were posted just before midnight. Today all three were talking about it with their followers, revealing that is was Kieffer who provided the photos.

Jenelle, heartbroken by the betrayal, explained what happened:

I was f***ed up off of anesthesia after the surgery. I didn’t kno he took the after photos. The before photos took without me lookin and told me he deleted them thats why I was laughing in the pic cuz I’m like lol stop

Kieffer responded by tweeting, “I would have never done it if she didn’t brake my heart then talk shit about me for it.”

Jenelle’s Marine boyfriend chimed in as well, tweeting “I’m so sorry baby. He will get his. Trust me.” And then, “[Kieffer] is a low life piece of sh**. His true colors showed.” “He should just go kill himself. People love his green hoodie more than him.”

And apparently Gary knew about Kieffer’s plans ahead of time and tried to warn Jenelle. He tweeted earlier today about Kieffer, “he told me he was gonna do it and I warned her to smash his phone. She didn’t believe me though.”

Meanwhille, Jenelle seems heartbroken by the whole thing, sharing a number of tweets like:

Think I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. Can’t stop crying. Wish I could be held right now in @gary_head ‘s arms.

I’m so upset and depressed. Words can’t describe. Now the whole world can see me naked. I can’t stop crying.

Goodbye society

Omg still crying. I can’t handle this. Been crying since 5am.

I just want to throw my phone away, find out who is really there for me…

Going to spend time with my family tonight, I need it. 🙁 need to see the most important man in my life, JVE [her son Jace]

Jenelle’s fans offered up a wave of support, with many pointing out that if Kim Kardashian could survive a sex tape, then surely she could survive this. And Gary Head made sure she knew he was there for her by tweeting, “I love you baby and this to shall pass. Keep your head held high and I’m here for you.”

Plus, the photos are edited at least – and people really do have short term memories. But, Jenelle, the next time a boyfriend snaps a picture of you nude, you make sure you get his phone and delete it!

UPDATE – Radar Online has apparently shared at least one of the original unedited photos with another site because posted a Jenelle Evans nude uncensored picture earlier today.

  • ER

    Gary Head is the biggest sucker of them all.
    Ugh. What does it say about her parenting skills when it takes somebody showing her boobs to the world, original recipe and new version, to spend time with her son? He wasn’t the most important thing to her before this happened.

    • Kelly

      nobody deserves what she now has to face. No matter what you think of her she did not deserve that.

      • Whatevs

        And as usual she isn’t taking responsibility for being buck naked and letting Reefer Keiffer take pics of her. It’s always someone or something elses fault. She wasn’t “out of it” in the before pics that she posed for. I’m sure she has seen enough media to know that photos are often leaked.

  • ed

    radar is just as bad for this. they didn’t have to post the photos. i can’t understand how it can be a law (in some states) where you cannot tape record someone without their permission yet you are allowed to publish naked photos without their permission. granted, they are censored but it’s still not right. i also find it in poor taste that radar still used the words “teen mom” in conjunction with her photos.

    • Dianna

      don’t hate on radar. they are doing their jobs. granted its not nice but neither is fame my friend. she should have known not to let him do that. she shouldn’t have dated him in the first place and the fact that he would do that doesn’t surprise me what so ever. maybe now she’ll realize why you don’t date guys like gary.

      maybe she will think twice before he writes her “love poems”. i think she needed it. some people have to learn things the hard way and this is a perfect example. and if your going to talk shit about people on the internet THIS is what happens. people get pissed and they get back at you. i hope this is a lesson learned hunny

      • Dianna

        sry i meant why you dont date guys like keffer (i get them mixed up lol) or should i say queffer

  • Kelly

    No matter what she has done and no matter what people think of her NOBODY deserves that. I don’t care what she did or has done to him, kieffer had no right to do such a heartless thing.

  • nonya

    PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, horrible b00b job!!! i would b crying to hahahahahahahahahaha

  • nonya

    hahahahahahaha ugly breasts she so deserves it she should b taking care of her son not getting breast implants

    • Kelly

      It’s not funny. Even if she straightens out these pictures will haunt her for the rest of her life. It will affect job opportunities and many other things. Tell me how exactly do you think this will effect jace? Have some compassion, if not for her, then for him.

      • ER

        I’m pretty sure being shown getting high, admitting to using drugs, stealing a credit card, and getting arrested on television will have a far bigger impact on her job opportunities that her face b00bs being put on display. Maybe it’s time her actions start haunting her- she is obviously learning nothing from them now.

        • ER

          *fake boobs. Though face boobs could be interesting 😉

      • kellg

        lmfao hahaha I’m sure these photos are the least of her worries in ‘affecting job opportunities’ thats a joke!!

        • Kelly

          It still affects jace. And I stand by what I said earlier, nobody deserves to be violated.

      • San Jose Mama

        You know what’s going to affect Jace, the fact that his mother is a low life piece of trash who put men, drugs, booze and now her sloppy boob job before him! That’s what will affect Jace KELLY!

        • Kelly

          Hey guess what? I NEVER said I thought she was a good mom, I also never said that she puts jace first. I don’t believe either of these things, don’t put words in my mouth. Just because she isn’t mother of the year does NOT make it okay for Kieffer to sell nude photos of her. It is a violation of her privacy, her body, and whatever you may think there is no justification for that.

          • San Jose Mama

            At her age she should be making smarter choices! Stupid people make stupid choices; don’t let some random burn-out take nude pictures of you and you won’t have the problem of “violated” photo’s being leaked!

            • suzy q;)

              Kelly’s right. perhaps have some respect for the smart people who post comments like hers.

  • Joe

    100% STAGED!! Jenelle is so “upset” by the photos she keeps re tweeting any article mentioning them. She even retweeted the site that have the pictures available for others to see. I knew she was going to leak the pictues to show off her new breasts but not this soon. Don’t be surprise if Farrah or Maci photos are “leaked” within a few months.

  • Ajax

    I wish the two of them knew how to spell.
    Anyway, in the before photo’s it CLEARLY looks like she knows they are being taken. She always has an excuse for everything, this just being another one of those situations. Maybe if she learned from her past, she wouldn’t have gotten back with that douchelord and she wouldn’t have ALLOWED him to take them. CAN YOU PLEASE stop posting about her? I’m so sick of this b itch, and wish she would just fall off the side of the earth.
    Everyone saying this is going to haunt her.. I think what will haunt her the most is her whole 20 years of life, in general. A greater embarrassment that overpowers the embarrassment of these “nude” photo’s. And hey, ace girl packed on some pounds.. probably swallowing way too much.

  • kkennon

    Current boyfriend seems OK with his girlfriend posing nude for her ex-boyfriend. Only takes issue when pictures are made public.

    And honestly? “I didn’t know he took them!” is complete crap. She is staring and smiling at the camera in ALL the pictures. “He told me he deleted them.” Also crap. I would be SHOCKED to find out that she didn’t orchestrate the whole thing.

  • jamie

    i know im going to get called a “hater” but i dont belive she was messed up cause i seen the pixs on rador online and she was smileing like wtf if someone knows they was talking pixs naked u should know its going to end up online im sorry its called karma im sorry jenelle i really am but wise up..ur in the public eye helloooo ou should known its going to end up online

    • blueblueblue

      Maybeee one set was an accident, but since the stances in the two sets are identical she was obviously posing, reasons why don’t really matter…before/after/personal use.

      Maybe she leaked them on purpose, who knows.

  • Steph

    Turns out common sense really isn’t that common. Oh hmm.

  • jane

    Has anyone ever seen or heard Jenelle take ANY responsibility for anything that goes awry in her life. She’s always blaming someone else. There’s some things a 20 year old girl is old enough to see coming. Gary Head (when they were broken up) was more than happy to throw out there that he had a racy video of Jenelle. Poor Jace is just becoming more and more a fleeting thought with her. That’s probably a good thing with her mental problems, refusal to take her meds, her immaturity, and her lack of interest in the child except to make money and “play” mommy.

  • Jayla

    I’m in Australia so at about 8pm my time last night jenelle first found out about this. Her tweets were gone by this morning, but she was tweeting some really nasty stuff. Kieffer obvs told her some stuff in confidence about his childhood, some really messed up stuff. Her and her discusting bf tweeted it to the world, she really is a horrible person. What he’s done with these photos was wrong absolutely, but if you’d seen her initial response you’d believe it was well deserved too. NO one deserves to have their childhood horrors blasted like that, she really is something else…

  • Sparkle
  • nina smith

    She always have an excuse but needs to learn to leave these wrong guys alone of course once they break up with her they get spiteful and air all her dirty laundry. She trust too soon and needs to stop making the same mistakes. I don’t think its right that he posted those pics but I hope she’ll hopefully learns her lesson from this . Well, maybe

  • Ashlynn

    She knew he took them she always has an excuse for everything.

  • Ashlynn

    And… They look horrible. HORRIBLE.

  • Ugh.

    I saw the pictures on radar. She obviously knew. What he did was bad enough. Why lie?

  • Ugh.

    I mean, seriously, she is in the SAME exact place and does the front and profile views in both pics….oh, and she is naked in them too! So she just happened to get naked, go to the same place as the before pics, and then turn toward him and then give the profile angle?? What?

  • Ugh.

    Egotastic has a uncensored before and after.

  • Ohrreally

    She has serious issues. She accused Kieffer and this guy of abusing her. Within a week starts a relationship with Kieffer and goes back to this guy who supposedly was just accused of abusing her. She’s non-stop drama and lies. She needs to stay of Facebook, stay of twitter, keep herself out of drama and get her life together. I doubt she’ll ever get custody of Jace back and honestly with how she acts so compulsively thats probably not such a bad thing. I doubt she wants him anyways, like I said before hes more a brother to her than anything else. She has never cared for him and he’s not attached to her. She needs some serious mental help and to get the hell off tv already.

  • white lamp

    sooner or later but people can see the result of plastic surgery. jenelle and the boys should keep their secrets, not tweet them…

  • OhMyGeez

    Doing stupid things with stupid people is the one constant in this girls life. She can’t possibly take care of a kid when it’s obvious she can’t even take care of herself.

  • Kaylie

    So I should feel bad for the girl that constantly puts everyone in her life on blast simply when she finally gets a taste of her own medicine? Yeah right.

    I hope they feature this on the show. You shouldn’t take nude pictures of yourself unless you completely trust that person. And if Jenelle is stupid enough to trust Kieffer than she deserves every piece of crap that gets thrown at her. Jenelle is a 20 year old mother. She should be smart enough to analyze a situation like this and realize she shouldn’t do it. She didn’t need to take the pictures anyway. Any legitimate doctor would be taking professional before and after pictures in his office to keep on file. That’s why I’m suspicious of this whole entire thing in the first place.

  • jacque

    How were they Keiffers pics if he ‘s in the background? You can see him in his hoodie.

    • Marc

      haha, he’s not in the picture, it’s an inlay. A simple cut and paste will do it.

  • cj

  • ggfgh

    I love that this happened! Hhahahahahahaaahah

  • InWonderland

    Don’t feel bad. She knows what kind of a person Keiffer is. I’m sure she’ll forgive him and they’ll get back together in a few months. She’ll find a way to blame this on Gary. Then she’ll switch again.

  • Diana

    He took the pic when she wasn’t looking? Yeah right. That’s why she’s looking directly at the camera with that big cheesy grin. She knew exactly what was going on.

    I’m sorry, I want to feel bad for her, I really do. But this is a perfect example of why pictures like that are NEVER a good idea, under any circumstances. They can’t get out if you don’t take them in the first place, it’s that simple. If you’re going to do it you need to be prepared to pay the consequences.

  • godblessamerica

    First off MTV says they want to show why teenage girls shouldnt get pregnant at such a young age but at the same time there all now celebrities, so every little whore and I mean that cause the majority of woman are are gonna get knocked up and do f**ked up shit just to try to get on tv! U can become a celeb for the stupidest shit , being a whore being a whores friend or sister KARDASHIAN’S and k**k u to kanye u racist peace of shit

  • godblessamerica

    P.s. i love the sausge

  • Marc

    Irresponsible and self absorbed as ever. Maybe that money would have been better spend putting it towards her sons college. This would have never happened if she acted responsibly!