Does Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” music video copy ‘NSYNC’s “Girlfriend”?

Justin Bieber says he’s never seen ‘NSYNC’s “Girlfriend” video, but somebody on the production team of his hot new video for “Boyfriend” probably did. Not that that’s a bad thing.

“Girlfriend” is a slick song that is really helping The Biebs transition from a tween sensation to an adult pop star, and the music video that debuted last Thursday is sexy and perfect, but it does have a lot of similarities to ‘NSYNC’s “Girlfriend” music video. The fashion is very similar, and so is the lighting. Both videos involve big shots of girls hangin’ around cars, and of course, there’s the obvious girlfriend-boyfriend similarity.

The video’s director, Director X told MTV: “It was just cars and the simplicity that they liked. Cars, girls, just young people hanging out, having fun, that kind of thing. When I heard it, I thought that’s what it should be.”

While Justin didn’t know about “Girlfriend,” he does cite Justin Timberlake as a huge influence to his work.

Here’s Justin bringin’ sexy back:


And the ‘NSYNC video, released in 2002:


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  • Jessica

    never noticed before but wow you are right they do look similar…and i am not a bieber fan…i hate him as much as the next person…but i actually like this song…wtf! lol

    • lizza

      i don’t understand the bieber hatred… is it because it is the cool thing to do? what is there to hate about him? he can truly sing, dance, and play instruments AND he’s a pretty decent human being, with his charity work and such… everybody has a hustle and he just happens to be pretty good at his!

      i’m just wondering where it comes from… i’m a grown a$$ woman (not a tween with his posters covering my walls) and the last concert i went to was leon russell (just give you a look at my taste in music), but i’m not out there hating a kid for doing what he’s good at.

      • Jessica T


  • Jayla

    I said this the first time I saw the video! Worse things JB cud be then a mini JT