REPORT Katie Yeager to be on Teen Mom 3

Teen Mom 3 cast member Katie Yeager

Earlier today it was revealed that 16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast members Alex Sekella and Mackenzie Douthit will be included in MTV’s third installment of the Teen Mom franchise, and now it appears that Katie Yeager will be joining them as a Teen Mom 3 cast member!

The report comes from starcasm bloggin’ buddy The Ashley who points out that MTV camera crews were spotted filming Katie participating in the “Rock the Runway” in Rock Springs, Wyoming on March 17.

Here’s a photo of Katie (center) backstage at the event – click photo to enlarge:

Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager Rock the Runway

We did a little searching and found this entry by sierradawncrawford on Tumblr:

this is a video compilation done by a swell dude, mark pedri, of the rock the runway show that my sister was in a couple weeks ago. each year my sister gets asked to choreograph and dance in-between the models to entertain and take up time for changing.

you only see a couple quick shots of her in this, but there is a shot of her doing fouettes (on a 4 foot wide stage en pointe, nonetheless), some hip hop, and also one of her walking down the runway en pointe. also, mtv was there filming for an episode of teen mom (one of the girls in the show is shooting for the show) so my sister will be on that episode in a couple of months.

Mmmm hmmm!

I for one am ecstatic! I love Katie and I think her story with daughter Molli and her man Joseph “Joey” Maes will be fascinating to watch unfold. Plus, I think she’s my favorite narrator and she’s a super fun tweeter!

So we have Mackenzie, Alex, and Katie – and it appears that The Ashley agrees with our best guess that Kristina Robinson will finish out the the new Fab Four. Of course, we still haven’t seen Kristina on screen, and as compelling as her tragic story is, in reality TV it’s all about your on-screen charisma. I have to confess it will be really strange if we get confirmation on the fourth Teen Mom 3 cast member before her episode airs! That will certainly change the watching experience!

Meanwhile, I wonder how Joey and Molli are taking the news…

Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager's baby daddy Joey Maes and daughter Molli

Just kidding!

If the story is true, congrats to Katie – I really look forward to writing all about her breast implants, affair with Brad Pitt the crazy party photos from her wild Bahamas weekend with Robert Downey, Jr., and her multi-state police chase after a string of bank robberies! 😉 (The countdown begins on how long it will be before I can work in a “KY” jelly joke.)

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  • Forrest

    Uh-huh…got 3 right :)
    1 more I’m guessing

  • Forrest

    I like Katie & Molli :)

  • suzy q;)

    OMG!!! i thought there was only going to be a teen mom 2 then done. I wonder if they’ll ever get to a teen mom 100. god that would be awful- glorifying teen pregnancy for no reason. Idk what it is but to me, it is interesting to see the teen girls’ stories “unfold,” especially with jenelle. her mom [barf] is nothing but a bitch who can’t act like a woman at age 60. her boyfriend is just as scummy as her daughter’s boyfriend (kieffer). Mike reminds me of the senior citizen kieffer LOL.

  • FR

    Alex Sekella was horribly painful to watch the first time. I’d rather gouge out my eyes than watch her again. No interest in watching her destroy her baby’s life in future episodes. Yuck.

    • Ugh.

      I TOTALLY agree with you. I could not stand Alex’ episode. It bothers me that they have her signed to Teen Mom. I guess it is about time for me to stop watching the show anyway.

  • raratsak

    Ugh she was one that I was hoping wouldn’t be on tm3. She reminds me of Drew Barrymore.. The chicks from episode 1, 3 and 4 were bearable to watch.. Haven’t seen anything past that.

    • CiCi

      I’ll sound weird agreeing w/ you, but you make a good point raratsak….. I’m a dead ringer for this girl (and am named Catie, too!), and have also been called ‘Drew’ before for the same reason you pointed out. But I don’t know if her qualities will make an interesting TM3 or not. We’ll see! Wish all these girls the best! :)

  • Jayla

    I actually found her ep quite interesting. She comes across as very likable and her boyfriend is smoking hot 😛 I found alex’s ep hard to get through, and mackenzie was always gonna get picked, hopefully she brings more to her teen mom time then the doe eyes we saw throughout her episode. I’m going to get very tired watching her boyfriend speak to her like dirt without her defending herself and telling him how it is. We already have a girl in that role cough*chelsea*cough

  • UGh

    All Katie did was whine! she complained about everything. And she seemed to not be in touch with reality.

  • Taylor

    Seriously no desire to watch this season at all. Mackinze you can tell she it the bitchy popular girl that everyone likes but hates. And Alex really I think the only reason it because of her drug addicted baby daddy. That girl should not get rewarded for any of the selfish mistakes she has made. I will defiantly be nit watching this one

  • Monica

    I found this girl annoying. All she did was complain about everything. I really wish they would pick Brianna & Nova for TM3

  • Sherita

    Why didnt they use the 16 and pregnant group from 2011? PPl like Jordan, Jamie, Kiana, and Izabelle? What happened to them? Were they not drama filled enough? BUt in any event, I think it speaks volumes the fact that there is still a market for more Teen Mom/16 and pregnant spin offs. That means that teen pregnancy is still on the rise. I bet if they got a competitive channel to do a teen mom type show and state to the moms they would not be paid for their stories and this is all for educational purposes, I guarantee you that there would be totally different statistics at that point. You can not tell me that girls are not getting pregnant in hopes of being picked to be on this show.

  • ashley

    ugh boring!! I really hope Lindsay, Jordan or Devon be on it and I agree Sherita they should have done a teen mom with the season 2 girls I would love to see any of those girls on Teen mom.

    • ashley

      oops *season 3 lol

    • coco

      boring indeed. I had to go to to refresh my memory as to who she even was. I was sure I had missed this episode but I realized I had seen it, it was just boring.

  • suzy q:)

    Wow. It looks like Katie lost weight since 16 & Pregnant. Her face looks beautiful and angled! Way to go, katie;)!

  • Kayla

    If you guys don’t wanna watch it then don’t. And the point of this show is not to glorify teen pregnancy. You talk about these girls complaining , look at you people. And btw teen pregnancy rates have gone down.

  • Jacey

    I thought she was really boring. Alex and Mackenzie were at least half interesting. Wonder who the other girl will be?