VIDEO Kate Upton dances the “Cat Daddy” in SI Swimsuit cover bikini

Famed and borderline creepy photographer Terry Richardson is like that dude in theatre school from college I used to room with. He is able to get women to do all sorts of nefarious things that are beyond belief or explanation.

The latest example is the following video that our man posted of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton doing the “Cat Daddy” dance in the same impossibly tiny bikini from said publication. It is only a minute long but I have discovered via my crack (or should I say cleavage) investigative skills that there is a means for me to embed this clip so that it plays over and over and over and over again until you are hypnotized.

Heads up. Kate is always nearly too hot for work and the “Cat Daddy” tune is for sure.

You’re welcome!

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  • britt

    wow i posted on here and my comment snt on here…i said trashy wh0re i beleive, so why did i get taken down? its a fact

    • Starcasm Staff

      We (heart) comments! But like the note says above we have to keep it clean for our censors…

  • Kendra

    Id say Britt is jealous :) the fact that she’s dancing in a Bikini doesn’t make her a wh0re. Trashy? Now that’s a matter of opinion not fact. To each his own but don’t say it’s a fact unless your get pimp 😉 jealous is a sickness I hope you feel better soon.

  • britt

    ok so u want to ke the site censored but yet you showed ipples n hee before AND ur sowing a trashy video? no not jealous but this is just sickening she can show her body like this..its the truth

  • britt

    that ment N i pples….. and if u want to censor ur site… probably take down the photos of the womens nip’s u have on here (one of the pussy cat dolls i beleive…yea id say thats real censorship