16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast prom photos

16 and Pregnant's Mackenzie Douthit going to prom with Josh McKee

It’s that time of year as high school girls prepare themselves for the teenage equivalent of The Oscars red carpet, while their male counterparts wince at price tags on rental tuxes at Mens Warehouse. Limos are booked and corsages are awkwardly pinned to dresses designed without corsage pinning in mind. Streamers are hung, songs are played, awkward dances take place, photos are taken, and Kings and Queen are announced.

But, as the ground-breaking MTV documentary series 16 and Pregnant drills home in every episode, getting pregnant as a teenager means you are forced to miss out on a lot of memory-making activities such as partying with pals, cheerleading, cruising downtown on Friday night, and even prom – the most sacred of feminine high school events. Well, not necessarily!

Check out these photos of cast members from the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant who have not let a little thing like being a mother cause them to miss their most important high school moment! As baby-sitters, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and dads are called into duty for the night, Katie Yeager, Lindsey Harrison, Sarah Roberts, Mackenzie Douthit, and Sabrina Solares got their glam on and rocked it as prom moms!

These young ladies were kind enough to share some photos on various social media sites and I’ve compiled all that I could find her for you. If you know of any other 16 and Pregnant Season 4 girls who attended prom and have some photos, I’d be happy to add them to the post! Just send me an email at starcasmtips (at) yahoo.com.


Katie Yeager prom photo
16 and Pregnant Season 4 Katie Yeager at prom  16 & Pregnant Katie Yeager attends prom with her friends

Katie Yeager was movie star elegant in her red strapless gown and pearl necklace! She’s also pictured (we’re guessing at prom from another year) in a black dress and an over-sized Aubrey Hepburnesque red hat with a group of pals that obviously understand fashion can be fun!


16 and Pregnant Sarah Roberts prom dress
Sarah Roberts from 16 and Pregnant Season 4  16 & Pregnant Sarah Roberts prom dress photo
Sarah Roberts wore a full-length leopard print dress with some elaborate detailing in the back. (I’m sure Chelsea Houska would approve.) Oh, and Sarah seemed particularly fond of her shoes!


16 and Pregnant Sabrina Solares prom photo with daughter Audrey

This is the only photo I could find of Sabrina Solares in her prom dress, but it only seems appropriate she’s with her daughter Audrey in the picture 🙂 From what I can tell, Sabrina was sporting a pink dress with crystals on the bodice. Oh, and yes that is a fierce tattoo on her shoulder!


16 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo
16 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo 00916 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo 01316 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit's son Gannon

16 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo 00716 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo 00516 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo 004 16 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo 01216 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo 01016 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo 003 16 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit prom photo 00216 and Pregnant Mackenzie Douthit

Makenzie Douthit has a digital camera and she’s not afraid to use it! Check out all those photos! Mackenzie wore a violet dress with black floral detailing over top while her bronco bustin’ beau Josh McKee wore a black tuxedo, grey vest, and a black tie with grey stripes. But, the real Prom King was Mackenzie and Josh’s son Gannon, who was sporting a faux tux onesie!

Mackenzie Douthit Josh and son Gannon at prom


Lindsey Harrison prom photo

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison prom 000216 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison prom 000316 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison prom 0004 16 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison prom 000516 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison prom 000616 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison prom 0007 16 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison prom 000816 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison prom 0009

It seems Lindsey Harrison also has a digital camera and also isn’t afraid to use it! No stranger to being in front of the camera, model Lindsey takes home the prize for sexiest prom look with her cleavage-friendly cutaway little black dress! (Hair styling by her sister.)

Photos: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my inbox

  • Ashley

    The girls going to Lindsey’s prom in the last picture look like dressed up hookers! Where are their parents and why are they letting them go out with hardly anything on?? What happened to prom being elegant? Geeze!

  • thebhow

    would it kill lindsey to smile…

  • OMG

    @thebhow: short prom dress like that have been popular for a while now…

  • Marta

    I’m just curious what kind of example Lindsey is trying to show her daughter, she’s underage and she has tattoos. Really pathetic if you ask me, plus isn’t it illegal?

    • Marissa

      Wow. That has to be the most ignorant statement I have ever read. So just because Lindsey is a teenager and has tattoos, that automatically makes her a bad person, mom, and role model?! It’s the 21st century! Nowadays, A LOT of teenagers have tattoos and not all of them are irresponsible people. I’m in all AP/Honors classes and I plan on getting a tattoo. That doesn’t make me a bad role model. If criticizing Lindsey for anything, criticize her for getting pregnant underage. I’d rather my daughter get a tattoo at 16 instead of getting pregnant at 16. I think Lindsey is a good mom and despite her age, she is doing the best she can. Even though her tattoos aren’t really my preference, it’s her body and she looks gorgeous with or without them! She also seems like a really nice, intelligent, strong young woman and I love her sense of style. She’s a model and very deserving of being one in my opinion. Plus, it’s not illegal to get a tattoo underage as long as you have consent of your parents. Since Lindsey’s tattoos are very well done, obviously her mom consented to them. If her mom is fine with them, I don’t see why anyone else should care. It’s not your daughter and you have no right to judge. I’m glad Lindsey is setting a good example for her daughter by finishing school AND teaching her that not all people with tattoos are bad. Get off your old fashioned high horse. Keep your head up Lindsey! You’re a great mom and very beautiful!