PHOTO Kieffer Delp’s love poem to Jenelle Evans

Kieffer Delp love poem for Jenelle Evans

We reported earlier today that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is officially back together with her ex Kieffer Delp. The two exchanged a number of tweets and even posed for a photo together. But, just in case you thought these two were back together for any other reason, Jenelle offered up proof that the reconciliation is purely romantic in the form of a poem written (and drawn!) by the Delper himself!

Just in case the image isn’t enough (you can click on it to see a bigger version), I’ve gone through the trouble of transcribing it for you. I was able to get 98% of it, although I am missing a few words towards the top of the page. If you’re able to make the words out, please feel free to comment below! [UPDATE – I think I got them all!]

OK, here we go…


Your smile does a lot to me
First off it makes me smile
It also makes me incomplete
When I miss it for a while
Then I start to lose my mind
And feel way out of place
Then I can’t be right until I see it
Stretch across your face
By your side is just my place
It’s been there from the start
I know a love as strong as ours
Cannot be torn apart
There might be just a while
We go our separate ways
But all that time we are apart
I’ll sit and count the days
I know that by your side sweetheart
Is just where I belong
I also know our love is strong princess
It’s tested all the time
I really don’t write poetry
But there’s love in every line
I don’t know why I feel this way
And I’ve decided I don’t care
All I know is that your pretty face
Still makes me stop and stare
You take my breath away baby
Like you have from the start
So smile baby it’s forever
You’ll always have my heart

Just after posting the poem photo Jenelle once again confirmed she and Kieffer are back together with a few more details about the new and improved Delper that should help put some concerned minds (Babs!) to rest:

me and kieffer are infact working things out. he has a job, has his GED, and his own car now. he goes out of town to work for a week then comes back for a few days then leaves again. if he f—s up this relationship.. im gone. if i f— up this relationship.. hes gone. but from now on im not letting anyone take me down. :] PROMISE YU GUYSSSS !!!

UPDATE – That didn’t take long 🙁 CLICK HERE to see the scattered remnants of Kieffer’s work of art.

  • LC

    Aww, that’s so sweet. I do believe in 2nd chances and hope it works out. btw, I am totally jealous of his artistic abilities! I can’t draw at all; color yes.

  • Romina

    Your smile does a lot to me
    First off it makes me smile

    Cant see the rest 😛

  • Romina

    Oh and then it says
    Then I can’t be rite until I see it.

    Guessing he means right 😛

  • InWonderland

    When did she get the tattoo/pics?

    I realize this isn’t the big deal about the post, but we all know where this is going and I think she’s way too old to be making stupid mistakes like this.

  • Jane

    The second line says “first off it makes me smile”

  • M.D.

    The artwork on the left hand side is actually quite nice. Who knew Kieffer had a sensitive side?..?!

  • Sara

    The art work looks like a tweeker did it. Other than that, I sure hope she doesn’t fall for him yet again! She should know better by now.

  • Rachelle

    second chance…. Isnt this more like the i dunno 5th maybe 6th chance hes gotten? I mean really next thing we know shes gonna be knocked up with his kid and her poor mom is going to be raising yet another one of her children while she worries about boys and her party life over her child. Shes making bad choices again i think shes smarter then this and its like she just keeps going on a downward spiral of bad choices

  • boo

    He probably wrote that in jail

  • Jessica

    It says, “First off it makes me smile.”

    “Then I can’t be rite until I see it.”

    Can’t get the other one. Lord, I have too much time on my hands! =)

  • D

    The other one is ‘also’ I think…

  • Patri


  • Hayley

    i honestly think they are horrible together. i mean she is almost off probation, shes going to live a long life in jail if she stays with that boy…

  • Nikki

    Looks like it was written in jail. Inmates trade out goodies from the commissary like honey buns and chips for other inmates to do artwork like this, make greeting cards, etc.. True story. Yep, I’ve known some “Kieffahs” in my lifetime and this is exactly what it looks like to me.

  • phillygal

    I’m I the only one who noticed all his spelling errors? For example, “wile” instead of “while”. Glad to see that GED is working out for him!

  • phillygal

    Also, I may have to consult my dictionary on this one but I’m not aware of there being a word “incongplete” in the English vocabulary.