VIDEO Teen Mom Farrah Abraham interview on Dr. Drew “On Call”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham on Dr. Drew's call in show on HLN

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham appeared on Dr. Drew’s On Call show Thursday and answered some tough questions from viewers about her personal life as well as the show’s impact on teen pregnancy.

The clip kicks off with Dr. Drew talking with Farrah about how much Sophia, now three years old, has grown since Farrah’s episode of 16 and Pregnant first premiered. Farrah says Sophia is “doing great” and that she’s very talkative. “She goes to early learning school, she’s very intelligent – I’m happy for my baby!” She then reveals that Sophia’s favorite word is “meatballs.” I’m guessing that’s because of her mom’s propensity in the kitchen, but perhaps Sophia’s early learning school is really progressive and allows their students to watch Jersey Shore. 😉

Dr. Drew then mentions Farrah and Sophia will be participating in the March of Dimes’ “March for Babies” event later this month.

“April 28th in Miami me and Sophia are going to do the walk and do the breakfast and other things with the public, and raise funds for newborns,” Farrah confirms. “I’m very excited.”

Dr. Drew then moves on to a question from a caller in Louisiana who makes the very familiar suggestion that shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant encourage teens to get pregnant more than deter them, to which Farrah responded by saying, “I think what our show is doing is bringing teen pregnancy to light so that it does not encourage teens to continue to get pregnant. And, teen pregnancies are down.”

Dr. Drew then pointed out some of the recent studies that reveal teen pregnancy is “waaaay” down. He points out “the teenage birthrate fell 9% from 2009 to 2010.” The current rate, which is approximately 34 teenage births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19, is the lowest it has been since 1946! The drop is even being called the “16 and Pregnant effect” among researchers and members of the media.

The next caller asks, “Don’t you think that focusing on yourself with plastic surgery and modeling is being selfish and taking away from your child’s needs?”

“Actually, I would disagree,” Farrah replies. “My daughter’s college is already paid for. I take care of all of her food, her schooling, everything … From working on my own jobs I have saved money and helped my own self confidence, which has made me more successful.” Farrah then adds, “I think it’s helped me be a better mom because I’m happy.”

The next question came from Twitter and was well under the 140 character limit. “How old do you feel?” “I feel like I’m 38.”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham interview with Dr. Drew On Call HLN show

Then, another question from Twitter: “If you could do it all over again, would you get pregnant again?” Farrah responded emphatically, “I would not get pregnant again. I want to wait to have a kid later. You know, married, maybe 30.”

Dr. drew asked if her relationship with Marcel Kaminstein had been aired yet, and Farrah gave him a funny look. She then talked a bit about her current relationship status, “Right now I’m not dating, I’m being a mom.”

“What’s the biggest struggle you face with raising Sophia without a father?” a phone caller asks.

“There’s a lot. And currently it’s moving,” Farrah says. “Just struggling with everything back and forth: transportation, appointments …” Farrah reveals Sophia is in early learning school and that she tries to get a lot of her work and schooling done while Sophia is in school.

Another caller then asks, “Farrah, how is the relationship with your mom now?”

Farrah replied rather awkwardly, “Currently I don’t – I mean…”

Dr. Drew stepped in and said, “I saw them a couple weeks ago – when were we in New York together, about three weeks ago, a month ago? They seemed good then, but with these two it kind of goes up and down.”

“I think it’s hard to work with your mom, and also be a daughter with your mom, and have her be a grandma,” Farrah says. “Just balancing all of those different views, it’s very hard. But, you know, we’re trying.”

The fourth and final season of Teen Mom is set to premiere June 19 on MTV. Farrah Abraham’s book, My Teenage Dream Ended, is set to be released a week later on June 26.

  • Jen

    i want Jenelle to go on there and have rude people to call in lol! she will get alot

  • Jennifer

    You know I don’t agree with the way farrah has always behaved but on the same note look at what her mom allows. Regardless of what people think of her she made something of her situation. Obviously she has done a lot with her self a lot more then the other teen moms can say. She has gone to school and is doing what she feels best. No mom is perfect we have to get over the fact that she had a kid young. You can’t take it back now. Just move forward. Yes the show helped to some degree but she obviously had school and all that going on before mtv. She obviously is buisness woman and I truly wish her the best.

  • Neacy

    I used to think that Farrah was irresponsible but about 6months I rewatched her 16&pregnant episode and tried to stay objective and I noticed she had it hard. They weren’t able to talk about Derek passing on the show so not only was she going through that, but her friends abandoned her, her parents were not doing well together (they split not long after), and she was struggling with her relationship with her mom especially her mom saying she couldnt tell Derek. She may have not always been responsible but she tried and was going through soo much. Over the years we have seriously seen her grow up. Even when she wasn’t always totally mature her 1 focus was always school and work and she did great! She has made a wonderful life for her and her daughter and if you ask me she is the ONLY girl who has done so. All of the other girls blow their money, party, etc Farrah works hard already has one college degree and is working hard on furthering that as well as working hard outside of school (I dont count what Maci does as work) and she is raising her daughter alone and they truely look happy!! She is my favorite, her and maybe Caitlyn too lol

  • Kelly

    I like Farrah despite her sometimes crappy attitude. She is using publicity from 16 & pregnant and teen mom in a positive way and I think it’s admirable. I wish her the best of luck.

  • Sweet Venom

    I don’t like Farrah’s attitude, the way she speaks to other people, and basically her overall personality…but she is very determined when it comes to her career and she’s independent, unlike the other Teen Mom’s that are always boy hopping. I wish her the best.

  • Mimi

    She seemed like she didn’t know how to answer some of the questions. Like she would pause and think. So how is that Sofia college is already paid for?

    • Alice

      She obviously meant that she has the money set aside for Sophia’s college, not that the bill has already been paid off.

  • me

    I know she has her life together, and that is great, but that doesnt make her a nice person. Whats a carreer and money if you dont have friends and family to share it with?

  • Dianna

    i am very proud of her. i was kinda wondering what she was doing when she wanted to leave her daughter to go to school. i thought at first that she might have been running away from her responsibilities of being a mother but she really has impressed me. it might have looked bad at first but she paid for her daughter to go to college already by doing that. and that proves that she really has been putting her daughter first. there’s 30+ moms out there who haven’t saved a penny her their kids to go to college. and there’s no telling how many kids of teen moms don’t have enough money to pay for their kids to go to college. she has really used her fame from reality tv wisely unlike most of the other teen moms. and im happy that shes doing her own show now. shes been a great role model for other teen moms im sure.
    as for the show it was a little fishy i must say. i think it was kinda rude that dr drew wouldnt let the first caller finish with what she had to say. i do agree that the shows have helped alot and i wish people would look up facts before assuming things. ignorance annoys me alot. i thought that the show was kinda glamorizing teen pregnancy at first but then I looked up the facts a realized it was in fact helping alot! i get facts on things before my opinion is make and i don’t understand why so many people can’t.
    it also seems that farrah more nervous than usual. i was watching her body language and it was different then alot of other interviews that shes had. i think that’s because its was the first time people called in and asked her and she knows how many people out there don’t like her. i noticed that she didn’t want to really talk about her personal life that much either. i’m not sure if that’s because the just didn’t want to answer them or if she couldn’t because of her own show that shes working on. i think shes been taking interview lessons though because she seems to be thinking alot before answering.

  • its1999

    I don’t think Farrah and her mom will ever get along for good. It’s always something with those two. I wonder what her relationship is like with her dad now? She used to treat him like garbage. She is a product of her raising, though. I think her mom is to blame for her snotty “I’m better than you” attitude.

    • msgr8gurl

      i dont like farrah, i will not beat around the bush, i think shes a rude, whiny, spoiled, selfish and immature girl. I hate how she treats her parents. I would really like to see an interview where someone puts her on the spot about it and addresses her about it. shes a snotty person, with an ugly personality and i would like somebody to let her know.