Rihanna shares nip slip photos (and a million bikini pics) of herself on Facebook

Rihanna in a bikini whil vacationing in Hawaii

Does anyone else get the impression that Rihanna would just as soon dispense with the formality of clothing altogether? The less of her body the 24-year-old singer has covered the happier she – as wells as millions of young men – seems to be.

As further evidence of the Rihanna diminishing attire/increased happiness correlation theory, check out how enthusiastic she is in these photos from her trip to Hawaii a few months ago in which she wears a variety of teeny tiny bikinis. Rihanna shared the pictures (more than 70 total) on Facebook this weekend, including a couple nip slips and one in which she safe-for-workishly removes her top entirely while swimming under a waterfall (with no umbrella-ella-ella).

Rihanna topless under a waterfall

Click photos for the uncensored Rihanna nip slip photos that are a wee bit not SFW:

And here are a couple straight-forward gorgeous pics, including front and back shots as well as one of the most dangerously inviting pictures I’ve ever seen!

Rihanna bikini photos front and back view

Rihanna partying in Hawaii wearing a bikini and drinking beer
(What man could resist that cold Bud Light?)

Rihanna strikes a sexy pose in a tiny white bikini in Hawaii 2012

Rihanna is such a sexual dynamo! And I mean that in an empowered woman kind of way! I think this brief clip from Office Space sums it up pretty well:

Sorry, your browser does not support Flash Video Player *Video:lawrence from office space talks about anne

But enough with the obscure cult comedy classic film references, here are a hundred buhjillion Rihanna bikini photos from Hawaii!

All photos: Facebook

  • Pam

    She is 24 but still has the mentality of a young girl screaming out for attention. I hope she seeks whatever it is she is missing…..for what its worth.

  • tab

    she’s gross.

  • sam

    when is this phase going to be over? im tired of her – go to rehab and get your sh*t together.

  • K

    She just looks like an attention seeking sloot!!! She posted loads more of herself on twitter as well. Its a bit pathetic.

  • Diana

    This chick is ridiculous.

  • hehehehe

    Maybe Chris will slap her hard enough to knock some sense into her next time. She needs to start acting more like a lady and keep her clothes on. It’s not like she has anything to see . . . pls wait until you have at least a b cup.