Reality Show Red Carpet Mash-up: Toddlers & Tiaras’s Eden Wood hangs with the Mob Wives

Big Ang and Eden Wood Mob Wives Renee Graziano
Former Toddlers & Tiara‘s star Eden Wood (who has her own reality show Eden’s World on Logo) vamped it up in a purple showgirl outfit while hanging out with Mob Wives Renee Graziano and Big Ang Raiola on the red carpet for the premiere of Eden’s World at The Dream Midtown Hotel. Officially the world is imploding in on itself.

Eden is a gorgeous little girl who has a lot of personality and pizazz (when she was 2 and 3 she placed Ultimate Grand Supreme in pageants over girls far older than her because she was such a natural on the stage.) She’s now retired from pageants at the ripe old age of six to pursue a showbiz career. She came out with a single “Cutie Patootie,” has hosted her own pageant, and of course, makes red carpet appearances. Hopefully she’ll be able to handle all this attention as she grows up. Stay grounded Eden!

Since she’s now friends with the Mob Wives, she can also stay protected.

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  • Dianna

    haha i cant wait to see that train wreck happen!!! her mom shouldnt of had children if this is what shes going to do as a mother. and just seeing the previews of that show that has her singing in part of it gives me a headache. wait for her voice to mature before you try to give her a singing career please. i never understood why parents give their kids voice lessons when their voice is going to sound like a mouse for a few more years. and just cuz someone has voice lessons doesnt mean they are worth a crap. even though many like to think differently