Why did Bethenny Frankel’s assistant Julie Plake quit?

Last episode of Bethenny Ever After we saw Bethenny’s long-suffering assistant Julie Plake decide to leave Bethenny’s company so she could move home to Pittsburgh to be with her boyfriend.

Why did Julie leave, and what is she up to now?

Julie wrote in her Bravo blog that it was a hard decision, but after three years of working for Bethenny Frankel, and helping her build her now multi-million dollar company BB Endeavors, she felt she needed to move back to Pittsburgh to be with her family and boyfriend. She also noted that replacement Jackie Lagratta is ready to take on new responsibilities, and should do just fine.

Bethenny, though emotional about Julie’s decision to leave, suggested that the decision was probably the best because Julie had been “frazzled” lately. In a session with her psychiatrist Dr. Xavier Amador, Bethenny revealed that Julie had believed in her for a long time before anyone else did. She kept asking Bethenny to give her a job, and did work for her for free for a while. It was a smart decision for Julie to work so hard for Bethenny, and believe in her so much, but it probably is time for Julie to use her experience to make something great for herself. Plus, it must have been really hard for Julie to have her boyfriend in a different state.

In her Bravo blog Bethenny kind of hinted that she’s glad Julie left, and things are better now that she’s gone, which seems a little cold, but hey, we don’t know what it was really like for either of them to work together. We just see what’s on TV:

Julie made a decision. Whether that is what you or I would do is irrelevant. She was stuck. She was tormented and something needed to happen for something to happen. To be honest, it was better for everyone. When someone is struggling with something, it affects their whole environment.

Julie is now fully transitioned back to Pittsburgh where she works in public relations, (right now we we’re not sure where she works, but if you know, send us a note.)

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  • Blahblahblah

    I’m not sure why it was such a big deal (business-wise) why Julie was leaving. What was convienently not mentioned was that Jackie originally worked with Bethenny, then Julie replaced her because Jackie moved or something…then recently she came back. I’m a fan of Bethenny’s, but the dramatics over acting like this is the hardest job anyone will ever have were just over the top. There are far more busy and successful people out there who make it work. She isn’t the first. Julie always annoyed me. She seems socially awkward.

  • Jeannine

    First you say she’s moving back to Pittsburgh, then Philadelphia, then Pittsburgh again. Just saying.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Thanks! It’s supposed to be Pittsburgh. Fixed it. : )

  • helloisitme

    I don’t care what went down behind the scenes. Bethenny’s blog was inappropriate. Julie is a young person, who appeared hard working and is re-entering the job force. It is not cool at all to imply you are happy she left, when that record will be out there forever, every time she looks for a new job.

  • A wise guy

    Julie like all people employed by a Narcissists soon come to the realization that either you leave these people and fast or suffer the demise of your own health and well being. Working for Betheny Frankel is a sisyphean task and would have eventually destroy her. Well done Julie for getting out when you did.