Amy, My Daughter: Book cover of Mitch Winehouse’s Amy Winehouse biography released

Amy Winehouse biography book cover

The book cover has been released for Amy, My Daughter, a biography of Amy Winehouse by her dad Mitch Winehouse.

The book includes never before seen photos of Amy Winehouse, and excerpts from Mitch’s personal diary to “discuss shocking and concerning events in his daughters life that will tug at the heartstrings of Amy’s fans across the globe.”

More from the description:

In this intimate account of Amy Winehouse’s life, music, and untimely death, her father Mitch Winehouse gives readers full access to his daughter’s private life in the midst of her immensely public triumphs and tragedies.Amy Winehouse needs no introduction. A critically acclaimed recording artist, she touched millions with her music during her short but extraordinary life.Following her tragic death in July 2011, Mitch Winehouse wants to tell her incredible story in full. “Amy, My Daughter” will take the reader through her mischievous early years, her rise to stardom and to her much publicised struggles with addiction. The book will bring the many layers of her life together – the personal, the private and the public – to create a fitting tribute to his much loved daughter.

There is a fear that Mitch might sugar-coat some things because it’s hard for a parent to fully recognize some of the hard truths about their children, but this is a must read for anyone who’s obsessed with Amy. It will probably be refreshing to learn more about what Amy was like as a precocious little girl, and who she was to her parents. We’ll definitely be reading this.

Proceeds from the books sales are to go to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which has a broad mission to help young people in need, especially those suffering from addiction, illness, disability, or financial distress.

CLICK HERE to pre-order. The book officially releases in the U.S. June 26, 2011.

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  • meg

    RELEASES June 26 2012*

  • Dianna

    i still dont see whats so special about this chick!! she couldnt sing worth a damn, she was ugly as hell in what ever get up she wore, she was addicted to everything under the sun, ex. why?? i really dont get the appeal at all. im a singer and i would like to know what the appeal was?? i have seen ten year olds sing better than her

    • Dom

      Amy had a deep contralto voice which may not appeal to everyone, but for those who recognise it, she had a great voice. She was also talented songwriter who poured her heart out in her songs. What she was addicted to, what she looked like or what clothes she wore is completely irrelevant to her music.

    • Taylor

      Obviously you have a limited knowledge of her abilities and who she was as a person. You might not LIKE her voice, but to deny her talent and charisma is unreasonable.

  • Ashley

    Amy you will truly be missed by many ! The reason I loved your music soo much was, because I could feel you pain in each song you sung rest in peace