Jenelle Evans and Gary Head’s break up continues: accusations of abuse and drug use fly, Jenelle makes a video

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and ex boyfriend Gary Head battle it out on Twitter

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans broke up with her marine boyfriend Gary Head yesterday, and after a brief flurry of angry tweets it appeared as though we might be witness to her first relationship (be it romantic or just friends) to come to an end without a prolonged dramatic feud on Twitter chock full of vitriolic name calling, criminal allegations, incriminating photos, and screen capped text messages. That lasted just long enough for Jenelle and Gary to get a good night’s sleep. Then, today, the stit shorm (furycane?) made virtual landfall with a vengeance!

Here are the bullet points from each side, starting with Jenelle:

• Jenelle says she called the cops one time after Gary hit her, but didn’t press charges because it would “jeopardize his career.” She says MTV crews were witnesses and felt her cheek. She says she was bruised and can now “feel my jaw crack everytime I move it.”

A writer for spoke with Jenelle, who told them, “He basically slapped me in my face, and pinned me to my bed. … The way he slammed me down my jaw got popped out of place, and he ended up punching me with his palm.” She later added that she had to “get ice for my cheek bone all night” after the incident.

• Jenelle claims Gary is $9,000 in debt and is being “kicked out” of the Marines.

• Jenelle made this video tribute to Gary in which she sings along to The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus song “Face Down

Some lyrics from the song, which is about abuse:

Do you feel like a man when you push her around?
Do you feel better now as she falls to the ground?
Well, I’ll tell you my friend, one day this world’s going to end
As your lies crumble down, a new life she has found

Face down in the dirt she says “this doesn’t hurt”
She says ” I’ve finally had enough”

Jenelle Evans and Gary Head
^ Jenelle Evans and Gary Head in happier times

Gary (who is the tweetingest Marine in the history of the United States’ armed forces, btw) responded with a deluge of comments, most of which weren’t all that inflammatory – to his credit. But, Jenelle kept pushing (as she does), and eventually Gary pushed back. Here are the bullet points from his tweetathon:

• Immediately after leaving Jenelle’s apartment (Jenelle says she booted him out, he said he left on his own), Gary headed to his old pal Danielle Soethout to crash. Oh, did I mention she’s a smoking hot brunette and Gary immediately changed his Twitter picture to one of them together?

• Gary says repeatedly that he never hit Jenelle, but does acknowledge she called the cops on him. He says charges were never filed because police did not believe Jenelle’s claims.

• He claims that Jenelle knows when her drug tests are coming (for her probation) and is able to do “pills, acid, heroin, shrooms, and drinking” because she can time it and those drugs don’t stay in your system as long as marijuana.

• Gary states that Jenelle’s friend Nicholas Mullen supplies her with Hydrocodone pills thanks to the fact that he gets 120 a month.

• Says Jenelle didn’t take her medication (for bi polar disorder, etc I assume) even though he reminded her all the time. “I tell her every day to take her Meds but there’s always an excuse ex.They make my head hurt or it takes 1 month 4 it to work,” he tweeted.

• He revealed that he has some sort of incriminating video of Jenelle (Lawdy lawd – what could it be?) but he won’t release it because “I don’t want to embarrass her. And Im NOT going to SELL HER OUT”

• Gary says he didn’t want to have anything to do with MTV and Teen Mom 2 and “It took MTV forever to get me to sign a release form.”

• He shared a screen cap of a Facebook message from someone claiming to be from Star magazine offering him money to talk either on or off the record about his split from Jenelle. He responded with, “Thanks but no thanks. I told her that I would never sell her out to tabloids for money and I plan on keeping my word.”

• He also shared this next photo along with the tweet, “@KayySharp I miss nights like this”

Gary Head and hot blond Kayla Twitter photo

That should get you all caught up on the Jenelle Evans and Gary Head drama, at least until tomorrow. I only hope Jenelle’s temper cools down before she either breaks the law with threats or allegations, or pushes Gary to the point that he decides to “tell all” and perhaps even release that incriminating video!
Jenelle Gary Head Twitter feud thumbnail
It should be noted that Jenelle’s last tweet today was, “Bye twitter. Getting away for a month of solitude.” But, as you’re probably aware, she has tweeted about taking a month break before. She’s usually able to stay away for about 13 hours.

Stay tuned!

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  • diana

    both of them arent’t wearing seat belts … that’s cool

    • Ashley

      I noticed that too. Goes along with the rest of the immaturity detailed.

  • Honestlyme

    Ew he’s ugly

  • jane

    Jenelle seems to have a pattern of fighting with everyone she meets. She goes in full throttle and then suddenly when things don’t go her way she starts trash talking them. The girl loves drama. She’s twenty years old and she posts that video? Looks like something an immature 14 year old might do.

  • ds

    They are acting like they are 12 years old. Maybe some day they will be embarrassed, though I kind of doubt it.

    • Brittany

      HAHA! My thoughts exactly. I watched about 5 seconds of that video because I became embarrassed for her. Can’t wait until Jace is old enough to start googling and finds this.

  • natasha_jd

    its funny that he wont “sell her out” to the tabloids but will spill all the tea all over twitter just like her, hes better than keiffer but still not the guy for her, she is self destructive

  • Amy

    I sincerely hope that she is not falsifying statements about abuse, because it’s not just drama anymore. If he’s in the marines, he could get is SERIOUS trouble for such allegations. I think there may be a hint of truth with a lot of exaggeration. And by the way, you can’t just get “kicked out of the marines”, jeanelle. Hahaha like it’s just like being fired from a job…..

  • Sara

    They were together a whole 3 months maybe 4 and they are acting like they have gone through this whole huge breakup. really 4 months is not that long at all! But to Jenelle’s credit at least she doesn’t marry every guy like Leah does….lol

  • rae

    how embarrassing! seriously… wtf is she thinking.

  • Leena

    At least we don’t have to see them making out & tongue wrestling on facebook & twitter anymore. I doubt they’ll stay civil at all. Jenelle loves drama. All she does is like fall in love with people so to speak then fight fight fight via Twitter. That video is really immature. I’m sure she is lying about him hitting her, I just hope he doesn’t get into trouble cause of her.

  • Sweet Venom

    I don’t know how it is in America (Maybe someone could clue me in?) but in Canada when there is a case of abuse and it is proven, even if the victim does not want to press charges, the Crown just goes ahead and charges the abuser. Obviously laws are different, but I find it very odd that Jennelle would go to the trouble of calling the cops, telling them what happened (possibly) but then say…”Oh I change my mind…I don’t want to press charges”. If the abuse really did happen then MTV should have convinced her to press charges seeing as they were witnesses.

  • Xadjfk

    Dang he should have stayed with that blonde!!

  • its1999

    Of course they took to social media to air out their dirty laundry; ’cause that’s the mature thing to do…
    Some people will never grow up.

  • Dianna

    ohh god what the hell is she doing?? i thought she hit bottom so many times but she just keeps digging!!! i use to smoke weed everyday and i quit and its really not that hard at all!!! you do not need rehab to stop smoking weed. its called will power!! and you dont even need alot of it. weed is soo not addicting thats just an excuse. and i would never think about using heroine or acid or any of those for that matter. but i guess i have something called common sense. and i guess thats why im 20 no kids, not married, and graduated last year from college. ohh and i was in a mentally abusive relationship also about 2 years ago. i left after a month before it turned into physical abbuse (and it almost did when i left him). i havent seen him since. thats called self respect =)

    • Dianna

      also i have never gotten in trouble with the police when i was smoking. i knew it was illegal and was smart about it. i wasnt forced to quit. i knew i had to to get a job. once again common sense.

  • Mary

    he only showing the picture with the bimbo because he trying to make jenelle jealous look at him he is fugggllly!!!! Jenelle you can do better than these ugly immature guys!!!!!