16 & Pregnant’s Ebony Jackson-Rendon pregnant again, daughter still with Child Protective Services

Josh Rendon Ebony Jackson 16 & Pregnant

16 & Pregnant cast members Ebony and Joshua Rendon have announced that they’re expecting their second child. The big kicker here is that their daughter Jocelyn is still with Child Protective Services after it was discovered that the couple’s house was beyond filthy.

If you don’t remember their story, authorities were called to their home in Jacksonville, Arkansas and the ensuing police report and photos indicated there was drug paraphernalia on the premises as well as, “human and dog feces on the floor, walls, and clothing.”

They were arrested for child endangerment and Jocelyn was taken into protective custody. Since then both Joshua and Ebony have tried to take positive steps to literally clean up their lives including rehab for Ebony.

Joshua told TMZ that the pregnancy was unplanned and that Ebony is ten weeks along at this point. He added, “We are extremely excited for the baby.” Previously, Ebony sadly lost a baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. Following this event Ebony stated that she had thoughts of suicide and was using marijuana to, “self harm.”

The Rendons still only get to see their daughter under supervised visitation while the case is still pending. They are working the court system to try and regain custody of their daughter.

Josh emphasized that he and his wife have learned from their missteps, they’ve both completed parenting classes and their home is now immaculate. He believes they’re %100 ready for another child.

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  • Dana

    Did josh not get discharged from the military? I am confused. that question seems to never have been answered.

  • Sarachka

    Well they might think they’re ready for another child but CPS disagrees, hence not having Jocelynn with them. CPS will have to investigate this pregnancy / baby too. I hope it all works out well and everyone is safe.

  • tab

    i hope they realize that when you have one child that is already in protective custody, the chances of them taking the new baby are pretty high. if CPS doesn’t see them to be fit parents to jocelyn, they probably won’t allow them to have custody of the new baby either.

  • blueblueblue

    Do they not know what protected sex is? On one hand I’m happy that they’re still together, but seriously there are more important things going on in their lives. How many “unplanned” pregnancies can one couple have?

  • Blahblahblah

    The court has the ability to rule that she be on birth control, to prevent future pregnancies at least while the case is pending…WHY didn’t they!?

    • Chelse

      First off, NO birth control is 100% effective.

      Second off, no judge in their right mind would force birth control upon her because she had a dirty house and synthetic drugs in her home.
      Remember, they were never officially charged with child neglect nor child endangerment.

      Court mandated birth control is usually ruled for in cases of child murders and women who have excessive numbers of children in the system.

      • ds

        Glad to see someone here uses their brain. I can’t believe how many people seem to think that pregnancy means no birth control was used. This is what happens when you take sexual education out of school.

        • Ashley

          She said on the follow-up show when asked if she was on birth control. SHe stared into the camera and said “NO! I’m married.”

  • Tracie

    This is what is wrong with America….

  • really

    really…instead of working and getting their first child back…they go and have another. Which most likely will be taken away too.

  • Sarah

    Hey, can’t get baby #1 back so why not have another?!?! Seems like a good solution. There is no way they’ve really cleaned up their act as much as they say or else they’d have that baby back in their custody by now!

  • cinna2011

    wow. just wow. house was filthy, drug paraphenalia, animal and HUMAN feces?? what is wrong with this picture. there is a mentality that goes along with living like that and having your children in that same filthy, unhealthy environment. and that mentality doesn’t pair well with good parenting. hell no, they shouldn’t be having another baby. yes, they should focus on parenting classes and therapy before the child is returned to them. he was quoted as saying, “We are extremely excited for the baby.” well, if that baby knew what type of parents he/she was being born to, the baby would not be excited. more like terrified.

  • Ashley

    Seriously, do people not know what birth control or condoms are?!?! Unplanned pregnancy #3….they obviously do not care about prevention.

  • LisaM

    What a f’ing a$$hole………………………..

  • Whoa

    Do they know what birth control and condoms are????
    I find it really hard to feel sorry for them with what happened last year. I understand that she was going through a rough time after the misscarriage, but there was absolutely no reason for them to have a child living in a place like they were. Being depressed doesn’t give you an excuse to have drugs around your child and sh!t all over the walls. They are both disgusting, given a home to live in for FREE by the military and they do that to it.

  • Brittany

    Although they say the baby wasn’t planned, I don’t believe that at all. When they were pregnant last time (that ended in an ectopic pregnancy) they said that was a planned pregnancy… so you have an unplanned baby being Jocelyn, a planned pregnancy that does not last, and then another unplanned pregnancy….? And I don’t get why they don’t focus on getting their existing child back before having another one… that should be their main goal. Hasn’t Jocelyn been gone over a year now?

  • Kitty

    Moron. You can’t “self-harm” with pot. Get help by going to therapy and taking medication if needed. Get your first child back instead of “having an unplanned pregnancy”.

    Disgusting. And he’s defending our country. I feel so safe.

  • Allison

    They’re probably having another one to “replace” Jocelyn. Horrible!

    • Ashley

      Sadly this is probably so true. Can’t get the first back why not have another to fill the void. I wish everyone the best and hope the outcome is favorable for all involved while being safe!

  • RAE

    Wow, I am so disgusted by reading the comments left for this family. I hope that each person who commented takes a strong look at themselves and the viscous things that they have said. Unless any of you have ever lost your own child whether be classed as a “fetus” or born you have no right to pass judgement on the families reaction to that loss.
    Though I find it heart breaking that someone feel so desperate that they can not maintain a healthy living environment for themselves or their child. I think it must be reminded that these parents are still young and dealing with a very unique emotions. I am thankful that someone saw the need for their child and reported the situation. From the report it sounds as though they are taking the situation they have been placed in seriously and working hard to create a home for both their daughter and new child.
    I will be praying for their continued success and the speedy resolution to pending trials with the Child Protective Service.

  • Lilly

    Best of luck to them. I hope they will really mae an effort to change things for the better. By the way, military housing is not FREE, you get a certain amount of money each month and if you live on base then that money just gets taken out of your pay. Anywho, I hope they are able to work through their personal issues and get their daughter back.

  • a

    Lol wow! He claims they are 100% ready for another baby?! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on that one..

  • The b!tch

    Stop having kids! In England we would call her a sket! Kids having kids, put a johnny on the end of it. slag

  • ER

    Something seems so wrong here. If they have their act together why don’t they have Jocelyn?
    Sad- from the 1st season I had the least amount of hope for Farrah and the most for this couple. Strange how things reverse!

  • Ten Zentura



  • Veronica

    Wow, these two are really stupid. Have they not learned their lesson?? Why have another child?? You know damn well you cannot take care of it! Poor baby.. And poor Jocelyn.. I’m glad at least she is in CPS’s hands… These two do NOT deserve to be parents!

  • Melissa Weston

    First of all, once you have a child in CPS it is NOT easy to get that child back. We live in a country where the government can and does (a lot of the time) holds your child hostage until you jump though all of the hoops (which takes TIME ppl!!!)