Teen Mom Leah Messer Simms marries Jeremy Calvert!

Teen Mom Leah Messer Simms reportedly married fiance Jeremy Calvert in Kentucky April 4

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Simms (formerly Leah Messer) is now Leah Calvert (we would assume) after marrying her fiance Jeremy Calvert in a small family ceremony in Catlettsburg, Kentucky on Wednesday! MTV cameras were reportedly rolling as Leah and Jeremy were married by Rev. Marty Gute at the Catlettsburg Wedding Chapel with approximately 15-20 in attendance, including Leah’s twin daughters Aliannah and Aleeah. (No word if Corey Simms was in attendance.)

Gute tells The Independent Online that he received a call from MTV producers on Tuesday asking him to sign a waiver allowing production crews to film in the chapel.

“When I asked what was going on, they said it was for the Leah Simms wedding, and that name didn’t ring a bell at first,” Gute said. But when he mentioned it to his wife and daughter, they knew exactly who he was talking about.

According to Gute, camera crews followed Leah and Jeremy as they got their marriage license at the Boyd County Courthouse and then purchased their rings. The ring purchases were held up for some reason, delaying the ceremony about 90 minutes from its scheduled 3PM start.

“I think they wanted to keep it out of the news, but the producer said he knew it would hit Facebook soon,” Gute said. “He asked my daughter not to tweet about it, though.”

All has been quiet on the Messer Twitter front with only this little interaction the day after the wedding between Jeremy and Leah, which in retrospect looks a bit like an inside joke:

Leah Sims and Jeremy Calvert tweet a day after getting married

Congratulations to Leah and Jeremy!

Top photo: Leah Messer in her wedding dress from her wedding to Corey Simms. (Inset: Jeremy Calvert in NYC in November 2011).

UPDATE – Here’s a photo of the Catlettsburg Wedding Chapel from their website:

Catlettsburg Wedding Chapel where Leah Messer Simms and Jeremy Calvert were married April 4


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  • OMG

    How long until the next divorce?

    • Jocelyn

      OMG (previous commenter) I was wondering the same thing. Leah has been with at least three men since her appearance on 16 and Pregnant. I find it very appauling that men are more important than her daughters. I pray that Ali and Aleeah grow up knowing that Corey is their “real dad” and that Leah doesn’t make them think that Jeremy is. Good luck with your marriage folks. I hope it lasts 🙂

      • Blahblahblah

        I pray that Ali & Aleeah know life outside of a friggin’ trailer park because you just KNOW this idiot is getting ready to have this guy’s babies asap!

        • Neacy

          I COMPLETELY agree! Anything she can do for her spin off show… it’s disgusting.

  • tab

    i hope she remembered both earrings for this wedding.

  • Blahblahblah

    Why on earth is this stupid girl getting married again? She JUST got divorced. Does she think rings and (no doubt) another big, fancy wedding dress are a bandaid for a relationship that really won’t last? Jesus. Raise your damn kids and focus on making something of your life.

    • rie_rie

      Shes been divorced for a year, officially…my mom divorced in Sept, and was married on Halloween…granted she had been separated for over a year the divorce was just slow going through….

      • Anne

        The difference is that Leah is only 19 or 20 with getting married so soon and with already having 2 kids.

        • rie_rie

          Ok, that is a good point. I think my mom married the first time at 17 and not because of a pregnancy, had my bro two years later and was separated from him within a year after giving birth, with my dad sometime, and 4 months pregnant at her second wedding. Which I guess is better than my dads other ex, she had the first 3 months after she turned 19 with one dad, the second 17 months later with another dad, and the third 24 months after that with yet another dad, and then was married to my dad I think 26 months after the 3rd was born…so Leah is almost better than that!

          • Jenn

            Shut up.

  • InWonderland

    Why on earth would Corey be at this weeding? Would you want your ex at your wedding? No.

    Anyway, this is stupuid.

  • Millie

    I hope she takes her vows seriously this time: “I promise to be faithful to you.”

  • DieselGirl

    Is that the SAME dress she married Corey in…LOL! It won’t last!

  • Sara

    This is ridiculous…getting married so soon AGAIN after a divorce…she didn’t learn her lesson the first time around.

  • You can’t fix stupid!!!!

  • Wow, just, wow. I’m not trying to be pessimistic, but I don’t think that this is a good idea at all. I guess we’ll just have to see how it all plays out.


    Waiting for her to crash and burn. Won’t be sorry when that happens.

  • Angie

    Wow…just…wow. She’s barely 20 and already on her second husband?

    “Insanity is making the same mistakes over and over again, but expecting different results.”

  • Sara

    she was just divorced less than a year ago 2 months later gets with this guy and now they are married, really, how stupid do some people have to be? She has only been with him since august so less than 8 months! This is insane!!

  • Maria

    Why would you wait you wait to purchase your rings until the day of the wedding? Strange. Also, her new husband looks like Lance Bass.

    • Pia

      The only reason I can even imagine anyone waiting until their WEDDING DAY to purchase rings… (to the extent that it held up the CEREMONY, no less!!)… would be if the idea to get married was a completely spontaneous one. Incredibly sad, really. Much as I wish ’em the best for the sake of a stable home life for the children, it’s probably doomed.

  • xo

    What the hell is this girl thinking? Crazy!

  • not a teen mom

    She needs to quit worrying about guys and put her daughters first!!!! Let’s see how long this one will last!

  • Nikk

    Not only has she been with him in such a short time and married but also has had a miscarriage. She became pregnant within a couple of months of being with him. I do believe the girls will definately know Corey and his family and have a very close relationship with them because he has them every weekend and his family keeps the girls a lot as well. He would fight tooth and nail if she tried to keep his girls from him.

  • Caroline

    That was fast! I hope she isn’t doing this for money or a spinoff. She has always seemed to be the teen mom most wanting money to sell a story. I just feel bad for the girls. Leah seems to repeating a similar pattern her mom did. I hope that Jeremy is as good as Leah’s stepdad is and that is lasts.

  • YouSuck

    I wonder if she’ll still be married when they air “The Wedding Episode.” (I’m guessing no)

    Let’s just pray she isn’t pregnant.

  • Alysia

    It hasnt even been a year since she has been divorced from Corey. I am truly dissapointed in Leah. Im glad she is happy but she is still so young! She can’t be alone that is something she has defintly shared with the world since she had been with 3 other guys after corey. I do think she is a wonderful mother just makes quick decsions.

  • ohmygeez

    So we can assume she’s either pregnant again or will be in the near future.

  • ugh

    Everything here is negative, so I’ll just say, I hope this works out. She never really loved Corey and just felt like she had to be with him. She was upset when it didn’t work out because she felt like she needed help, but not Corey.

    I hope that she actually cares about this one and isn’t just using him because he is willing to be there for her.

    Was that positive? It was as positive as I could muster.

  • Who cares what she does!!!!!!!It’s her business!!!!!If she didn’t get pregnant and gotten on the show 16 & pregnant no~one would even know her!The only reason “we give a shit” is because we see and know of her on MTV…Anyway it’s her choice!She gave those 2 baby girls life!She could have aborted them and she didn’t!She took responsibility for them!!!If she is trying to find the “right” person for her then let her. I think she deserves to be happy!!If she wants to get married 10 times it’s cool!I don’t get why you guys care!!!Worry about your own lives!!Leah good luck w/ everything!Don’t worry about what idiots write!!!They have NEVER walked In your cute shoe!! Xxoo love Erika Lynn :-/

  • Kelsey

    I wish her, Jeremy, Ali, and Aleeah the best of luck in their lives! I honestly hope this works out for her in the best way possible <3

  • Kaylie

    It wouldn’t surprise me if she got pregnant again within the next year. She obviously suffers from Dependent Personality Disorder. She’s actually been with 4 guys since the show started also: Corey, Robbie, Dust(y/in), and Jeremy. It’s sort of disturbing that this girl is responsible for raising a set of twins and one with special needs.

  • holly

    That is the EXACT same dress/hair/veil/necklace she wore when she married Corey…


    • Starcasm Staff

      That’s because we used the same photos, which we state in the article. The new photos have not been released yet.

  • Michelle

    Although I think she is severely jumping the gun on this one, she seems to be a good mother and she clearly loves her children. Is she making a mistake marrying him so soon? Possibly. But its her bad decision. If she’s taking care of her babies, then just leave her be.

  • Ashlynn

    Fingers crossed this is the final one, and it honestly works out.

  • xo

    Haha. Imagine how pissed Maci is right now. Leah managed to land two husbands and Maci couldn’t even get someone as hideous as Kyle to propose.

  • Sara

    My prediction she will get knocked up, then divorce jeremy and run back to corey and end up remarrying him all within the next 2 years,,,,gag!!

  • tab

    hey y’all. she’s just making sure she has enough stuff to put in her book in a few years. she’ll write one when she’s pretty much dropped off the radar. guarantee that.

    “i ain’t no whore, i just falled in love a lot” by leah messer simms calvert (insert last name of 3rd husband here)

    • Jen

      hahaha now that’s funny

    • xo

      I wonder how many ex husbands, babydaddies and kids she’ll have by then.

  • Jenn

    everyone is so negative good luck Leah & Jeremy if you guys did get married I hope you have your happily ever after!!!

  • Dani

    This all seems very rushed, but I wish them the best.

  • grosd

    Hopefully we’ll get to see her divorce on the next season! How pathetic, I know they all have there similar patterns that they fo through every season but I would not wanna be the girl who gets married then divorced for every season! And she tried to make us think she took marriage seriously! Pshh

  • Mila

    @ dieselgirl & holly..that IS the same dress she married Corey in, because it’s a picture from her wedding with Corey. Please read the article before commenting, it will save a lot of time.

  • vee

    Wtf! seriouslyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s so immature

  • steph

    Wow this girl is fast! I am sure baby nr 3 will come soon. She gets paid for these weddings by mtv or what??

  • jen

    she did take her vows seriously she didnt cheat on corey while they were married it was before and corey is not soo innocent either leave the girl alone already she made her mistakes corey made move on. she loves those little girls and so what if she has been with 3 guys as long as her daughters are taken care of than who cares. shes a good mom. and does everything for those baby girls of hers. shes not pregnant again she miscarried in jan you guys are just down right rude and disrespectful towards her grow up

    • Me

      Lovely punctuation skills…

  • aperture

    Sad. She needs some serious life skills.

  • Didi

    Clearly her “therapy” didn’t work very well. Still clearly has daddy issues. Pathetic, that she is that insecure she feels the need to jump from guy to guy to guy and be on her second husband before she even turns 20.

  • T

    Why should anyone be anything but negative? She has now been married twice before the age of 21. She should focus on her girls NOT on getting married. She wants nothing but attention from anyone.

  • Ashley

    I give it 6 months…max!

  • Allison

    I’m sorry, but this is awful. I have a feeling that Leah is going to have a hard life ahead of her. She was already pregnant with this guy’s baby a few months ago, and now they have this random wedding (in the middle of the week?). She’s 20 years old and this is her 2nd marriage. Horrible.

    • anonymous

      its only random to us cuz we didnt know about it prior and we dont have to know everything these people do before it happens either. I got married mid-week, as do many people. Yeah its her second marriage but only she knows whats best 4 her… her life not ours

      • k

        I was married after knowing hubbs for 7 Weeks. We got married mid week, too. Out was a Thursday… Why do people always know the best for others? No, we weren’t pregnant, and yes we were in love. You know Leah its doing the best for her little family by being married to a man who will provide for get and her girls.

        • lovelula

          i’d hope leah would want to provide for her daughters herself, not find some man to do it for her.

          • Kim

            I agree. It seems like she needs to find a man fast to be happy and provide for her bc she can not do it on her on. she should find out more about this guy before she jumps the gun aging. she seems to forget the situation that got her on tv in the first place and what happend to her first marrige.she got knocked up the first time and had a qick wedding. then she cheated on him for the second time of us knowing but more likly more by what it seems from cory out look and she cheated before she got married. Then she divorced him. even tho I think it should have been cory that should have divorced her.now she talks alot about use protection bc being a teen mom is hard she even went on talk shows to speak about it but yet she ended up not taking her own advice and not learning the first time and get’s knocked up aging with twins then looses them. and then now gets married aging. this girl is crazy. she needs to finsh school. worry about taking care of her girls and how she will provide for them and have a carrer then getting married and having sex. bc this guy can leave her just as fast as she left cory. then what it’s going to be another guy then month later another wedding. joke that is what she is making her life like a joke

  • er

    I have a feeling this is going to be a trend in her life. Poor Aleeah and Alianna. Hopefully this works out for the best and they won’t have to be in more of their mom’s weddings.

  • Hal

    That girl is a serial wife.

  • whens the 3rd wedding?.. next year!!

    • Dianna

      when she has her 3rd wedding she might have a 3rd kid too lol. she needs to learn how to slow the f**k down. didnt she learn the first time she took it fast?? apparently it didnt work out before. you need to learn from your mistakes not do the same thing over again hoping for a different outcome. they have a word for that you know….

  • AnonymousInGa

    There has got to be a reason that Leah falls in love so fast with various guys. The ball is not in her corner once again, sadly. I wish her the best,but she moves too fast. She was only with Corey for a month, when she got pregnant with the twins. She has already been pregnant again, but unfortunately miscarried.

  • Kat

    I’m pretty sure that this is a picture of her from her wedding from Cory, it looks to be the same dress, hair, jewelry, everything, so either it’s an old picture or she used the same dress and everything else.

    • Amanda

      at the bottom of the page it says it is from the other wedding.

  • Sue

    This chick is an absolute idiot. I thought she was pretty down to earth in the beginning by now i believe she is just stupid. First she had twins and gets married and cheats on her husband like its her job but at the same time it was always everyone else’s fault. then she gets knocked up again (accidentally, weird since i am 26 and never got knocked up though i used protection) and then she gets married to some nimwit. How about concentrating on being a good mom, getting off this tv show that just produces a bunch of drama, growing up and finding out what love and marriage means.

  • Jessica. L

    Leah is my favorite on Teen Mom , after her an Corey divorced i was sure she was’nt gonna be in the game for awhile as to she was very very upset. She is my age , and has two children like me . and i have a boyfriend which is 24 and we are not getting married until were sure and im a little older because i dont want a divorce in 6 months or less and neither does he . Leah what are you thinking moving to fast way to fast you have two children to think about , this is your second divorce with in 1 year .

  • Rebecca

    hey guy!
    I think this in MAD :/ Leah had married Corey, and said on Teen Mom 2 that she know that she wanted to be with corey 4 the rest of her life but that didnt happen??? So now she goes out and marries this Jeremy guy??? She had got pregnant with corey and this Jeremy guy but had lost the baby with Jeremy. I dont know but I say the baby wasnt planed? I think Leah is only marring this guy cuz they got pregnant? I think she has just jumped into it and I say it is confusin 4 ali and aleeah to have two dads??? I dont think this marrage will last???

  • Lacy

    this is fake. this is from her wedding pictures with Corey and the girls lol

    • Tracie

      The article says that it’s a picture from her marriage from Corey. They don’t have pictures of her second wedding yet

  • Mari

    Wow this is kinda horrible … 20 years old 2nd marriage and who knows how many more to come since these two almost broke up at least 3 times already… I feel a little sorry for the girls but hey it´s her life… way to go serial wife….

  • Lacey

    ppl need to stop judging her.. one there is zero proof that she actually did get married.. all what they have is a picture of her in a wedding dress from her LAST wedding and a random picture of the inside of a random chaple. there is zero proof of an actual wedding. and i garentee if this was a woman in her 30 or 40s getting ready to have her second marrage not a word would be said against her. yes she is young yes she was a teen mom but that doesn’t give anyone the right to judge her or say nasty things about her. her life is already hard enough complete strangers do not need to be making it harder for her.

    • Starcasm Staff

      We made no claim to offer photographic proof that they got married. But the Reverend did tell reporters that he married them.

    • really

      She’s the one who signed up to televised her life on tv. Now lets be honest as long as your life plays out on tv, you are going to be judged period. i dont think shes even 20 till next week (I maybe Wrong). Lets see her track record… CHeated twice on corey with the same guy.. two kids..one miscarriage….one failed marriage…..not even with jeremy for a year…rushed into a second marriage…how well do you think shes doing…..if SHE DIDNT want ppl to judge she shouldnt have signed up to do a show …….

  • Veronica

    It’s her life, she can do what she wants to do with it. Maybe she took a different approach to this marriage. With Cory it seemed she jumped straight into it without even premarital counseling. And on the reunion show her mom said Leah went to therapy…so maybe that did help her. Maybe she took Jeremy into some sessions before they got married. I think this is super fast, but this isn’t my life and I don’t know her…so whatever. : )


    Is that the same dress she married Corey in?? She looks the same but with less makeup as she did when she married Corey…crazy

    • Didi

      If you had actually read the post, you would have seen that THE ARTICLE CLEARLY STATES THAT THAT PHOTO IS FROM HER FIRST WEDDING.

  • uhhh

    in a couple days all someone has to do is look up the marriage records for this county online. all marriage records are public knowledge. problem solved. (starcasm probably should have done the research, though)

  • Tracie

    Leah is just afraid of being alone. If I was 20 and divorced with 2 kids, I wouldn’t rush back to the altar, even if I was madly in love. She hasn’t even been with Jeremy for a year!!!! I know that sometimes these things work, but statistically they don’t. Why the rush????? Just date him for awhile!!!

  • really

    I give them less then a year for the marriage to fall apart. Leah needs to learn to be alone with her daughters. She’s only 20 with two kids, a miscarriage, one failed marriage already and now this..
    I feel sorry for her kids, she needs to stop acting like a kid and realize a lot about life.

  • Sarah

    That chapel is awful looking!

    • Mandy

      It’s fit for a trailer trash queen!

  • she is insane

  • El stupido

    What a f***ing idiot.

  • maliboo barbie

    She certainly is living up to peoples low expectations of her. isnt she ? Sadly she is perpetuating the stereotype. I love how when people do incredibly stupid things they have a defense mechanism that kicks in that allows them to block out any thoughts of wrong doing.I worry about those that are supportive of her every mis-step. I think that may be the root cause of so many bad life decisions. This girl is a terrible role model , I would not want my daughter looking up to her at all. She is so self absorbed and seems to only focus on what her “ideal” life should be. Hope she buys a vowel and gets a clue soon. Its not about her anymore.. she gave that up the day she had those two beautiful little girls. Leah if you read this…A good parent is so much more than playing house or buying a bunch of stuff for your kid(S) For the love of God put your big girl panties on suck it up and stop focusing on how YOU feel about everything…. The ink on the divorce papers isnt even dry and you go and get married again. You need counseling to figure out what you should do about the hole in your heart and life. You keep trying fill an emptiness with one mistake after another. If you dont want to go for you .. go for your girls.

  • ds

    She knows that you can date for a while before getting hitched, right? And it’s good practice, since you can’t possibly know everything about another person in 6 months. I hope this one lasts, but she’s already fighting against some serious odds (still newish relationship, one failed marriage, kids from previous marriage, young age, list goes on and on)

    • Sweet Venom

      Apparently dating is now out of style! I don’t see why, dating is the best part when you’re getting to know one another and experiencing new things together. Maybe she feels the need to tie them down before they realize how much of a pill she is.

  • me

    Its her life, but this was really stupid. I have been married for 10 yrs, and I tell people all the time, if I ever get out of this mess, I’ll NEVER do it again!!!! When are girls gonna realize there are no prince charmings, and no fairytale endings?? Sooner or later it’ll all go down the drain bc no one (boys or girls) are taught to love and respect and stick it out til the end. Period.

  • me

    and if she would grow up and stop Depending on a guy to make her happy, she could do a lot better than Jeremy I think.

  • BBT

    Dumb people, the photo is from her first wedding. They haven’t even confirmed getting married yet, they’re not going to release wedding photos. It’s an old photo.

  • Julianne

    I would just like to say that honestly it isnt really anyones business. Yes many people think that she is moving too fast and that she is being a child. But who are any of us to judge. I am sure that every single person that has commented about this has made a mistake that everyone said something about. Leave her alone. If she did infact get married who cares? It is her choice. Life is all about learning. And the best way to learn is to make mistakes. So everyone butt out and let this poor woman learn.

    • amelia

      it is a blog…people comment…get it…..people post their ideas. Enough w the judging comments…its called a blog…

  • amelia

    so what happens when jeremy doesnt give her enough attention?? which happens in life. will she go out and seek ANOTHER affair to fillfull her? She is white trash who does not have the best interest of her daughters in mind,for so many reasons.

  • Bre

    We’ll see her new weddings every TM2 season finale until they cancel the show.

  • maliboo barbie

    To all that say it’s none of anyone’s business.. ummm hello she is on a reality tv show She has made her life our business. Another life lesson for her.. everything has a price.. the price She pays for the big fat MTV check is people commenting on how incredibly stupid her life choices are.. if she doesn’t like it..she shouldn’t put her life out there.. funny. Don’t hear her whining about cashing her check..

  • Sweet Venom

    LOL, I knew there would be a ton of comments already and I was right! I was totally shocked when I just read the headline that Leah got married, again.

    I hope this marriage lasts longer than her first. I’m a little jealous though…her daughters have been to more weddings than I have!

    • Allison


  • Angie

    Wonder if she slept with Corey or Robbie days before this one.

    • Allison

      lol We’ll probably find out sooner or later.

  • KS

    So, is she pregnant now or not?

    • Allison

      No, she either had a miscarriage or an abortion, because she’s not pregnant anymore.

  • Whitney

    What an idiot! Hopefully she’ll stay in Kentucky bc we don’t want her or her redneck entourage here in West Virginia!

  • Jane

    What is wrong with this girl? She cheated on her husband, had the balls to file for a divorce when she is the one that screwed up, finds a new boytoy, gets pregnant, gets engaged, loses the baby, gets married. And now what? The girl is unstable and I fear for those girls when they get older. They will know nothing but mommy jumping from bed to bed so she can feel the rush of being in love or doing something wrong, all the while not providing for her children. The twins should be under Cory’s care. He can provide a stable home where there won’t be a revolving door of new spouses every few months. She’s been legally able to marry for two years, and she’s had to marriages. Horrible. I don’t feel sorry for her anymore. Facts are facts. She will be trash whether she lives in a mansion or a trailer.

  • mishleaka

    just sayinnn.. STATISTICALLY… (being only 20 years old and on her 2nd husband , twins with her ex husband, and all of this only happening in what?, two years??) .. the odds of a successfull relationship is not really in her favor. obviously it’s not impossible, but how many people that marry at 20 stay together forever, not too many i’d say.. i know a bunch of people are probably thinking, “well i married young, and im happy” or “i married quickly and we’ve stayed together” “BLAH BLAH BLAH”.. good for you guys, im just stating facts of what GENERALLY happens.. do i agree with her choices? no but they are not mine, they are hers, and will probably be VERY entertaining to see how it plays out next season ..HOWEVER in the end, i do wish her and her family the best (:

    • Lyndsay

      agreed. she’s an idiot. she got married twice in a little over a year. not a smart redneck.

  • Robin

    Is that the same dress she wore for her and Corey’s wedding?