Teen Mom 3 Briana Dejesus’ baby-daddy Devoin Austin II responds to deadbeat dad portrayal

Teen Mom 3 Briana Dejesus baby-daddy Devoin

Tonight’s 16 & Pregnant episode features Briana Dejesus from Orlando, Florida. In clips of the show revealed during an interview with Good Morning America the father of her daughter Nova Star, Devoin Ri’chard Austin II, is portrayed as an absentee father. The narration of the preview states:

“Briana needs her mother and sister to rally around her because her baby’s father Devoin is nowhere to be found.”

Here’s a snippet of the interview that came later in the segment that further paints Devoin in a negative light:

GMA: Briana, I know you have beautiful Nova Star and you are not together with the father Devoin. Where is he today in terms of parenting, offering any help? Are you getting anything?

Briana: No. He comes and goes as he pleases. It’s tough.

After that, GMA’s Lara Spencer states, “We have a teen dad who is not contributing at all.”

There’s no other way to put this, GMA and Briana together make it seem patently clear that Devoin isn’t there for his daughter. Just to bring this home here is an excerpt from an interview with the Orlando Sentinel in which Briana talks about the most difficult part of her pregnancy and her life now:

Briana said the hardest part of her pregnancy was that Nova’s father, Devoin, was not there to take responsibility. Relations with Devoin haven’t improved since filming stopped. “He tries to come around. He does what’s convenient for him,” Briana said. “This is a 24-hour job. He should be around.”

Via Facebook and Twitter the young man, his friends and family have taken offense to this and made their feelings known.

Someone posted our write-up of that GMA interview to Devoin’s wall and here were a few of the comments made (unedited except for profanities) including Devoin’s reaction:

-> “Dam* I feel bad for devoin… they bashed him on national tv. I would be pissed if I was him.

Devoin: Yes smh lol !!! Tried me so hard bra

-> Watching this pissed me off. American think you a deadbeat but we know the truth. ♥

Devoin: F**k that gma show. They just trying a ni**a cause I’m black.. Andy baby momma a fu**ing DUMB A$$ as well

-> Anyone who knows Devion knows he has a good heart, like I said before.. America don’t have SH!T on family

Another poster had the following to say about it on Devoin’s wall:

I just wanna say something,, I ♥ you little brother f**k them people they aint sh!t cuz we know the truth! You are so much better than this image theyre trying to portray of you..ijs WE know the true story! This sh!t got me hot so ima share before i say sumn too wrong cuz they dont want the real!

Devoin responded by writing, “Straight up man.. It’s all good don’t een worry bout it !! They just fake as hell”

On Devoin’s Twitter page which is tagged with, “Roll it up, light it up. Have a puff, let’s take a ✈.” He gave his followers a heads up on him being on TV tonight with a couple of tweets:

Devoin Tweet 2


Devoin Tweet

Lockerz / Devoin Austin II


  • Wow, I’m sure glad that today’s youth can spell properly. My God, where would we be without these intelligent future leaders!? :\

    • KS

      I’m embarrassed to be in the same age group as some of these people.

      • Chelse

        I am too KS.
        I am ashamed that this is what my kids will look back on and see, it’s deplorable.

  • Mom of 4

    I no longer watch the 16 & Pregnant or any of the Teen Mom series. I refuse to give these girls and their baby daddys attention. This has become a joke…..

    • Jeff

      And yet you are reading about them on a D rate gossip site, and taking the time to make a comment. You’re sure showing everyone how much smarter you are!

  • Erica

    I don’t see why these teenagers on 16 and Pregnant get these sorry baby daddies. I mean what makes you think they’re gonna change with a baby? It’s not hard to realize he’s a deadbeat. I mean look at him. He looks like a straight up thug. Jesus, I wish these people would wake the h*** up.

  • JMar


  • Jill

    I’m sorry but I have a hard time taking anyone seriously when they spell like that and talk like that. If you talk like a normal human being than maybe I’ll take the time to listen to what you have to say.

    • carrie

      THANK YOU!!! This is so true.

  • hannah

    Why does MTV continue to children having children and thier loser baby daddies in the spot light?

    • hannah

      continue to put children having children*

  • Leena Ellieea

    “Gma hates me cause I’m black” Wtf does the color of his skin have to do with anything? I hate it when people use that as an excuse. He needs to get spelling lessons like soon. Grammar would be great to if he’s going to be posting on Twitter to his “fans”.

    • Kay Kay

      I don’t think him being black had anything with them portraying him as a piece of shit. They have portrayed a lot of baby daddy’s as pieces of shit they were white. Don’t throw the racist card so you don’t have to face the consequences of your actions. A piece of shit father is a piece of shit father race doesn’t categorize that actions do.

      • Bre

        Totally agree. This guy is an asshole. She’d be better off getting him to sign over her daughter and pretending like he never existed.

  • jane

    Speaking of children having children, I doubt this Devion will ever grow up. So sad.

  • disgusting

    First off learn how to spell! And if you are such a good parent why are you defending yourself? Another million excuses as to why you aren’t doing anything an everything for that girl. Haven’t even seen the show but from the way you write im assuming you have no kind of common sense what so ever as to how hard it is to have to give everything up you once knew. Change your life and adjust to that baby’s life, it’s not about you anymore! or how real you keep it!

  • Michelle

    Pulling the race card already? Bad parenting has nothing to do with skin color. Just making excuses because he can’t take responsibility for his actions. Oh well.

  • Mel

    Is there some sort of Google Translator for that garbage? I can’t understand half of what he is saying. Learn to spell for god’s sake! I can’t believe people like this are having children.

  • OMG as soon as he pulled the race card I stopped reading. So ignorant! Grammer is horrible as well, stereotypocal hmm.

    • Kris10z

      Yes, the GRAMMAR (not grammer) is awful. I hate twitter-speak.

    • Rox


    • I agree i am black and hearing him use the race card pissed me off so bad.

  • Ajax

    First off, everyone that keeps correcting everyone, ease off.. Ghetto speak and in-correct spelling irritate me, but if they left out ONE letter (ie above me) take your English Master a** and get a job.

    All of these Americans jump on this baby band wagon, you can not tell me that after 3 seasons of this show, more than the majority of these girls are getting pregnant just to get on television.. statistics in teen pregnancy have dropped?! can we see this on clear paper and numerous accounts of this so-called percentage rate??
    As for this D’von or Devoin or however his parents decided to ghetto-up his name, pulling the race card is just funny now a days.. I’m of course just saying this ’cause i’m w-h-i-t-e.. maybe one of his ‘black’ family members need to tell him to get off his sorry race card playing a$$ and step up his game.. he stuck his weeny in her didn’t he? pay the price, bitc#.

  • Ladylow

    “They just trying a ni**a cause I’m black”
    Wow… Really??? Look at our president, i think you arent allow to use that excuse anymore.
    I don’t know him but by the way he expresses himself on twitter i can only imagine the things he could say to your face. And the grammar! Geez!
    Grow up and educate yourself. Learn some manners. I believe there is better ways to tell ppl you are angry without so many F and N words.

    • ProudLatina

      Just because we have a half black president doesn’t mean racism isn’t alive and well . Not everyone voted for Obama therefore the fact that he’s our president doesn’t prove much. That excuse gets so old. I’m partially black and I have been discriminated against by white people and African American people. But on the other hand I do think the boy is being dramatic he sounds illiterate and he wasn’t interested in learning how to take care of this baby. I’m not sticking up for him at all because, I personally don’t care for him . But, please don’t use the excuse of our presidents black that only proves 51% of people (who actually voted) found him white enough to tolerate or agreed with his platform and his stance on the economy & global issues etc…

  • Kaylie

    I’m pretty sure this guy is gonna end up being Adam:The Scarier, More Deadbeat Sequel. I give him applause because I didn’t think it could get worse, but this guy’s proven me wrong.

  • Ashley

    And that’s why he got a 16 year old pregnant…idiot!!

  • InWonderland

    If you don’t watch or like the show, why read the articles? Seems silly to me.

  • Meli

    I’m 19, going through the same thing. All I can say is keep your head up Bri bc I’m pretty sure that if he wasn’t acting like this, and if it’s all indeed “fake” then it would’ve never been caught on camera.

  • I actually spelled grammar wrong on purpose because I knew there’d be one or two lames correcting & if you notice I also mispelled stereotypical nice job proof reading ass!!!!! Goodbye 😉

  • Amanda

    I hated this episode! Not only did it glorify abortion but the mom is in the end talking about wishing she would have had an abortion! She might as well look her beautiful daughter in the face and say, I wish you were dead. Horrible. How about being thankful that you can give birth to a healthy baby. If you don’t want her and her dad is a dead beat loser than give her to someone who will appreciate and truly love her!!

    • mb

      I completely agree. I felt so horrible thinking that one day this baby will grow up and see this episode and HEAR her mother say she wished she had an abortion. Even worse, hear her say that if she could go back, she WOULD have an abortion. How in the world could any parent feel that way with a beautiful, healthy baby girl in her hands?

      • She is a teen parent, what do you expect? They are going to find it hard to raise a mini-human and of COURSE they want the easy way out!

      • Amanda

        I agree. At the end I was thinking how that poor girl would grow up and see her own mother say she wish she would have aborted her, it broke my heart. I cannot get pregnant and it drives me crazy that these young girls don’t value motherhood at all. Thankfully God blessed me with a daughter through adoption. Kids need to realize that if they are going to have sex they are eventually going to get pregnant and they need to be responsible with the outcome over that. Adoption is always available, it enriches and blesses peoples lives and saves innocent babies from being murdered just because their parents cannot cope with the responsibilities of their decisions.

    • jane

      I thought that was one of the most “real” moments I’ve seen on 16 & Pregnant. This girl appears to have some postpartum depression going on, and the enormity of what she alone has taken on was slapping her in the face. It was a pretty powerful episode IMO.

  • Courtney

    In order to be on this you must be pregnant, unintelligent and white trash.

    I was a pregnant at 17 and little support from the father, but I worked my ass off to be living on my own and supporting my daughter and I at 22.
    So these fame whores give people like me a bad name

    Todays youth don’t seem to grasp the concept of hard work!
    A lot need some tough love and a good kick in the ass!

  • Ughh

    You ppl get on my nerves with this abortion sht. So what they showed two sides of the story ABORTION happens and for many reasons. Some people may not want to go through with pregnancy espically if the father isn’t in the picture why raise a child without BOTH parents?. What if a female is raped?! I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to look at that child and remember how it got here.Abortion isn’t murder its a personal choice. As far as having it and giving up for adoption is almost the same if you can’t imagine giving your child away to some strangers (or possibly never seeing your child again)then why go through 9months of carrying it when you can get rid of it. You gotta realize what she said was real making decisions on temp. Feeelings is hard you think you know that person but they change colors when you need them the most. Quiet frankly she I believe she wouldve been better without the child because now she’s stuck at home without a social life because she decided to layup with a dumbass boy. I did not feel her sister was in pain dealing with the new born and her sister being pregnant I honestly think she was JEALOUS because she didn’t keep her baby and just the thought of a baby irritated her (like Jordan’s twin sister she was jealous her baby and bf was getting a lot of attention then her than she was prior to her bf and the baby). You can agree with me or not but when you lay down and have sex you have choices unfortnately pregnancy is one. This show is in its 4th season right?…Okay in august birthcontrol is suppose to be free by law (so I hear last year some time).These girls are getting pregnant on purpose its the same bullsht story by the end of the espiode baby daddy don’t wanna be with the mother anymore and finds a new chick to trick off. Or they end the show with daddying being a father figure but months later they breakup same sht different girl and boy. I feel this way if you’re 5months pregnant and he aint showin up to any of the appointments (which I thnk are the most important ones I’m not sure I do know you know the sex at 5months)then you need to prepair to be a single mom period he showed you how he feels already and the crying is dumb as sh!t because it won’t make him be a man (I assume these are little boys) crying is annoying most these boys were probably treating these girls like sh!t prior to having sex but they still stay and get pregnant by them. When dating someone if they’re treating you right or wrong if you’re not content with how you’re being treated (atleast in a months time)then you’ll know if you need to breakup or not.I say this because to me it doesn’t seem like he was boyfriend material from the get but most these little girls and grown women (some women my age do this dumb sht too) think that having a baby will KEEP him having a baby won’t make a man/boy stay only hell have to make that decision for himself weather he wants to be a man or boy.These boys are young and want a social life so having a baby alters their life a lot some don’t even mature. Do I feel sorry for her ?No cause most men aren’t sh!t and just want a nut let’s keep it real. Do I think shell be okay? Yeah shell be an okay mother but hopefully shell make better decisions she does seem like a nice girl but easy to walk over top of cause she couldve talked to him her self without her mother inforcing a conversation with his @ss.

    Okay on to her baby daddy I am BLACK and I don’t even text or talk ghetto but I know a lot of black ppl do (I bother not to read sh!t like that but I understand it) but the race card is stupid he’s just mad that MTV showed him as what he really is a deadbeat loser.From the looks of his facebooks comments he and his family seem rachet (or ghetto and dramatic) most ppl who talk like that are just dramatic and like to cause trouble so its best baby nova doesn’t have him around.

    In the end mtv need to stop glorfying this its remedial, these girls are getting pregnant on purpose period and almost all the stories are the same.If you’re going to show peoples pregnancy struggles why not show people with disablities pregnant, homeless people something different than dumb teens who don’t know what condoms are or what birthcontrol is like its stupid. USE CONDOMS cause kids are expensive (lmaoo I keep saying that lol) but its true. For me? I choose not to have any children til I am married (ill be 24 this summer :D) I’ve been on the pill for 5yrs and I refuse to become a statistic (black female with baby daddies)I will be a completeing my degree this month and continuing my edcuation in graphic design.

    And on the teen mom issue I doubt they would feature a minority since majority of the season(seasons past) only feature 1-3 minorities and most the time baby daddy isn’t in the picture they’ll probably feature girls similar to maci,amber,farrah and cait(I forget how to spell her name lol)

    • Noelle

      You don’t text or talk ghetto? I didn’t know ghetto was a language. Another thing you DON’T DO is use proper punctuation or grammar.

    • LisaM

      Good for you! You sound an intelligent young lady who knows what she wants in life and values her self. I wish you much success and happiness.

      • LisaM

        Sorry, I forgot “like” in that sentence.

    • Amanda

      Abortion is only okay when the mother is raped, in any other situation it is murder. If someone chooses to have sex they know what is going to happen, it’s not a freaking mystery how babies get here!! You choose to have sex, you choose to eventually have a baby! If you do not want, or cannot keep that baby you give it up for adoption. Simple. People wonder why the world and our kids are getting worse and worse every year and it’s because of situations like this. Kids have NO accountability anymore. They do something foolish and rather than grow up and live with your consequences you just kill babies or your parents bail you out and raise your babies for you.

      • Brittany

        SO ignorant! Who are you to call someone a murderer? How disgusting is that? If anyone that comes on this board has gotten an abortion, please do not take s*** like this to heart. You are NOT a murderer.

        Heartless comments like this are so disgusting. Think before you speak, have some grace and tact please.

        • Rox

          I don’t take comments like that to heart at all, I actually laugh at how pathetic they are. Most abortions are first trimester abortions, the “babies” are only embryos at that stage and could not even survive outside of the mother’s womb. I had an abortion at 19(I was 8 weeks pregnant,btw) and I’ve never regretted my decision. I learned my lesson to stop being careless about sex(I admit I was young and dumb) and I haven’t had a pregnancy scare since then(I’m now 24). I don’t condone abortions as a method of birth control but we all make mistakes and should not have to ruin our lives and the life of a child because of that. For those who say just put it up for adoption, do you know how emotionally hard it would be to carry a baby to term and then have to give it up to some strangers? It’s not as simple as some make it out to be. Also people act like there are an unlimited amount of wonderful adoptive parents out there just dying to take in someone else’s baby but sadly that is not the case. Do you know how many neglected children there are already out there as we speak living in foster homes or orphanages? Why add more children to the equation?

          • Rox

            Sorry, I meant embryo or fetus.

      • blair

        So is it better for the woman to kill the baby after it’s born? Didn’t think so.

      • grrr

        I had an abortion 1 month ago so I wouldn’t be like these ‘kids’. sorry to all you people that don’t believe in it, but what the hell does my decision have to do with you? I don’t regret it and my partner and I are stronger now for going through with the termination. That doesn’t mean that i didn’t fall in love with that baby. In fact we gave it a proper memorial, had it cremated and scattered the ashes with my partners dad. don’t get me wrong, it was the hardest thing i have ever had to do. but until you have been in that position, you have no f*cking right to judge anyone. to be perfectly honest, it made me grow the f*ck up and realise what i wanted in my life. I’m not in my teens, in fact i am in my 20’s. i know that my decision was right. i am able to work, pay off debt and build on my relationship more with my partner, we have made plans to purchase our own home so that we can bring up our family in it. we have been together for 2 years and plan to start a family in 3. Abortion my not be an option for you, but you don’t see me judging you or telling you when to go to the freaking bathroom do you? because every time i hear stupid, controlling and horrible people like you judging just because of THEIR decisions, it makes me sick it really does. If someone wants an abortion, it is up to them, not you. I know for a fact that i could never have adopted out my child after having it grow inside me for 9 months, i would get too attached. for me abortion was the only way. I could cope with having a child now, but have to be able to do more than cope. my partner and i simply weren’t ready. and FYI for all you people that want to start on me saying ‘you had sex and you have to live with the repercussions’ I was actually on contraception when i got pregnant thank you very much.

  • Sin

    Did this kid even finish grade 2 or is he speaking a language I was never taught? Holy cow, speak ENGLISH, young man. Really. Your lack of linguistic skills aren’t helping your case any.

  • michelle

    You can clearly see by this young boys actions he has no father figure in his own life. Its so sad we black people have been fighting for our civil rights in this country for a long time and this generation can’t spell, get a job, or take care of their own babies. A women can’t make a boy a man only a man can turn a boy into a man.

  • Allison

    Her episode was seriously depressing. While she was pregnant, her mom and sister weren’t supportive at all. It almost seemed like her mom favored her sister over her. They seemed to come around after the baby was born, though.

    The baby daddy is a loser. End of story.

  • Noelle

    It’s really sad how all of you people are on here judging this guy and you don’t know anything about him. We all know that reality tv is edited to make things more interested, no one knows what is going between him and that girl. Its sad how gullible people are, you believe any and everything you watch on tv. Its always three sides to a story and no one on this website knows the truth.

    • Allison

      Oh, like you really know the truth.

      • tina

        not all but a lot if it

    • tina

      well I do know him and his family,, I also know the girl and her sister.. sad so sad

  • 15andNOTknockedup

    The awkward moment when you’re 15 years old and spell better than half of the mothers/baby daddies. AND are on birth control

    • Allison

      You shouldn’t even be having sex, little girl.

      • JoAnna

        That’s an awfully ignorant statement…birth control is for more than just being, well, birth control…ever hear of regulating periods?

      • 15andNOTknockedup

        LMFAO. Seriously?? It’s for my irregular periods. Ever heard of THAT?? And don’t call me a “little girl” when you’re acting MORE immature than I am.

  • LisaM

    These 16 & Preg shows are ABSURD!!!!!!!
    What a bunch of fools to produce a show like this and the idiots who go on them. Keep your legs CLOSED!!!!


    • If they are so absurd why even read the article and comment. You sound so ignorant and stupid. By saying keep your leg closed. Sex is human nature its education those girls lack..much like you.

  • Ummm

    I didn’t read the entire article. Trying to read dumbass gave me a migrane and made me exhausted. Please get yourself back to school and learn how to spell. Also please learn how to write complete sentences and how to use punctuation.

  • maddie

    I loved her episode he doesnt deserve her or nova… there better off! This one was my fav so far! Her mom is A M A Z I N G.. i felt for her sister at times that had to be tough! I was pretty shocked when she let him in the room I wouldnt of gave him that moment he didnt deserve it!

  • Layna

    I hate to say this, because this used to be my favorite show, but all this series has become is getto and trashy. If I wanted to watch trash I’d go to a junk yard. Change it up, PLEASE, MTV. I’m sure you’d get more viewers plus better ratings by doing so.

  • Rox

    I just finished watching this episode and the father really annoyed me. He was just so apathetic about the whole thing, only paying attention to his stupid phone and acting so disrespectful when Briana and her mom were trying to discuss important matters with him and then when they called him out on it he was all like”Huh? What did I do?” with this dumb look on his face. Show some emotion, stop acting like a freaking robot!
    Also Briana made me tear up because I could tell how much she loved and cared about her daughter and only wanted the best for her but at the same time felt overwhelmed about everything and the fact that Devoin(really stupid name btw) wasn’t helping or supporting them AT ALL was tearing her up inside. At least she is taking full responsibility for her baby though.
    As for Devoin and his peeps saying that they’re portraying him in a negative light and they know the truth(lol), well sorry but what did he expect? It was blatantly obvious that he couldn’t care less about his daughter since he never made a true effort to be a good dad. He even left the hospital hours after she gave birth to go play basketball and then got p!ssed off when Briana refused to put his last name on her birth certificate. I say tough luck you deadbeat! You don’t want to be portrayed that way? Well do something about it and prove us all wrong!

  • Bre

    I LOVE it when people say abortion isn’t murder when someone is raped. (I am prochoice, by the way) but that makes no damn sense. If you’re going by the Bible murder is murder is murder. You can’t be like, This isn’t a lamp on Wednesday because it’s a pineapple!
    Besides, a baby isn’t a baby until it has popped out.

  • Luis Rivera

    What a shame. Puerto Rican girls have no self esteem. There is an epidemic of them giving birth to any random black man that gives them the time of day

    • Mario Hernandez

      As opposed to giving birth to some random Puerto Rican dude that gives them the time a day? You sound like a jealous, insecure female bro. Let it go, they can choose whomever they want to date. I’m from Brooklyn and Puerto Rican man aren’t better by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Its all types of girls not just Puerto Ricans..

  • Kennedii Marissaa

    Bruhh .. Davoin Cute & All …. But No Girl Deserves That …. Im Not Judging Him Because I Know How Things Can Look …. But It’s None Of Our Concern Anyway …. Nova Is Getting Eating, Getting Clothed, Getting Bathed, & Being Loved. Nova Star Is Beyond Beautiful & She 3 Strong Women In Her Life … She Will Grow Up Like Her Mommy Strong & Independant …. So I Dont Know Much on Davoin Part … But As I See It Nova Star Will Be Fine With Out Him … You Go Brianna ….
    Your A Fantastic Mother & Nova Appreciates & Loves You !
    Love : Kennedi Marissa