VIDEOS Maci Bookout as news anchor for “Today @ Chatt State”

Teen Mom Maci Bookout as news anchor for Today at Chatt State

MTV announced a couple weeks ago that the upcoming fourth season of Teen Mom would be the last for the four original cast members. Filming has already ended for Season 4, and as you might imagine, the young moms are having to try to figure out what they are going to do now that the cameras have stopped rolling and the MTV checks stop rolling in.

Farrah Abraham has been the most pro-active in preparing for life after Teen Mom by attending culinary school in Florida and announcing numerous business ventures including writing a book, signing with a professional modeling agency, acting, shark fishing, releasing a workout video, being a calendar girl, creating a lingerie-themed cooking show, launching the “Mom and Me” brand of food items (including an Italian hot pepper sauce), creating a scholarship fund for young parents, being a celebrity host on a dating web site, launching a line of jewelry, and getting her own reality spin off series! (Only two or three of those were not serious!)

Another Teen Momtrepreneur in the making is Maci Bookout, who has been pursuing a journalism degree at Chattanooga State Community College. Maci is reportedly working on a book of her own, and as we’ve posted about before (1, 2), she is using the fame gained from being on Teen Mom to set up lectures at various universities at which she talks about the importance of safe sex and what it was like getting pregnant so young.

But what we didn’t know is that Maci has been cutting her chops in another public speaking role… as a news anchor!

Chattanooga State Community College has an online news program titled “Today @ Chatt State” featuring what I assume are journalism majors delivering the news headlines of the day. In this first clip Maci talks about the 2012 Grammy Awards, the CSU “Intent to Graduate” form, Theoretical Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku’s lecture on campus, and “apps to add sizzle to your Valentine’s Day.” (Though Maci isn’t the one covering it, you HAVE to fast forward to the 3:04 mark for coverage of “The Cupid Shuffle” Valentine’s dance! “If you didn’t make it, here is some of what you missed…”)

In this next newscast, Maci takes on a heavier topic: the New Black Panther Party offering a bounty for George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot and killed Trayvon Martin on February 26 in Sanford, Florida. She also covers March being Academic Advising Month and the Meacham Writers’ Workshop.

Get ready to move over Wolf Blitzer! They’re going to need to change the name of the network to MaciNN!

Maci Bookout as a CNN news anchor
  • OMG

    Wow, she is HORRIBLE! Dear God, if she makes that her career i’m trying out for the NFL.

  • Lilly

    Shouldn’t that job be left to those who are actively pursuing a degree?

  • Kay Kay

    She won’t make it she will get close and then be like “I need to focus more on Bentley” which means “I am going to live off of my so called fame and party all the time”

  • lizzza

    wow, that was really bad.

  • frogsandsnails

    I love Maci, but couldn’t even watch the whole five minutes it was so terrible! Reading much??? Smile at least!

  • ER

    This is so shallow.. but homegirl has awful skin. Maci, cut back on the drinking, spend a little less on tattoos and get yourself some Proactiv. (they’d probably pay you to be a spokesperson! They let everybody else do it!)

  • Stacy

    She is absolutly horrible! and not very pretty-it take loads of makeup for her to even look semi-ok.

  • Sarah Mink

    suck much! The only reason she is doing that is cause she loves to hear her own voice. dear god that was bad!

  • Sweet Venom

    They were both really bad. They have such boring voices, and they sound completely uninterested in what they are broadcasting.

  • Kaylie

    Does anyone know where she stands with graduating? On the last season of TM, she said she’d graduate at the end of “next summer”. “Next Summer” was supposed to be August 2011. Then in August she said “next spring”. Which would be, like, next month. If she doesn’t graduate she is going to be going on her FIFTH YEAR of a two year degree. What a dumb s**t. And I’m supposed to believe this girl was an overachiever in high school??

    Without Teen Mom, Maci would have dropped out of school and would be working a waitressing job. That’s a 100% guarantee. The people who book her for “motivational” speaking engagements must literally have never heard of her except whatever lies her agency blew up their butts. Who the heck would hire somebody to motivate college students when they can’t even motivate themselves to finish college? That’d be like bringing a current porn star to speak about the dangers of multiple sex partners, or hiring Snooki to warn them about excessive drinking.

    I didn’t start the series disliking Maci (she was actually my favorite on 16 and P!), but it’s evident the type of person she is. My sister is the same way. She’ll tell you EVERYTHING you want to hear…about all these great things that she has planned and everything that she’s going to do, then when she learns she actually has to work hard to achieve the goal and it won’t be handed to her, she’s out. You think she’s super ambitious and hardworking, but she really just talks a good game and has nothing on paper to back it up. I guess my main problem lies in that every other girl besides Amber on this show (even Jenelle) has improved heavily as a parent. They’ve matured and are making decent parents for their situation, but Maci hasn’t improved in the slightest bit. If anything, she took 2 steps back. She was an okay mom to start off (I think Ryan’s being a jerk helped to sell her image) but now all the other moms are just as good, if not BETTER, parents so it’s hard for me to feel sympathy. Even Chelsea is going to her hair classes and getting SOMETHING worth an employer considering on a resume….

    • OMG

      She is apparently not in school anymore. Kyle Regal said to her that she’s now too cool for school on twitter and she responded and said that he was correct. She is always traveling during the week and never talking about school so i imagine she’s not even attending this semester. She should be going into her second semester of her senior year since she started a semester early than the rest of her grade (she was the class of 2009, they are entering senior year this next year). If she actually gave it her all, she could be very close to getting her bachelors, but she doesn’t even have her damn associates.

  • Mwe

    That was awful..She looks hangover!! Her skin, her eyes…she is usually so pretty…is she letting herself go? Being a spokesperson is one thing, but this is obviously not for her!

  • suzy q;

    Shut up, peoples!!! Maci has healthy skin and is dressing nicely, like she should. Plus, with all the clothig on, no one can see tattoos on her skin because they’re so covered. News reporting seems like such a good job to have, this job is alot to take. It looks like she’s taking her life seriously, and it looks like she wants the best for Bentley. If you watched her on Teen Mom, she actually loves her son, but she didn’t have much time to see him because she had a waitressing job and was in college that time. That’s alot of work at a young age, being a mom, being in college, and having a part-time job.

    • OMG

      Maci does not have healthy skin. It’s one of the most pimply i’ve ever seen in my life. And she hasn’t worked since 2009 and has been failing classes for years.

      • suzy q;)

        Actually, you are wrong. Ive heard Maci was an overachiever in school. And you can’t see the pimples. Well, the only way is the bumps. Plus, there are many more people out there with skin alot worse than hers. Maybe you’re a bit confused with what acne is. 90% of young adults have it, but i doubt maci is one of these people. Plus, you people need to stop judging by how clear or not-so-clear her skin may look to you.

  • Kitty

    I used to love Maci and still follow her for the sheer fact that she seems like someone I’d hang out with, but MTV painted her in the best light on the show out of all the girls on her season, but on twitter and instagram all you see are pictures of her partying. I bet if you had the time to count all the pictures of her on her offical facebook group thing, most of them would be of her with her friends. While it’s great that her friends are still so tight, it seems like Bentley takes second seat to her friends.

    No, we don’t see her everyday in person, so maybe we’re wrong, but that’s sure as hell how it comes off.

    Not to mention she’d get pissed off at Ryan for going out all the time, especially when he had Bentley, that’s what she does. Someone who supposedly knows her says she goes out when she has Bentley, too. Course they could be just saying that, but if that’s true that is really sad.

    She seems to jump from guy to guy, too. There didn’t seem to be much of a gap between going from Ryan to Kyle (maybe there was time between, but it didn’t seem like it) and there sure as hell wasn’t much between Kyle King and this Kyle Regal guy. Like, two months, maybe. It’s kind of like Kyle King couldn’t race anymore, so she dumped him for this dude. I hope he’s nice/makes her happy, but this dude looks wrecked. Kyle King wasn’t that attractive either, but he’s more good looking than this dude. And he was so good with Bentley! I know her and Kyle King dated a while, at least.

    Hope he stays in her life as long as Kyle King did, for Bentley’s sake.

    I’m really upset how backwards she seems to have gone, but I’m sure she’s always been this way.

    She’s screwed after this season airs. The only jobs she’s had have been for the cameras! Good luck to her once her “fame” is up.

  • Chelsea

    Omg all of them were bad 🙁

  • Allison

    She should get her own spin-off series after Teen Mom ends.

  • Mirella

    OMG that was so bad, I use to love her but now I really have no idea, she’s always partying (referring to the pictures on her twitter). I hear that Bentley started to swear and Ryan asked him where did he learn these words and the little guy replied Mama and kyle…. Farrah might be bitchy but she’s going somewhere, I bet she could even be a news anchor

    • its1999

      Where did you hear that about Bentley? lol People do make stuff up, ya know. It’s the internet…

  • its1999

    Blonde hair really washes her out.

  • Finally

    Glad that everyone else is finally seeing the Maci that I’ve been seeing since season 1. Everyone was upset and shocked when Ryan said Maci was selfish and lazy (right before they broke up)! Well, he was absolutely right, you just had to think critically about what you were actually watching. Bentley was born in 2008, she should be graduating a Bachelors Degree this May. She hasn’t even finished her 2 year diploma in this time. I wonder if Bentley might be better off living full time with his father and visiting his mother on a court mandated schedule.

    As awful as Farrah is to her parents (and innocent bystanders), she has the smarts to know she has to make something of herself and her daughter She has gone out of her way to succeed. She graduated her Associates in 2 years, as expected. Went straight to get a Bachelors afterwards and has been mentioning the idea of getting a Masters.