Kim Kardashian flour bomber is PETA activist Christina Cho, her sister was on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian flour bomb scandal with Khloe Christina Cho and Michelle Cho

The Flourgate plot thickens! In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian was on the red carpet speaking to reporters at a launch event for her True Reflection perfume when a woman approached her from behind and dumped a bag of flour on her head as she yelled “Fur hag!”

The woman was detained but released and initially Kim indicated she would not be pressing charges. Most people assumed People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was responsible for the stunt, but a spokesperson for the organization told TMZ in a statement, “It was not [us]. We were given the video by an anti-fur activist on the scene. PETA has tried everything from polite letters to public protests, but Kim Kardashian has not been moved by the news that animals are beaten, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for real fur garments. Whoever threw that flour may reach her when our polite appeals did not.”

Since that time everything we thought was true has been turned on its ear! Kim Kardashian is pressing charges now, and the flour bomber turned out to be Christina Cho, an award-winning PETA activist! Here’s what Kim told E! News yesterday:

“Now that I think about it and had some time to digest it, I think, ‘What if that was some other substance? What if that person had a dangerous weapon?’ It’s scary. And what’s even scarier is this woman acted as if she was a part of the press. She just came out of nowhere! And so we are definitely changing things up a little bit, amping up security, taking some measures, and … I’m gonna definitely deal with it because it is not acceptable.”

PETA countered with a very nasty statement to TMZ:

“If she presses charges, at least people will be constantly reminded of her selfish, callous disregard for the cruel deaths that she causes by wearing fur.”

They continue, “How much better it would be if she decided to evolve and enhance her image by donating her vulgar furs and exotic-animal skins to the homeless. The activist acted from the heart, something Kim doesn’t seem to have.”

PETA concludes their statement by saying, “If anything, Kim should get a life, the very thing that she denies animals.”

Although PETA is still denying they knew anything about the flour dousing, they awarded Christina Cho with their prestigious Nanci Alexander Award at their 30th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards Show in 2010. Here’s a photo of her at the awards show:

Kim Kardashian flour bomber Christina Cho receives PETA Award in 2010

But that’s not all! Christina Cho’s younger sister Michelle Cho is also connected with PETA, working as a PETA spokesperson/ manager in the Los Angeles office. But that’s not all either! Michelle Cho also appeared on a Season 3 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians titled “I’d Rather Go Naked… Or Shopping!”

Flour Bomber Christina Cho's sister Michelle Cho was on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Here’s a clip from the episode featuring Khloe and Michelle meeting and Khloe deciding to do a nude PSA for the organization. (My apologies for the autoplay – E! is notorious for that and I still haven’t been able to figure out how to alter the code to stop it.)

And here’s the end result of Khloe and PETA’s union (Click for the uncensored original):

Khloe Kardashian poses nude for a PETA PSA advertisement

So are Khloe and PETA still good? Nope. Their relationship is just another innocent victim in this terrible Flourgate scandal! Here’s what she posted on her blog yesterday:

Hi dolls. I’m sure you all heard what happened to Kim last week (thank you SO much for the love and support you all showed her), and I just received word that the woman responsible has very close ties to PETA, despite PETA publicly stating otherwise. Not only has PETA lied to the public, but they have proved that they support this kind of behavior. I’ve been a vocal supporter of PETA for a long time but I have also been very vocal about anti-bullying, so this was a huge disappointment for me. As you all know, I don’t condone violence and bullying and what happened last Thursday was just that. I am absolutely disgusted by their behavior. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions — I personally don’t wear fur but that doesn’t mean I am going to force my views on anyone else, ESPECIALLY by violating them. I am a very proud sister right now, because Kim handled last week’s incident like a champ. She got cleaned up and was back out there in a matter of minutes. Go Kimmie!

We all need to practice what we preach. I will still continue to NOT wear fur, but I will no longer support PETA. Bullying and harassment is NEVER a solution, and I won’t be a part of any organization that thinks otherwise.

So now Khloe’s nude PETA ad might look a little something like this:

Khloe Kardashian anti PETA ad inspired by Kim Kardashian flour bomber Christina Cho

Well, looking on the bright side, as least Khloe’s relationship with PETA lasted longer than Kim’s did with Kris Humphries!

Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be more updates to this story soon. My conspiracy theory is that someone will discover a money trail from both PETA and Kris Jenner, revealing this all to be a huge publicity stunt benefiting everyone involved.

UPDATE – Soon after posting our article we received an email from PETA with comments from Michelle Cho:

“I am not my sister’s keeper, but I love her and have seen her sacrifice a lot of herself as a terrific activist. We work in different ways to help stop animal suffering. It is Christina who got me into the movement to protect animals, and I’ll always be grateful to her for opening my eyes.”

PETA adds, “If Christina Cho is the person who sprinkled flour on Kim Kardashian, we know Christina as a very kind, wonderful long time volunteer. At a reception at our LA office last month she was with a group who watched this video and was visibly shaken. We will support her totally.”

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  • bingeandpurr

    this post is brilliant!!

  • Ashley

    Stop wearing fur Kim!!

  • LisaM

    No sympathy for Kardashian. Only an IDIOT wears fur, knowing how animals are brutally killed. She deserved it and people should protest the entire family at every event and at their stores.

  • roxie

    i understand she’s upset about people wearing fur i don’t like it..but you cant go around acting like a crazy little child throwing shit on people..i mean there are people Killing animals just to be mean an nobodys doing anything to was on the news and everything an they didn’t even go to jail..i think the woman that poured the flour on her should go to jail and say just cant throw shit on people..

    • Diana

      Oh come on! It was flour, not battery acid. At most the woman should receive some community service, but, I don’t see how going to jail is going to benefit anyone.

      Honestly, I think it’s about damn time someone knocked Kim down a couple pegs. She’s so self-involved, and obviously doesn’t care what happens to these animals.

  • Jesi

    I still feel like the whole thing was staged. I watched the video, and Kim was too calm over the whole thing! Usually if something like this would’ve happened she would be screaming and crying her eyes out!

    I believe almost anything Kim and most of her family does is publicity stunts.

    That’s just my opinion.

    • McSpanky

      Amen to that. That woman is a huge drama queen. She cries if she gets a chip in her nail polish. But we’re supposed to believe she kept calm, cool and collected when somebody she didn’t know (supposedly) tossed some unknown substance (supposedly) all over her (but not her meal-ticket front or any of her makeup, oddly) and she kept it together? As Brandi Granville would say, Are You Kidding Me??? That family is psychopathic. And I don’t mean the PETA family.

      Stop wearing fur, Kim. You ARE a fur hag. And a faker.

  • D

    Meh. Can these women just fade into oblivion already?

  • Laura

    Come on! Animals aren’t “brutally killed” this is ridiculous. Do you all believe Uggs are made from Kangaroos skinned alive, as well? Fur farms breed the various animals for their coats. It’s (most of them, U.S. based) heavily regulated. If you believe they were skinned alive, give some thought to what a writhing animal, twisting and turning, while you skinned it. Doesn’t really accomplish much in the way of removing the skin, does it?

    If I EVER got anything on me as a result of a peta member, you can bet your happy ass I’d sue. For everything and anything I could find.

    The Kardashians are idiots. Peta and its supporters are idiots as well.

    • Lola

      Hi Laura– actually youre are wrong, its not mostly in the US and it is not regulated very well. As a supporter of peta i can tell you that the goal is to reduce animal suffering in the world–a noble cause if you ask me so may not be fair to label everyone as idiots. While I might not 100% agree with the flouring of Kim (not that I care much for her) you might be interested to watch this video for yourself:

      This is the undercover video that made me stop wearing animals as part of my wardrobe all together–not just fur. but wool, leather, silk etc as well.
      thanks 😉

    • suzy q;

      Well said, Laura=). I used to think sheep were skinned to make uggs, until someone told me that they read an article about uggs and that they’re not skinned, the fur is just shaven off, cleaned, and dyed. simple as that. Yeah, maybe most clothing with real fur may not be from skin after all, just shaven off skin. People, get the facts straight, just like PETA and the kardashians should. If they knew better that most fur is just shaven off and not from skin, maybe this incident would be less likely to happen.

      • suzy q;

        i dont mean shaven off skin, shaven off fur.

    • Jessica

      Seriously, the US regulates what goes on in fur farms? And factory farms too? You’re going to tell us all the animals are “humanely” slaughtered for fur and food production while undercover video which I am reasonably certain you refuse to watch has proven otherwise time and again. Did you watch the video that was embedded in this interview with Khloe Kardashian? Have a heart, it won’t kill you, you might even be a little bit happier if you weren’t such a bitter and angry woman defending the right to torture animals for the “privilege” to wear their skins and fur.

  • twin

    Kim-continue to do you! dont be a backstabber saying you agree with PETA when you dont indeed.

  • sam

    it was nothing – and kim deserves it.. that grl is smothered in fur – im srsly sick of this family

  • Tiffany

    Thank you Christina for for what you do. I may have been oblivious to what really happens to animals in the past, but you have open our eyes. Way to go Christina.

  • Shelley

    So let me get this straight. Kim is suing Christina because of FLOUR yet Kim is a MURDERER who is directly responsible for the horrific torture and murder of hundreds of chinchillas, bunny rabbits, foxes, minks and who knows what else. What a self-centered, cruel child. I hate her.

  • Mallorie

    I think that Ms. Cho should have been arrested. Thank goodness it was only flour. What if it had been acid she threw on Kim? That could have caused alot of damage. There is no reason to throw flour on someone who isn’t even wearing fur at the time- honestly there is no reason at all to act like a JACKASS(antiquing-haha)! Damn idiot, and so are you Shelley. How is Kim a murderer? I am positive she doesn’t go hunt down, shoot, skin, and preserve the animal hides. Maybe she hates you, idiot.