Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss getting his own show “What Are You Worth?”

Barry Weiss signing autographs at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood Florida

Storage Wars is taking over reality television! We posted earlier today that the popular A&E series was expanding into New York City and Miami, but those may not be the only new Storage Wars inspired shows coming to the small screen soon. The same casting company that posted the casting call for Storage Wars New York and Storage Wars Miami last April later asked for potential families in need of $5,000 – $15,000 for a show titled “What Are You Worth?” featuring Barry Weiss!

Here’s a Facebook post made by Metal Flowers Media in August of 2011:

FAMILIES: Need 15K???? We want to hear why. We are looking for families who have a compelling need for some extra money: daughters wedding? Son training for the Olympics? Wife wants to open that bakery since Dad is retired? Tell us!

That was followed by this wall post about two-and-a-half weeks later:

Still looking for families to appear in “What Are You Worth”, featuring Barry Weiss from Storage Wars. Why do you need 5k – 15k??!! Apply now…

It appears that they were hoping to keep Barry Weiss’ name a secret, but were having difficulty getting applicants so decided to use his name to attract more folks.

The show is listed as “What are You Worth featuring Barry Weiss” on the Metal Flowers Media website and A&E is listed as the network. There is no more information on the show.

This sounds sort of like a feel-good show along the lines of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in which Barry Weiss (and perhaps others) will decide how much money to give families for special projects they want to do. I’m as big of a Barry Weiss fan as anyone, but this seems like a bit of a stretch. Of course, as with all reality shows, it all boils down to cast and editing – so if A&E is able to find interesting folks with entertaining projects, then I think Barry’s charisma and ability to ad lib could be enough to pull this off.

What do you think? Are you a big enough Barry Weiss fan to watch What Are You Worth?

Top photo: Barry Weiss signs autographs at a meet and greet event held at the Seminole Casino in Hollywood, Florida on March 24, 2012. (Credit:

  • Lisa

    Barry’s the ONLY reason I watched Storage Wars to begin. I’m glad he got his on spin-off show. I love Barry’s personality. I will definitely be watching.

  • Kelly

    I love Barry! So I’ll definitely watch

    • Mike Yates Sr.

      Storage wars will tank without Barry Weiss the best move the producers have made was getting rid of Dave Hester I hated that turd.

  • tab

    i wish barry were my dad. he is such a cool guy.

    • i love this guy so funny an cute I’d marry him in a heart beat he can keep his moneys its his personna that I love so real..

  • chacha

    Barry is awesome! He is my favorite part of Storage Wars and I will watch his show for sure!!

  • Barb

    you bet we will watch…Barry is a funny, cool dude!

  • Deanna

    I would so be watching the new show!! Barry makes Storage wars and it is the only reason I watch it.

  • tobi

    Groovy, man that is crackin g barry is a nice bro!

  • Carol

    I love Barry, he will rock it with his own show! Let me know where and when and I will be there to support him in his efforts. He is smart, funny and for 60 he is sexy too!
    Love ya Barry!!!

  • Ty

    About time…….ask anyone I know….they will tell you that I said this guy Barry will have his own show soon.
    he is a straight forward…..comedian
    he goes all out to put some Ummff in Storage Wars
    He can do one liners like no other and his sence of humour is Awesome.

    Darn………I luv it when a plan comes together

    Am a Barry Fan and will watch his new show………am lookin forward to some …….lmao!

    Wish I had only Betted on my thought!! 🙁

  • Annette

    We get Storage Wars in the Maltese Islands in Europe and I think Barry is great to watch and so naturally funny. I would love a signed photo of him. Is that possible? Yuuuuuup! I hope so 🙂

  • BRG

    Barry is the best! He is the reason why we keep watching the show. Love his sense of hummor. Fantastic! Good luck with the new show, Barry! We’ll be watching…

  • Bobbie Spencer Pickell

    I have a huge crush on Barry!, Seems like such a good guy, and I would lve to meet him.

  • smiller

    hi, nice seeing you at the indy 500 in parking lot….we were just leaving as you arrived…

  • Ivan Thomson

    No surprise Barry got his own show he must be one of the coolest Americans on reality tv,all the best from Scotland,Baz

  • Ivan Thomson

    PS can somebody kick YUPPS ass he does my bloody head in!!!

  • Theodora

    I’d love for Barry to have his own show. Wish I could meet him.

  • Bikespip

    This guy is the real deal We get the show here in the UK and you hear people taking about the cool guy from the show Barry 🙂

  • LR C

    Barry has some of the most eclectic cars I have ever seen from one person! I wish I would have reacted and had the GUTS and $ to have acted upon them and share with people as COOL Barry has done so many times on the show! You go Barry!
    Best wishes on the new show!

  • mick mcfadyen

    barry is to smooth.would love to see him in a show and would like to be on it.good luck barry

  • I love barry, i only continue watch Storage Wars because he’s in it!

  • Barry Wiess is the reason I watch storage wars… He not only is funny then hell, He always has the class…He is top drawer in my books..

  • Anita Brain

    ditto with all the other brilliant comments, same here we love to watch storage wars because of him and also Jarrod n Brandi n Daryl and yuppppp bloke does our head in too…can’t wait for his new show to be aired in the uk!

  • Heather

    I love Barry Weiss but this sounds like a lame idea. Remember “Queen for a Day” back in the 1950s? Ugh.

  • HelenWheels

    I want someone to start a show starring Dave Hester just so I could NOT watch it. Barry is my favorite character on Storage Wars, which is one of my guilty pleasure reality shows.

  • Barry is my favorite character on Storage wars. He’s a guy that would be fun to tip one with

  • Terry


  • Cari Madshaw

    Loving Barry from Ibiza..

  • Terry king

    I was watching storage wars a lot mostly to see what things was werth but when is seen Barry,I watched it because I was really intersted in th things he did things he had an people he knew. Barry really had me interested. He is a cool person , with a really cool life. I just always wanted to know more a out him. Ok I’ll stop see ya..

  • Cynful

    I’d pay $15k just to meet Barry and maybe take him to dinner, He is the new Silver Fox of this decade.

  • Ormkvad

    Barry is a TV GOD !! I hereby apply for this show, give me 15 000 K and let me take Barry through Amsterdam 🙂

  • Dd

    I heard he is related to Jesse James from West Coast Choppers

  • Lattkt

    Both my husband and myself are huge Barry fans and would love to see more of him on his own would be a big hit with us….I also think he should take the place of the guy on the Del seccies beer commercial as “the most interesting man in the world”…he knows everyone and something about everything….love him!

  • Lattkt

    I haven’t been able to get much info on the new show “What Are You Worth” that was supposed to have Barry as host so guess will keep checking and really hope they they are still going to do the show…come on Barry…we want more!!!

  • Cammy

    Barry? I hope you can read this. I just started watching Storage Wars about 2,months ago and have it on auto-record TIVO. I think, no I know you are the best on the show. I love everything you do. When you dressed as a woman I LMAO. literally. I would love to get to know you in person. I live in Florida, and assume you live in Ca. I will be 54 in Nov. so our age is not that different. I just think we would hit it off . Even if you’re married, we could be best buddies. Email me at check my website first, I’m not that bad looking and have a 29 yr. Old daughter and 6 yr. Old grandson. Must like pets, lol..feel like I’m writing an ad which I’ve never tried, but if times get desperate we must take desperate measures. Love ya, Cammy

  • Jimmy White

    Barry is one of a kind character… seems like a guy that is down to earth and someone you you could throw back a couple of beverages of your choice. He’s definitely had his ups and downs in storage auction… but always had a good attitude about. Good luck with this new show… still sitting here thinking of who could use 5 – 15 k other than myself.