Watch Katy Perry’s new music video for “Part of Me”

Katy Perry in camoflage face paint in the Part of Me music video

“The few. The proud. The… angry jilted girlfriends?”

Katy Perry just released her new music video for the song “Part of Me” in which she plays a jilted girlfriend who takes out her anger and frustration by joining the Marines.

All women are created equal. Then some become Marines bumper sticker

Why does she wrap her chest tightly in Ace bandages to hide her breasts? Do the Marines not accept large chested women?

And just in case you missed it, here’s Katy’s ex Jason’s heartfelt letter asking forgiveness. (Written in all caps to emphasize how serious he is)

Hand-written letter from Katy Perry's ex in her Part of Me music video

So what did you think about the video? I like the song but the video seemed a bit silly and unbelievable to me. Katy just never really looked like a Marine, you know what I mean?

Katy Perry as a Marine in her Part of Me music video

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  • Bailey

    I don’t think the US Marines don’t accept women with full chests. I don’t know why katy would put in her video. I’m not a fan of it, if she thinks shes showing an example of a strong woman and that they can do anything or whatever, shes not doing it right. Shes sending the message that when your boyfriend cheats on you, you should join the army to prove yourself as a strong female individual.. When really, people should be joining the army for their country, not for their own gratification. Eh.

  • hanna

    i dunno how to feel about this video….

  • inwonderland

    I feel like this is such an empowerment song, that she should have gone with that. Kind of like in Taylor Swift’s mean. Should could have had vignettes depicting women getting over break ups and becoming successful at things without him, the part of them he couldn’t take away.

    Also, does the girl on the radio at the beginning not sound a lot like Taylor Swift?

  • whoa

    I love the song but this video is awful….

  • Diana

    Song is decent…video…not so much.

    Seems a bit like propaganda.

  • sanoga

    So she has to wrap up her chest to get into the marines, but she has time to slather on lipgloss and eyeliner during combat? Ehh. I think they’re going for some kind of “empowerment / independent woman” message, but it missed the mark.

    • Becky Williams

      When does she even put lip-gloss or eyeliner on? All I see her putting on is camouflage cream, I have used it before, it looks exactly like the ones I use to use in Cadets.

  • femalemarine

    Haha, I was actually in the same boat at KP. I joined because me and my ex broke up. But I’m glad I did! I don’t regret it at all. But that’s never my story for why I joined. I’m not so proud of it. I dislike KP, and this song made me dislike her even more. We never say rank in Boot Camp. And we never had make-up on. Just saying. Just be yourself, goshdamn!

  • Becky Williams

    To everyone else comments, she is not putting make-up on, she is putting on camouflage, they are vital in military, I should know I use to be an Army Cadet, and my brother use to be in the Army, and also in this video Katy Perry is going on about women independence, I personally loved the video and the song.