Demi Moore Photoshopped until she’s unrecognizable in new ad campaign

It’s no secret that virtually every advertisement and magazine cover you see is Photoshopped. That’s a given, but there are varying levels and styles of Photoshop and image altering; sometimes there are minor changes, and sometimes body parts are accidentally chopped off. Other times, faces are rendered completely unrecognizable, like with Demi Moore’s latest ad campaign. Her appearance in new Helena Rubenstein ads rivals even the most inexplicable Glitz Pageant photos.

Here’s a much better ad featuring Demi for Ann Taylor Holiday 2011. Sure, there was some Photoshop work here, but it was minimal enough to give the image a natural feel:

There’s just nothing like looking like yourself, especially when you consider that if there weren’t all this scandalized press about the situation, no one would guess who the woman in the ad at the top is supposed to be. It looks like a unknown new starlet created in a lab somewhere.

Here’s the real 49-year-old Demi this January. These past few months she’s been looking too thin, but she’s always a gorgeous lady.

Demi Moore natural
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  • Amber

    Uh, WOW. They obviously wanted someone YOUNG and fresh looking….so they should have used someone like that because let’s face it, Demi is showing her age and looks quite haggard nowadays.
    It’s not like anyone will look at this ad and say “Wow, Demi Moore looks great” if they even recognize her which chances are ,they won’t.

    • Sweet Venom

      I agree. Demi looks very much her age these days, and they should have just chosen someone younger. I can’t imagine that photo makes Demi happy considering she MUST know she doesn’t actually look like that anymore…

  • tab

    it looks like courtney cox in the ad photos.

  • Trixie

    Her giant teeth really bother me.

    • Mandy

      She has denture mouth.

  • sanoga

    1) if they were going to photoshop her into oblivion, they could have saved a lot of $$$ and post-production work/time by just hiring some unknown model in her 20s. I bet half the people that see that ad won’t even realize it’s demi…

    2) that picture has been processed so much that her mouth and chin look completely fabricated… did they even take a picture of demi? because parts of this look so airbrushed they might as well be a painting.

    3) she’s a beautiful woman. but she makes herself look a fool when she tries to act like she’s a 20-something.

  • kim (not a kardashian)

    yeah, the 1st campaign image doesnt even look like her! Eyes are almond, her eyes are round, the nose is super narrow like a ski slope, Demis eyeballs are round. The chin looks nothing like hers. Yes her (or someone elses) fists are covering each side of the chin but the very end of the chin looks nothing like Demis real chinny chin chin. It’s not even her skinny, skin skin. I am a photographer, and I would never edit a client (UNLESS THEY BEGGED ME) The eyeballs arent the same color either. They should have just hired a 23 year old model. However, Demi is gorgeous. The older she gets the prettier she becomes. Except for her unhealthy skinny phase. But that is when she was ill. (poor thing – been there, done that and it’s not fun at all) I hope she was p!ssed when they used her likeness for the campaign. If she authorized the editing. She should be ashamed of herself for authorizing the editors to be so frggen drastic with their editing. IF Helene Rubenstein wanted someone else younger, then, they should have. If they wanted Demi, they should have been LIGHT handed with the editing. They give an awful message to girls who are being force fed what they SHOULD look like with age. It’s total bullsh!t. Noone looks like this. Noone looks like plastic-man (or woman)

  • kim (not a kardashian)

    oops, I already said her eyeballs were round! I think you got the idea the first time… sorry, I was pissed! And I meant to say that I would never edit a client LIKE THIS unless the begged me. For ads it is irresponsible. AND I meant to say if H.R. wanted someone younger then they should have contracted with someone YOUNGER. AND I think you get it, but I was trying to say that girls now a days are being force fed what t.v. and magazines THINK they should look like – and being 50 something they should look like a plastic version of themselves. Sorry for the rapid fire and send. You understand what I am saying! Usually I proof read before I hit that submit comment button! My bad. (hope there aren’t any typos in THIS clarification comment!!!)